Microsoft India helps women in distress by launching Guardian SOS app for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft India has released a safety app for Windows Phone users that could come in handy in times of emergency.  Guardian uses Microsoft Windows Azure cloud solution and the Bing Maps API to let selected parties track your movements and alert them in times of danger.

Guardian is the product of Microsoft India employees over a period of six months through the Microsoft Garage, an initiative to allow Microsoft employees to explore app development ideas.


Guardian's Main Page and Settings Preferences

The app allows you to add multiple buddies who will be alerted in emergency situations, has one-touch video activation to start recording footage that could be used as evidence, track your movements, and has Live Tile support for quick access to the SOS button.

You will need to register the app with your Windows Phone Live ID and from there you can add specific individuals or Facebook groups as your buddies.  The Guardian app is an easy to use Windows Phone solution when you need to reach out to friends when you are in trouble.

The Guardian app is a free app, available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  You can find your copy here in the Windows Phone Store.  Please note that while some sources are showing the Guardian app as an exclusive for Windows Phone users in India, we have been able to install and use the app in other regions.

Source: Tech2; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Guardian

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