Microsoft Launcher crosses 10 million downloads

Two months out from its official launch, Microsoft Launched has crossed a pretty big milestone: more than 10 million downloads. This comes just under two weeks since Microsoft Edge, another recent Microsoft app to make its way to Android, hit its own milestone of a million downloads.

The count comes from Google Play's download tracker (opens in new tab), which pegs Microsoft Launcher between 10 million and 50 million downloads thus far. It's important to point out that, since the tracker only counts downloads, it's not an accurate depiction of just how many people are actively using Microsoft Launcher. Still, it's a useful tool for gauging interest in the months since the app's launch.

An evolution of Arrow Launcher, a launcher Microsoft Garage launched in 2015, Microsoft Launcher offers up a way for Android users to customize the way their phone operates. In addition to daily Bing wallpapers and settings to tweak icons, the app drawer, and more, Microsoft Launcher includes a quickly accessible feed tailored to your news interests, recent activities, favorite people, and more. Following a similar theme as Microsoft Edge for Android, Microsoft Launcher also includes a "Continue on PC" function for quickly picking up where you left off with photos and documents on your PC.

Microsoft Launcher delivers a beautiful Android experience

While it's not as customizable as other solutions, such as Nova Launcher (opens in new tab) or Action Launcher (opens in new tab), Microsoft Launcher is worth checking out in its own right – particularly for those migrating from Windows phone. And if you're interested in seeing what new features are coming down the pike, you can opt into testing the Microsoft Launcher beta, which just happened to pick up some handy new features.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Go launcher is a best launcher in Android Phone.
  • The best launcher is whichever you prefer.
  • That's the exact answer that's needed. It's like scotch, the best is the one you like, not the most expensive.
  • I think Nova Launcher + Sesame Shortcuts has some more useful features than Microsoft Launcher. I really hope Microsoft Launcher will be able to keep up in this regard.
  • Once again I will install the Microsoft Launcher and see how it has improved. Thanks.
  • I think Launcher10 is the best for past Windows phone users such as my self.
  • Yes, finally I installed Microsoft launcher, and I seen it has really improved. And I did set this launcher as default in my Android.
    Thanks Microsoft.
  • That is probably 10 million potential Windows mobile users. 😐
  • That statement I would have agreed with 2 years ago.
  • Not exactly, as I have 3 Android devices, I downloaded this launcher three times (when it was Arrow Launcher), then I forgot completely about it. It changed its name, I downloaded again three times to look for "new features", then I returned back to Nova Launcher... So you have 6 downloads for not even a Windows 10 Mobile user, I would never return to that OS.
  • If you were using the same account, it probably only counted as one download.
  • You are forgeting. We are talking about Google here. Each one counts.
  • Yeah Google accounts each account and each download, even if a particular account isn't active anymore, or a download was on a phone many times. That is how Google has been able to reach 5 billion users so quickly.
  • Where do they say they have 5 billion users?!
  • Same here. I still dont like it. I always go back to Apex.
  • Not necessarily, there's probably many Android people who just try different launchers.
  • I use the launcher, it is really good. Sucks they barely put this effort into mobile. But, past is past.
  • I like the app and use it as my launcher, keeps getting better all the time. However, the article makes it seem like it got 10 million downloads in the last few months, which is not correct, since the app only changed names from Arrow launcher to Microsoft Launcher. A lot of he downloads were from the Arrow times. "it's a useful tool for gauging interest in the months since the app's launch."
  • Honestly, I'm using Square Home 2 and it is IMO the very best. Expands on some of the things I wish W10M would have. ie. Large tiles. It is almost like I didn't leave W10M at all...except I have like a bajillion more apps now. 
  • I've used it. It only "looks" somewhat like W10M. Try moving around tiles, or make them multi-tile/folder, etc. Pretty much useless in that regard and also very slow.
  • Seemed pretty fast to me....granted, many things are on a sd835 based device
  • What he means is it's a very tedious task to edit and move tiles. It's the reason why I stopped using it.
  • Launcher 10 is pretty good, too. I have a few launchers installed that I switch between.
  • With this milestone I would like Microsoft to buy square2hime and integrate it with Microsoft Launcher. I would like to see improved and advanced live tiles compared to windows 10 and 10 mobile. Secondly improved privacy protection would also be nice. Perhaps integrate defender with the launcher.
  • I'm one of those 10 millions, after I've struggled on the first days with my Huawei p10 tried many launchers eventually i ended up using Microsoft launcher and im loving it especially scroll vertically to switch between home pages its kinda reminds me of my Lumia 730 start screen, but who im fooling here we will never get that level of allure
  • I also vote for SquareHome2. Excellent launcher and lots of great features.
  • How about Launcher10?
  • I use Microsoft Launcher and it works well for me. My question is when they will integrate Cortana. They have the agreement to get Cortana into CM Launcher, which may give CM an exclusive for some period of time, but hopefully Cortana in Microsoft Launcher won't be too long after.
  • Launcher 10 is the best and most similar launcher to W10M. I've used all the ones which claim to be similar to W10M. And Launcher 10 is the best. Try it. If you're coming from Windows, as I did, Launcher 10 is the most similar to Windows in every aspect.
  • Using it and enjoy it, even over Nova, cause, reasons. I wish they'd make an Office365 version. Actually tie the to do card/page to ToDo. Have full pages available for OneNote and OneDrive.
  • I love this launcher. But it seems to not play well with Essential phone.... It hangs occasionally
  • Look at all the Windows Phones that "didn't sell".
  • It will be good if launcher provides right swipe and left swipe option in gesture control settings. By default it is bound to homescreen navigation. I am windows a windows mobile refugee and has a habit of swipping left for accessing app list. 😬
  • I just installed Square2Home yesterday and you can set it up for Swipe left for app list.
  • New beta update that came yesterday makes this amazingly snappy too. All the lagging seems to have been removed. I really love this launcher.
  • Absolutely love this launcher. Not just because it's Microsoft but it's genuinely the best launcher I've used to date anyway and gets constant updates and features. It's the only one to sway me away from using Nova Prime for the past 3 years. I'm also led to believe Microsoft will be ditching the Cortana app soon and integrating it solely into Microsoft Launcher
  • I have been using Microsoft Launcher exclusively for over a month. Like you, it's the 1st launcher to pry me away from Nova. If Cortana could be integrated into launcher and have more functionality, that would be wonderful. 
  • If I am honest the reason I like it is not because it's like Windows Mobile but because is more like the iPhone with extra stuff.
  • Tried and deleted in
  • I like this launcher a lot. Good to see millions agree with me ^^!
  • I was very disappointed with the latest stable update Microsoft Launcher received. I hate that they put an option inside the folders to add more apps and I really hate the way website icons looks like in the homepage screen. They now have a green arrow inside them. What the hell Microsoft? And the Google Adsense widget looks like crap. I still use the launcher and I love Microsoft products, but they need to listen to their users more carefully.
  • I really like the laucher. I pin the frequently used apps card in reverse order and all my favorite apps are within quick, easy reach. No spending hours arranging widgets and icons. No fuss. Just wish it had landscape mode for phones. Did not realize how often I used my phone that way until I started using the Microsoft Launcher.
  • Since the name changed to Microsoft Launcher I have been using it exclusively. I prefer the integration with the Microsoft ecosystem. I've used other launchers, Nova, Action and the stock TouchWiz on my GalaxyS7 Edge. I enjoy this one the most.