Microsoft inviting us to 'come along for the ride' at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is fast approaching and Microsoft has today invited members of the press to "come along for the ride" at its Barcelona event. It's all going down at 8.30am CET on March 2 which means an early start for us, and an even earlier start for anyone following along in North America. And of course, Windows Central will be in Spain throughout the event to bring it all to you as it happens.

We already knew from the recent Windows 10 event that we'd be hearing more from Microsoft in Spain, and while the invite doesn't give much away, we're not expecting to hear about any 'flagship' class devices. We are expecting to hear more on the mobile side of Windows 10 and perhaps see some new, low and mid-range phones.

Mark Guim and myself will be making the trip to Barcelona, so be sure to join us there!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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