Skype joins Microsoft Teams in supporting two-person Together Mode calls

Skype Together Mode
Skype Together Mode (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams allows for Together Mode meetings with as few as two people.
  • Skype now offers this two-person functionality as well.

Together Mode is a fun feature in Microsoft Teams and Skype that puts meeting participants together against a shared digital backdrop, creating the illusion that they're occupying the same space. There are various backgrounds with which to spice up your meetings, meaning you and your fellow callers can pretend to be in a diversity of places beyond the actual offices and living rooms where the chats are taking place in reality.

Take, for example, the new plane scene that's been added to Together Mode for Skype. It puts you on a plane. And better yet, you don't need a massive flight's worth of people to enjoy the scene, because now Together Mode for Skype allows for 1-to-1 calls, meaning even if you're only talking with one other person, you can enjoy virtual togetherness against whatever backdrop suits you.

Skype's Luis Carrasco highlighted the news over on Twitter (via OnMSFT).

This isn't the only big Skype news in recent memory. Not too long ago, Skype Insiders got a big feature for the Surface Duo, enabling them to enjoy the service in new ways. Microsoft's always cooking up new utilities and features for its Teams counterpart.

On the Teams front, Microsoft rarely goes more than a day without something updating or changing. For example, Teams Chat is now directly integrated into Windows 11 (an update that's been rolling out to Insiders), and Teams' notification defaults are getting a major shakeup. These are just a few of the numerous updates Microsoft has tossed Teams fans within the past few days.

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