Microsoft joins Qualcomm-backed AllSeen Alliance to standardize connected home tech

Microsoft has partnered up with Qualcomm and other companies to establish standardized ways for connected household objects (such as light bulbs and thermostats – the "Internet of Things") to communicate with one another. The move will see Microsoft working with other tech companies to bring about standards and make integrating said products an easier endeavour for consumers. The company joins around 50 others in the standards consortium called Allseen Alliance and will help develop AllJoyn, the connection standard led by Qualcomm.

Rival chipmakers who compete against Qualcomm are expected to launch a rival consortium as early as next week. It's an interesting development since said standards offered by Qualcomm's band of tech companies would ensure the lives of consumers can be enjoyed with slightly less stress from picking and choosing between brands, products and platforms. Such advancements could make new functionality possible, like flashing living room LED light bulbs red when food is detected to be burning in the kitchen or in the colours of a football team when a goal is scored playing FIFA 14 on the Xbox One.

It's still early days and we're sure some companies are holding off to see how competing standards come to market (think the battle between Betamax and VHS). Who would you back?

Source: Reuters

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Do I really need to control my thermostat over the internet ? Set it once and be done with it. This tech is making humans more and more self centered.
  • Thermal Thursdays, frigid Fridays, warm Wednesdays
  • Muggy Mondays.
  • Rival chipmakers who compete against Qualcomm = Intel?
  • O like mentioning the agricultural industry without referencing the leading pesticide...
  • Well Microsoft has a head start with Windows. I suggest they try doors next before going full Home.
  • Cupboards?
  • Oh, I'm flattered.
  • Would rather live in a Microsoft home than a google one. Go Qualcomm.
  • True. There would be more frequent updates and improvements for your house if it were an MS home. Plus it would have Windows.
  • I see what you did there.
  • Nice
  • the alliance should be good and will enable us to choose multiple brand that can communicate with each other. some companies are not good will all their products their strong with either cameras or bulbs or thermastats, etc
  • So its some sort of standardized software Kit for the Home............. where have we seen this before recently?
  • BACnet vs LonWorks, home edition
  • Whatever standard they develop one thing is certain. Since Microsoft is involved, Google will ignore it and push the proprietary.
  • Microsoft already has a research project call HomeOS. That has been incorperated into the Lab of Things. Basically, the Lab of Things platform can control any device with the propper driver. I am using it with ZWave and Nest. Best of all it the entire package is open source.
  • Betamax & HD-DVD ftw!