Microsoft Launcher beta for Android now lets you rotate through your own wallpapers

Mircrosoft Launcher
Mircrosoft Launcher (Image credit: Daniel-Rubino/Windows Central)

A fresh update is now rolling out to the Microsoft Launcher beta, bringing a number of new customization features for testers to check out. Perhaps the biggest change is that you can now use your own set Microsoft Launcher to rotate through your own collection of wallpapers, rather than the daily wallpaper provided by Bing. Also included are several smaller features, like the option to enable badge notifications on a per-app basis, and some UI adjustments.

Here's a look at what's new in Microsoft Launcher beta version 4.7:

  • Daily custom background: Get daily background not only from Bing but now from your own custom set of wallpapers!
  • Set your wallpapers to be scrollable
  • Badge notifications: Control app notification badges for specific apps.
  • Lock screen calendar notifications.
  • UI adjustments:
    • Simplified long press app context menu;
    • Support both move & clone when moving apps in app drawer to form a folder;
    • Bug fix on Feedback & Help page;

Microsoft Launcher has been on a roll when it comes to new features. The last big update to hit the Android app brought Cortana integration, and previous updates, like version 4.7, have focused on adding more customization tweaks to the experience.

If you're already enrolled as a Microsoft Launcher beta tester, version 4.7 is available now from Google Play. If you aren't enrolled, you can sign up to become a beta tester (opens in new tab) and check out all of what's new. Otherwise, assuming testing goes well, these features should make their way to the release version of Microsoft Launcher in short order.

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  • I'm gonna try this on my Nokia 5
  • Been waiting for scrollable wallpapers, so I'm loving this update! Works with 3rd party wallpaper apps too.
  • When is it coming to Windows 10 Mobile?
  • I had waited for this for so long on my Lumia. It's a real shame I had to get it by swapping platforms. If they can only give me updates for my calendar on my LG equivalent of Glance Screen, then I would be complete. If Cortana also read my text messages natively, then I may even have to ask 'What's Windows Phone?"
  • Anyone else's notification badges not been working for. Messaging app for the last few releases?
  • Yes, it has been broken for a while now. Even in the beta, it still doesn't work. Funny, how they mention it in the changelog, but it is still broke.
  • Anyone know if the hang up when adding icons to home is fixed? Needed to uninstall Microsoft Launcher so many times I switched to Nova...
  • I've never had an issue adding icons to home. I just added some after this update and it works fine.
  • Cheers! Might give it another try then because I like it better than Nova...
  • Meanwhile, Edge on W10M no longer opens PDF document! This is disaster. All because of that sh***y arrogant CEO. I wonder if anyone will be sad when and if he is removed.
  • "I wonder if anyone will be sad when and if he is removed."
    Shareholders will be upset. As will the employees. All will most people who never owned a Windows phone i.e. 99.4% of the planet.
  • Actually at one point, there were close to 15% of the entire world using Windows phone devices (WM6.5, WP7, WP8, and W10M)
  • I do like ms launcher but I can't get badge notifications working for some apps to the point where I might use something else as the launcher. Anyone got any advice on getting it working with textra? Textra support is blaming ms despite ms saying there is support for it in 4.6 release. Even outlook doesn't display badge notifications. It times like this I miss my windows phone... and I sang that last sentence to foo fighters 😉
  • Wow, signing up for the beta was incredibly easy.