Microsoft Teams now has 250 million monthly active users

Microsoft Teams PC
Microsoft Teams PC (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • In April, Microsoft Teams had 145 million daily active users.
  • Teams is now up to 250 million monthly active users.
  • Notice the difference in daily/monthly qualifiers.

Microsoft Teams' numbers keep on growing. Just a few short months ago, back in April 2021, Teams boasted 145 million daily active users. That number has since ballooned to 250 million monthly active users. Though the qualifier is different (monthly versus daily), a quarter of a billion monthly users is no small feat.

This figure was shared by Kyle Vikstrom, Director of Microsoft Investor Relations, with Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet. The news comes ahead of Microsoft's fiscal year 2021 fourth-quarter earnings call.

Teams is at the center of Microsoft's plans for the immediate future. Not only is it being directly integrated into Windows 11 as the default Chat app, but it's also bonding with Windows in other ways, and is getting constant updates for its own functionalities.

You can expect Teams to continue to improve itself and be the pacesetter for other Microsoft apps as it keeps dominating the work world and expands into general consumer spaces, attempting to dislodge Zoom as the de facto video calling app for everyday chitchats.

Do note that Teams is not the only communication solution Microsoft offers. Though it does not attract as many headlines anymore, Skype persists for those who prefer the classic web-based phone calling and conferencing option.

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  • What constitutes a daily active user? I use it daily for work, but I know coworkers who have it installed and never use it. It's just set to automatically launch at startup.
  • The key word is "Active" brotha. That pretty much answers your question.
  • Also, how many of these people have no choice but to use it? If they are told to use it for work then that is what they need to do.
    There was talk about us using it at work, but that seems to have vanished, managers uses it. Saying that using Teams would not be compulsory. They like us to use Yammer, I looked on it a couple of a times when a couple of months after they started using it, but now I don't bother. They do try and push us to using it, but it is not a hard push. I wonder how many of those Active users are also personal users, I bet very few, Teams is not going to do that well for personal use, even if it is going to be integrated into Windows 11, MS have missed the boat on that, just like they did with Windows phone. I have not got teams come up on Windows 11 on my computer yet, if it does, it will be disabled right away,
  • "Also, how many of these people have no choice but to use it? "
    Irrelevant. No one asks that about Slack, Google Meet, BlueJeans, or Zoom. I mean, newsflash: all corporate PC apps, services, and equipment are compulsory. That's the point when you're an employee - you do what your boss and IT say. If you want to get into people's "feelings" go for it, but it serves no role in reporting usage numbers.
  • Total bull, it is not irrelevant at all, The others may be corporate apps, but they don't have the same push as office or Microsoft 365, what ever they want to call it these days. Microsoft is a big company and after getting rid of all the other competition for office apps they more or less forced a subscription service onto businesses and that includes the awful teams, and it is an awful app, terrible ui.
    Slack did not have a chance once Microsoft started to put everything in one neat package and Google is a different thing, not that they are much better. i have no idea who Blue jeans are.
    As for Zoom, they were in the right place at the right time, but I do wonder how many businesses do use them. To be honest, I am getting fed up with these large American companies making large profits and paying very little tax in the countries they are in, about time the U.K government hit them for six and then maybe the CEOs or ex CEOs of these companies may not be able to afford to go into space.
  • slack is awful. now wonder only 12 million people use it. heck, Discord destroys slack.
  • Slack is for workplace, just like Teams really, discord is more for personal use, I am sure if can be used for business, but I don't think that is their market. Also discord if free. Ok so is Team's personal, but it is still based on a business service. ]
  • "What constitutes a daily active user?"
    Launching the app and using it i.e. the app pings the server for new information/data tied to an MSA. It's quite self-explanatory. There is a separate metric of installs, which would obviously be even higher. That is when the app is installed, but no data on usage. Similar to PC shipments vs. sales.
  • Im assuming these numbers include the Teams Personal app which is free. I use it but wish it was as snappy and reliable as whatsapp.
  • Based on the context of the ZDNet article, I doubt it. Even if it does, the Personal use is relatively tiny.
  • we use the free version of Teams extensively at work and it's great for us as a small business. sure, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the paid version of Teams but it has most of what's important.
  • it will be soon. they're dumping the Electron-based version and replacing it with a React Native version...