Microsoft HoloLens owners may be able to wear it longer with custom prescription lenses

Rochester Optical is taking pre-orders for a line of prescription insert lenses designed for the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality devices. The lenses will begin shipping later this fall.

Rochester Optical's press release (via explains why their solution is better than wearing normal eyeglasses when wearing the HoloLens:

The frame insert for HoloLens features lightweight stainless steel for durability and nylon wire capable of holding a wide range of prescription strengths. An adjustable silicone strap nose-bridge improves both weight distribution and security, as it prevents the device from sliding down the user's nose. Easy pop in and pop out mounting makes it possible for one device to be shared by multiple users who have their own individual prescription inserts.Rochester Optical's proprietary Smart GOLD prescription lenses for HoloLens are also highly specialized, and offer more than standard lenses. Designed to minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue, they allow smart glasses to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. Smart GOLD lenses also feature AR coating designed to block high-energy visible blue light emitted from digital devices and implicated in the development of early-onset macular degeneration.

The single vision lenses are priced at $199 while the bifocals are available for $249. There's no word on a specific ship date for the lenses.

Pre-order at Rochester Optical

John Callaham