Microsoft Launcher Preview adds third row to dock and app drawer folders

Microsoft Launcher cards
Microsoft Launcher cards (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher Preview gained a third row in its dock and folder support in its app drawer in a recent update.
  • The update also allows you to double tap to lock your screen.
  • The update is rolling out now to beta testers of Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher Preview has a new update that makes it easier to organize your apps. The update allows you to add a third row within the launcher's dock and organize apps into folders within the app drawer. The update also has a couple other features and fixes. The update is rolling out now to beta testers of Microsoft Launcher.

Here's the complete changelog from Microsoft:

  • Add up to 3 rows in Dock
  • Organize your App Drawer with folders
  • Double tap to lock screen
  • Improved app search
  • Fixed bugs and crashes

To organize your apps into folders within the app drawer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the app drawer by pressing the app drawer icon.
  2. Press and hold on an app that you'd like to be in a folder.
  3. Press Select.
  4. Tap other apps that you'd like to be in the same folder.
  5. Press the folder icon.

The update also brings the option to double tap the screen to lock it, improves app search, and fixes several bugs.

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  • And while I loved the previous versions.... this one I am not a fan of.... Folders now only allow for 9 icons before needing to swipe, which is an issue on large screen devices as it leaves so much empty space if you had folders set to full screen. Also is now a horizontal swipe in folders when a vertical swipe was much easier (my "games" folder was 2 screen worth) Also if you have more than 1 screen and try a restore, the folders on the screen you were on when you tried the restore will not come back. So if I am on screen 1 and restore, no folders will restore on that screen, If I am on screen 2, the screen 1 folders will restore, but not screen 2. If I add a 3rd screen just to restore from there, no folders return. Spent most of the morning trying to "fix" all the cosmetic changes that they decided to change, and I am considering change launchers for the 1st time since I added the MS launcher 3 years ago...
  • Keyword is PREVIEW. You're supposed to report the issues so they are aware and fix it, bud. If you don't want any issues, download the regular Microsoft Launcher until the new one is out of preview/beta.
  • Already reported it all to MS... Also allowed to voice my opinion :)
  • No one said you *weren't* allowed to voice your opinion.
  • Are you talking about rows of icons? If so you can do 12
  • No mention of rotation/landscape support for the home screen? Or has that been there for a while and I'm just so behind the times that I'm only now noticing it?
  • That started for me earlier in the week
  • I believe that's been on the Preview version since day one.
  • Landscape has been available for a LONG time. It's horribly executed. But it's been there. I just refuse to use it that way, and always rotate it back to portrait when I make the mistake of setting the device down in a way that flips it to landscape. It's like they don't even use their own products.
  • You can disable it in the settings, so you don't have to worry about it.
  • This is what I need to do. I just seemed to have my phone start doing it and its really stupid looking and annoying.
  • Launcher is key to Surface Duo.. We have the largest Surface Duo Facebook Group ever, and you can join today at the link provided. See you there. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
  • For the most part, I disable most of those features. No folders, no dock. And landscape is still quite the disaster. Their design ethic is just....sad. Oh, how far they have sunk.