Microsoft Launcher for Android coming to enterprise users

During the day two keynote for Build 2018, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Launcher is headed to the enterprise. A secure version of the Android launcher will be available in the future with the ability for IT administrators to manage apps and notifications for employees.

Microsoft's presentation on the enterprise launcher was brief, but the company did let slip a few details. For business users, Microsoft Launcher is intended to provide a safe and secure environment. Administarators will be able to equip phones with a secure folder containing the business apps that workers will need access to. The integrated feed, accessible with a right swipe, will include access to the calendar and other information as it normally does. IT administrators can also push alerts to employees in the feed as needed.

There's no word on when Microsoft Launcher will be available for enterprise users, but it's an interesting development as Microsoft looks to extnd its reach on Android and iOS. This follows news that Microsoft is also bringing Timeline to Android and iOS.

For more from Build 2018 day two, you can tune in to the keynote right here.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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