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  • Many companies have struggled to recruit employees in an increasingly remote world.
  • Microsoft Korea hosted an online job fair event on Friday, July 30, 2021.
  • It hopes this type of event will help talent find employment, free from the constraints of physical job fairs.

Microsoft Korea has gotten with the times faster than the many companies that are still hellbent on finding talent in person and returning to the ye olde, pre-pandemic days. Microsoft Korea knows that era is over and is working its processes, including basic recruitment tactics, into being more remote-friendly to suit today's hybrid needs.

Microsoft Korea's "Unbox, Explore, Celebrate" event lasted two hours on Friday, July 30, 2021 (via The Korea Times). It was designed to find job seekers ready for the challenges of hybrid work.

Microsoft Korea Country Manager Lee Ji-eun said she hoped the job fair helps talented individuals grow during a time of extreme unemployment and pandemic sufferings.

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The event was held through Microsoft Teams. During the event, Microsoft Korea employees gave job seekers an overview of Microsoft Korea's recruitment process. Microsoft Learn was also demonstrated at the event.

It's no secret that remote work has become the go-to for millions upon millions of people all over the globe, especially with flare-ups of COVID-19 reminding people of the perks of never having to step foot in an office. It's undoubtedly a large part of why Microsoft Teams now has a whopping 250 million monthly active users, who all log onto Teams to chit-chat with each other when in-person conversations aren't possible.

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