Coming someday to a Microsoft HoloLens near you: a holographic Super Bowl

HoloLens and Microsoft Windows logo
HoloLens and Microsoft Windows logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's HoloLens is in many ways already a reality. It has been just over one year since the company surprised the world with the first wearable and wireless holographic computer and in the coming months developers are expected to getting units in to begin making apps.

In a new video, Microsoft is looking towards the future where HoloLens is an actuality even for consumers relaxing at home. The main feature? Watching the NFL. It is no secret that Microsoft is the technology sponsor of the National Football League and with that came the idea of how the wearable tech could augment our current couch-orientated game day.

Microsoft's vision for HoloLens is detailed in an accompanying blog post:

"Imagine The Big Game, extended beyond your existing screen, with displays, player stats and instant replays on your coffee table. With HoloLens, running Windows 10, your favorite players could be brought to life through high-definition, 3D displays – allowing you to experience the athleticism and skills behind their stats. That game-changing play could pop up as a 3D hologram so you could view the field from all angles, all while your fantasy scores update in real-time, without the need for you to look down at another screen."

The video is rather impressive even if just a concept. As we head into 2016 and HoloLens becomes an everyday certainty, new and intriguing usage scenarios will be invented. Some will be professional and pragmatic (e.g. education, architecture, medicine) and more while others are more consumer- and entertainment-focused like playing a game or watching sports.

What do you think of the latest example of how HoloLens can improve our entertainment? Is it farfetched or something you would want to wear?

For developers, don't forget to apply for your HoloLens development kit (opens in new tab) (if approved the asking price is $3,000).

