Microsoft Launcher crosses 10 million downloads

Two months out from its official launch, Microsoft Launched has crossed a pretty big milestone: more than 10 million downloads. This comes just under two weeks since Microsoft Edge, another recent Microsoft app to make its way to Android, hit its own milestone of a million downloads.

The count comes from Google Play's download tracker, which pegs Microsoft Launcher between 10 million and 50 million downloads thus far. It's important to point out that, since the tracker only counts downloads, it's not an accurate depiction of just how many people are actively using Microsoft Launcher. Still, it's a useful tool for gauging interest in the months since the app's launch.

An evolution of Arrow Launcher, a launcher Microsoft Garage launched in 2015, Microsoft Launcher offers up a way for Android users to customize the way their phone operates. In addition to daily Bing wallpapers and settings to tweak icons, the app drawer, and more, Microsoft Launcher includes a quickly accessible feed tailored to your news interests, recent activities, favorite people, and more. Following a similar theme as Microsoft Edge for Android, Microsoft Launcher also includes a "Continue on PC" function for quickly picking up where you left off with photos and documents on your PC.

Microsoft Launcher delivers a beautiful Android experience

While it's not as customizable as other solutions, such as Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, Microsoft Launcher is worth checking out in its own right – particularly for those migrating from Windows phone. And if you're interested in seeing what new features are coming down the pike, you can opt into testing the Microsoft Launcher beta, which just happened to pick up some handy new features.

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