Microsoft Teams is getting a new default for its notifications

Microsoft Teams PC
Microsoft Teams PC (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams currently sticks with its own native notification system as its default.
  • Soon, Windows-level alerts will be its default notification style.

Microsoft Teams wants to get one step closer to Windows and is doing so by forgoing its current default notification preference in favor of having Windows notifications be the standard. Microsoft's trusty 365 roadmap (opens in new tab), where all good Teams updates are found, outlined the big change in feature ID #83062, entitled "Microsoft Teams: New default for Teams notification style."

Here's what the update's description says: "Teams notification style will be defaulted to native notifications for new users. Currently the default style is Teams purple, with this change to native notifications the user will benefit from support for assist mode, action center, accessibility and more."

This update is currently in development, with a not-so-far-off tentative release date of August 2021. No dates on the roadmap are hard guarantees, so if for whatever reason you feel strongly opposed to this change in defaults, know that it may not be coming as soon as sometime within the next thirty days.

The change is slated to hit macOS and Windows users alike. Sound off in the comments if you're excited for the Windows and Teams experiences to inch ever closer to each other, or if you'd rather that Teams maintain its existing notification defaults simply because you can't stand Windows notifications.

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  • It's good there's still an option for built-in, I'm sure there are people who swear by them, but I never liked them. They are ugly and the font is tiny. I switched to Windows as soon as the feature became available. Better looking, easier to read, and the added plus of having the standard notification center options.
  • I fully agree, i see no reason why to use this strange proprietary notification.
  • Yeah, they can make one for OS that have non-native notification system. But pretty much any other modern OS these days have their own notification system to tap into. Microsoft Teams should have been using the native notification system on Windows at least since day one. Its not like Teams were released during Windows 7. No it was around Windows 10 cycle, which already has its own notification system.