Microsoft introduces new Surface Arc Mouse

Though it didn't get any proper stage time during Microsoft's education event today, the tech giant has introduced a new Surface Arc Mouse alongside the Surface Laptop. In fact, the new mouse was only glimpsed briefly on stage in a promo shot for the Surface Laptop, but Microsoft has now released a quick video highlighting the accessory and some of its features.

Pitched as the "travel companion for your Surface," the Surface Arc Mouse is actually a new version of the Microsoft Arc Mouse. Able to be stored flat, the mouse can be snapped up into its distinct arc shape before being used. A full scroll pane also lets you scroll in either direction right from the click surface.

The Surface Arc Mouse's landing page lists it as coming soon for $79.99. There's no word on when to expect it to launch, but it will be available in Burgundy, Light Grey, or Cobalt Blue once available.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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