Microsoft Launcher beta now supports system theme settings

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher beta can now follow your system's theme setting.
  • Microsoft Launcher already had a dark theme, but it can now match your devices' theme.
  • Android devices need to run Android 9 or later to use the new feature.

Microsoft Launcher beta has a small update that makes it easier to use the app's dark mode (via Neowin). The update brings the app to version 5.10 and brings support for following your system's theme setting. It also makes dark mode darker. Additionally, the update has some bug fixes as outlined by the app's changelog,

What's new for 5.10: - Launcher theme can now follow your system theme on supported devices running Android 9 and above through the new System theme option in Launcher settings, and the dark theme is darker now to improve readability and make content easier on your eyes in the low-light condition. - General bug fixes and performance improvements.

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This update is fairly small but reduces how often you have to jump into Microsoft Launcher's settings. Now, if you swap your phone from light to dark mode, the launcher can follow suit with no extra steps.

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  • Very odd numbering going from 5.9 to 5.10
  • 10 (ten) usually follows 9.
  • Well usually the numbering would go from 5.9 to 6.0 But probably because it's not a major update they went to 5.10 instead
  • It actually is odd. 5.10 is essentially the same as 5.1 in version number speak. What they should have done is 5.1.1 or 6.0 as real0395 suggested. It's a minor thing, but as a developer I found it a bit odd.
  • The way they version is common in software development. They likely are using a form of semantic versioning
  • Maybe, they are saving update 6.0 for a more significant update. They might see that as a milestone and want to deliver something noteworthy, aside from little tweaks here and there. Just a thought.
  • Setting the stage for the Surface Duo. Surely there's to be a more deeply integrated launcher with the Duo, which is seriously awesome news for fans!
    If you're a fan of the Surface Duo please join our Surface Duo Facebook Group!
  • I also created a Facebook group specifically for Windows 10X if you're interested (might complement the Surface Duo group quite well and we can put our groups in each other's recommendations).
  • Hey!! I think you already approved my request.. Send me one. I will add your link to ours. Thanks.
  • Just wish they would fix the opaque background in the Feed page header and bottom nav in that appeared in 5.8 or so. Really blew up the transparent flow that existed.
  • That's promising. I'd like it if the transparency matched the system theme as well. For now it seems like is stuck in dark transparency mode or no transparency at all.
  • Only the "Colorful" and "Light" system themes carry through to Launcher. The "Dark" theme does not.