Microsoft inviting us to 'come along for the ride' at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is fast approaching and Microsoft has today invited members of the press to "come along for the ride" at its Barcelona event. It's all going down at 8.30am CET on March 2 which means an early start for us, and an even earlier start for anyone following along in North America. And of course, Windows Central will be in Spain throughout the event to bring it all to you as it happens.

We already knew from the recent Windows 10 event that we'd be hearing more from Microsoft in Spain, and while the invite doesn't give much away, we're not expecting to hear about any 'flagship' class devices. We are expecting to hear more on the mobile side of Windows 10 and perhaps see some new, low and mid-range phones.

Mark Guim and myself will be making the trip to Barcelona, so be sure to join us there!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Will they serve jamon that early?
  • @Mark Guim:
    Probably not. I would even enjoy a pair of tofu sausages.
    But the reality seems to be Microsoft wants us all to become stage 3-vegans (don't eat anything that casts a shadow).
  • Low end phones may be good for my ms stock, but my 920 says, why you no update me.
  • I agree. I actually made the move to the L830 last week to hold me over until the summer. I don't regret it one bit.
  • Very interested in doing the same. What's improved going from 920 to 830? Thank you.
  • It's a significantly smoother experience. The screen is great despite its ppi (29x?) The battery life is phenomenal compared to the L920. The build quality is fantastic as well. I don't like that the back cover is removable, but that's just me being too picky. I did install a 64gb micro SDHC class 10, which allows me the freedom to copy and save whatever I choose. If you have the money available do it. I purchased it unlocked at the MS Store and I use it with T-Mobile's network. I plan on really babying it and keeping it in great condition so I can sell it once I pick up the L940? Or the next flagship. I did consider the L1520, but it's too big for my day to day usuage. I understand that I would get used to it, but between sacrificing one handed use, using it at the gym, and putting it in my pocket, it was too much of a hassle. I think the 5-5.5 range is the best (for me).  
  • Do you get LTE while under TMO? That was my biggest concern over wanting to get the 830.
  • Yes, T-Mobile completed their refarm with the 1900mhz PCS band which is supported for HSPA+ and has the AWS for LTE. Additionally their EDGE network will be refarmed as well. If you're really worried you can always go with the Rogers version which specifically has the AWS on LTE and HSPA+. I believe the firmware unlocks that radio. You can take a look at their website, it supports 1700/2100 on HSPA+. But I have great reception. I do live in NYC though. But I have great reception in North NJ and Philadelphia.  
  • Hows the signal with TMobile?
  • Fantastic. I couldn't be happier.
  • For precisely the same reasons, I purchased the cheaper 735. Phenomenal battery life when compared with my 920...
  • I got use to it! No update for my 810!
  • Up in the "CLOUDS" ...wish they come up with something disruptive hardware to go along with disruptive windows 10
  • Lets hope they pull a Microsoft Band on us and sneak some flagship news in
  • I know right. If there's no flagship news by June, I'll likely be leaving the Windows scene.
  • Microsoft have already said the next Flagship will be coming with Windows 10. None are being released before then. Hopefully we'll get a little info later but I doubt at MDC
  • 8:30 am CST... way to early in North America lol that's 2 am eastern time :P
  • Awesome!
  • More Lumia
  • Need Lumia 1330 and affordable Lumia 830 to break the covers..... Enough Entry level phones...... Need more Mid Range phones
  • No. They should cut down to five models. 153x, 103x, 93x, 73x, 53x.
  • c:
  • Do your best Richard and Mark!!
    I wish you'll be as active as Daniel was at the Jan 21 event and cover up everything possible!
  • Daniel the boss is not going?
  • Nope. I'm in Europe so I'd be at MWC for Mobile Nations anyway.
  • I'll come for the ride but MS you better show me my 1020s successor. Update... Hopes shot, didn't fully read article :'(.
  • I am hopoing that the we will see a flagship phone. I have a 920 that, compard to the Lumia 830, is looking long in the tooth. Surely MS will see the launch fo Windows 10 as a path to releasing an awesome phone that will show off all it is and can be...Please MS let's see a flagship device!!!
  • Is there a live stream to this?
  • Of course!
  • Yay! Thank you!
  • Is Elop giving the presentation? It's been a while sense we've seen him in action!
  • Don't they have pretty much every low range price point covered at this point? Why are the still releasing these low end phones when the mid to range is barren? The have no mid and high range phones on T-mobile or sprint. They only have the icon on Verizon. The high end phones may not sell well, but you need them to keep the fans happy because they are the ones recommending your phones to new users. Plenty of fans are ready to jump ship or have already done so.
  • Come see our new affordable flagship, the Lumia -030!!
  • Waiting for yah 1330 !
  • So. Exactly WHEN will they announce the next fagship?
  • They need to announce a new phone at this event. The Lumia 1030 with 49MP camera, Snapdragon 810, and 5.5" display for $49.99 US unlocked and no contract, working with all bands on every carrier worldwide, and no carrier exclusives. I'll bet that would sell quite well. They'd lose money on it, but it would really, really sell.  I'd buy 10 at least. It would satisfy the budget conscious and the flagship people at the same time. ;)
  • Off contract price? Probably $850/$900
  • The Lumia 1000 line doesn't need more MP. They need smaller cameras. 