Source: Microsoft

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Gimmee. 2 e's.
  • I soooo want this for all sports! This looks so exciting.
  • Sports viewing will never be the same
  • Gimme now. I'm going to start saving up for it now, even before it heads to retail stores all around the world.
  • Wowm
  • Come on wit it... I've yet to see one. This needs to materialize into reality..
    Time for some retail store, and shopping mall, demos... Something!.....
    Now, for us cyclists; what would be really cool is if this "lens" could be fitted into a helmet... Giving us a rearview (view), link to our bikes for instrumentation, and directions.. Here maps.. HoloLens could, and should, be used for safety, and improved convenience, for cyclists.
  • You haven't seen one yet because they haven't been released, and when they are only to developers.  A few weeks ago there were a bunch of people in the comments claiming that it was too late, half-baked, would not deliver on the promises, and so on. Now we have the complaining that it hasn't been released yet. So wait until it is ready, it is bad for Microsoft. Release it before it is ready, it is bad for Microsoft. Everyone has to find some reason to complain.
  • @rodneyej  I hadn't thought of that.  It seems like a natural fit for cyclist who wear the full helmets.  However, I would hate to think you'd be watching a movie while on your road bike :)  But again, very cool concept for those already wearing helmets.  Navigation, bike stats etc.
  • That could be easily fixed by denying nothing but the cycling app and maybe messaging while you are moving faster than say 10km/h
  • You can see one tomorrow.  All you have to do is put your hand in your pocket and dish up $3,000.  Of course, it's always easier to carp from the cheap seats.
  • I feel like you didn't get the real concept of HoloLens. What you are discribing is just a HUD. There are already things like that out there, at least for some of the features. They are mainly focused on skiing. HoloLens on the other hand is all about integrating virtual objects into the reality. The special thing about it are the sensors to acomblish that. Not just add informations into your feeld of view but to let it look like they have a paticular place in the world around you. You don't realy need this feature in a bike helmet it would be a wast of money, weight and especially battery life.
  • Really interesting how they are giving a reportedly true representation of the experience.  Holograms are only part of the visuals (letterbox in the middle), not a wall to wall experience. This was a common criticism of earlier videos But, it still looks amazingly cool!
  • Agreed. Impressed with the concept, but the current reality is misleading.
  • Neat concept but .... anyone who owns multiple Hololenses is going to have a bigger TV! ... and the hololens would have to be crazy durable for me to let it be anywhere near a bunch of people watching football.
  • Don't see it being so fragile that it couldn't withstand a bunch of people watching football.
  • I'm sure there are tame football watching scenarios ... but in my experience it tends to involve lots of alcohol and occassional wild cheering. anwyay, obviously it'd sometimes be super cool & safe to use in that scenario. would just require not watching with my brothers ;)
  • Hololens does look awesome in those concept video, though unfortunately all that is just fake, so far it's just a prototype and the field of view is pretty restricted and wouldn't allow those visual like the video shows. That said i really hope Microsoft will deliver with this technology, and hopefully when it'll be ready it will also be less expensive than 3000$
  • $3,000 is the cost of the prototype version for developers, not the retail price.  A no extra charge, MIcrosoft includes instructions on how to read Windows Central articles.
  • It not fake the video show limited view of Hololens..
  • Field of view should be wider, but since peripheral vision does not need to be as precise, less pixels could be projected to a lower quality lens around the main goggles. Time will show ;)
  • Until you look sideways with your eyes without moving your head...
  • For something like this, it'd be aweomse. What would be more awesome is if they could release a stripped-down HoloLens that you could tether to a main unit, letting a group of folks watch it together that way.
  • Yeah I wouldn't mind having a cheap HoloLens powered by my gamer rig. It could be awesome w
    Playing games or what ever with a real HUD. I don't really plan on running around with it anyways so this would be great for me.
  • That's another option, I guess, but I was more speaking to having one large HoloLens basically mirroring the images to others, rather than needing a powerful desktop with the HPU Microsoft said it designed for HoloLens. Granted, if MS gave us that optin, it could make HoloLens cheaper for everyone, but it would lose portability out of the house.
  • I have an issue with how they fake the look of the full screen when they expand the TV image across the wall. In this video, the furniture sitting in front of the wall magically disappears and the image is "in front" of the furniture.
  • Look at it again. The furniture is still visible behind the tv image but slightly opaque. The image actually projects on the lens in front of your eyes.So it should be able to block out your ability to see things behind the image.
  • Epic!
  • What does this have to do with Steam?
  • Tempted to make a 'your mom' joke here...don't make me do that.
  • Fantastic
  • Hope to get my hands on it one day
  • Mind blowing, really. This isn't just potential anymore, this is the next level. It can be done. It's being done.
  • Yes please.
  • "Coming Someday"
  • @Genio88 To be clear this has already moved past prototype phase and is on near-final hardware. MS already has this in the hands of "select" developers, and heading out to others (who paid $3k) by end of next month. Also the video actually cuts between "full" (read: Not realistic) views, and a more true-to-experience limited FOV when in first person.
  • $3000 later. Epic win. Phew. Hopefully there won't be constant Hologram app updates(beta, alpha) ..and firmware updates that'll make the unit overheat constantly while being worn....a la Surface endless firmware updates. I an starting to hate my sp3. This past update has ruined my experience. Watching a simple mp4 n the unit get so hot it needs a date.
  • Like all great world-changing technologies from do-it-yourself Polaroid cameras to video cassette recorders, from online payment to the Internet itself, none has succeeded unless it was first successfull in the adult sector.  Just out of curiosity, who holds the copyright on Jessica Rabbit?
  • It's very cool as a concept but there's multiple issues: Everyone has to be wearing one for it to work, you'd have to have one for everyone if it was a Superbowl party which would be very expensive, you have to wear it & people don't generally like wearing tech on their face for long periods of time (Google glasses, 3D TV). Those factors will make wide spread adoption a tough sell
  • They don't like to wear it because technology doesn't respond to our eyes' acomodation, so wearing it is exhausting and doesn't feel 'real'. And Google glasses had everything wrong. Starting with price and subscription...
  • Windows Mobile will die - because of HoloLens :) BTW - It has narrow FOV and I don't think consumer version will have full FOV. But maybe, maybe...
  • "all while your fantasy scores update in real time" Hopefully that means new fantasy apps. Hopefully a yahoo fantasy app
  • Cool
  • Did they envision how the Super Bowl commercial message time be like ?
  • I wonder if it would be possible to gather enough data - with cameras and 3D scanners around and above the field - to put the viewer in the middle of the action ;)
  • Porn will never be the same
  • Sweet dreams
  • Intergate with helm of all kind(see iron man) and it is epic.  Motorcycle with HERE map, motorsport with stat and position, NFL with play draw, mech that need help, Inspector of all kind(public transit), Army, astronaut, bomb tec, pilot and so on.  MS would be stupid to not work with the industry.
  • It would be nice but, at $3K....It's too much for a toy. What I mean by a toy is a entertainment device, as it's not going to do anything for my busness or things I need around the home. I see it something I use time to time, as it might not support everything (to do software like this NFL thing, it would need big software from Microsoft or a 3rd party at a large cost) With $3000, one could get a 65-70" HD tv and a full TrueHD audio system and a Xbox one or PS4(maybe even both), that for most people would get more use out of for the family. I hope the retail version of this hits around $300-500 and maybe I would jump into it but, seeing as the dev package is $3k, it will never get that low.
  • I agree with you for most of what you said but don't you think say for directions a 3D arrow on the road in front of you telling you where to go would look way better than simple map in your vision on a HUD?