  • @rhapdog I reckon you'll pay all the money they lose for selling the phone so cheap?
  • Did you people not see the wink ;) at the end? The whole thing was just plain being silly. Honestly, people need to lighten up a bit. 
  • Black theme is actually dark grey, need a proper black theme.
  • Waiting for yah 1330 !
    I hope it comes with snapdragon 610/615
    And 2 ram
    5.7" screen 720/1080/ or another custom resolution as apple does
    10/12/14mega pexiles I don't care
    I hope I get a nice phone !
  • I just don't understand why people are still screaming for a flagship. They're putting the finishing touches on a new OS. Did anyone stop to think they're going to wait until w10 is ready to launch high end hardware? Keep your shirts on.
  • Thinking is hard.
  • Just give us a tease of what they will release - so that all of us that are anxiously waiting dont feel compelled to jump to another OS - for phones such as the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Note, HTC M9, LGG4, etc.
  • Exactly. Microsoft have pretty much said that when JB was talking about it at the last Windows 10 Tech Preview. Next Flagship will have Windows 10. Though we can hope they'll give us some hints of what we'll get when Windows 10 phones are released.
  • I would like a flagship, but I would prefer that they wait and get it right. It will make the move from my 920 more noticeable and therefore more satisfying. To be honest, I still love my 920. Can't believe how well it has held up. I'm 27 months in, and it still impresses me. People still cant get their head around the weight of it, but for me the lighter phones feel too light now. Fingers crossed for two flagships, each with two form factors. A 940 and a 1030 with a hump. Both available at either 5.5 or 6 Inches. An 840 at 5 inches and a 740 at 4.8 inches. The 9 and 10 series have 3gb, the 8 has 2gb, and the 7 has 1gb Ram.
  • They hid in the basement of the visitor center creating Hololens; did anyone check under the cafeteria?
  • *Crosses fingers* please annouce Aquos or Sony as a partner. AKA, please release a WP in Japan....
  • Even though it's not likely to happen people still want to cry about getting a new flagship sooner rather then later.
  • I wasn't really expecting Microsoft to bring a full breed racing horse "for the ride", more some kind of good natured pony.
    But after reading this, I think we should be expecting some kind of larva "for the ride".
  • October 2015 is such a long time to wait for a flagship launch. Would happily take a 'Win10 ready' flagship device before June. As an ATIV S owner, I don't want to go through one more summer without a PureView Camera. First I waited for Rogers' Lumia 920 exclusivity to end (didn't result in anything). Then waited for 925 to come to Canada (it never did). Then waited for 1520 to come to Canada (it never did). No 930 either. At this point, trying to buy a 1520 from another region feels like a waste of money for only 6-8 months use. The no win scenario with Windows Phone's trademark, "Soon". :(
  • VIVA Windows 10! in Spain
  • Microsoft set to announce WP10 will run Android Apps. Kill that Apps gap problem stone dead.
  • @Jules W:
    No way. To benefit from the full range of Android apps you would need a Google Play account.
    If you want those apps, why don't you buy an Android device in the first place?!
    By the way: I can't think of a single Android app that I would want, that is not available on iOS too. The other way round there would at least be one or two.
    So if Microsoft would adopt apps from other ecosystems it should be iOS'.
  • I highly doubt it'll ever happen, but if this ever happens I think it'll be Android since it's easier to access the apps. iOS, you have to go through their app store, the real Apple app store. On Android, you can just download apk files and install.   I am currently trying out Lumia 635, but there's so many apps that are missing, and WindowsPhone app store is a total mess. There's so many junk fake apps there. Lot of bank apps are missing, starbucks, transit, torque pro, google stuff, list goes on and on. Another thing I experienced is that I had to delete all my hotmail contacts because there was no way to disable them appearing from the contacts in the dialer. I already use google for everything. But not even giving me an option to select which account I want to use as address book is pretty lame.
  • Daniel won't be there?
  • If the rumors about the summer RTM of Win10 are true, then a surprise announcement of a flagship device might be in the works. If nothing else MS has shown they can keep a secret and drop a surprise if they want to.
  • There will be a foray of flagship android phones with Sanpdragon 810 SoC from alll major android OEMs, I would like to see at least one Windows 10 Mobile Phone or flagship Lumia/Surface phone from MS with that SoC in MWC.Fingers crossed!
  • only possible in april or may so wait
  • we want a gud mid ranger ... specs like L830 but with 2gb ram and snpdgn 615 , camera 16mp for less dan 450 usd
  • Still no word on a flagship device? That can't be a good sign...I really hope they're working on something unique because there haven't been any leaked shots lately.
  • F**k you MSOFT. Lumia1020 is already 2 years old! You must be doing it on purpose to fail Windows Phone section. Enough already with the mid-range devices ...can't they see what other OEMs are accouncing?