Microsoft launches new Office Windows 10 app for everyone

Microsoft's new Office app for Windows 10 is ready for primetime. The tech giant announced today that, following roughly two months of testing with Insiders, the Office app is now available for everyone (opens in new tab).

Office, as the name might suggest, acts as a central hub for all of your Office apps. At its most basic, Office allows you to quickly move between Word, OneDrive, Excel, and more with a click. The app goes a bit further, however, serving up your most recently used documents, including those stored in OneDrive.

The new Office app also integrates Microsoft Search, which can be used to query all of your Office apps, documents, people, and sites within your organization. Businesses can also tailor the experience for their employees, adding company logos and branding, as well as enabling access to third-party apps. Finally, if you need help getting started with any of the Office apps available through the hub, you'll also find links to tutorials, along with general tips and tricks.

Office replaces the "My Office" app, and Microsoft says it will be rolling out to everyone "over the next few weeks" as an update to the older app. Once installed, the Office app will work with any Office 365 subscription (opens in new tab), Office 2019, and Office 2016 once you sign in.

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  • I much prefer having each Office tile pinned to my Start Menu. This app adds no value to me.
  • Then pin them.
  • This is the first thing I uninstall on every Windows 10 setup.
  • Along with all the other trash Microsoft loads. Remember Microsoft signature edition devices? Its no longer valid because the crap Microsoft adds to Windows 10.
  • Will this Office app remove the My Office app?
  • It is a replacement.
  • Must be for enterprise customers so you can create a fancy UI to access office apps, Excel and Word icons have been pinned to my desktop or taskbar since DOS days. Definitely a solution in search of a problem.
  • DOS neither had a desktop nor did it have a taskbar 🤔
  • I believe he is referring to the DOS based icon launchers.
  • That would would have been hard to do on DOS, since DOS didn't exactly have GUI... 😶.
  • Deleted - double post.
  • Hi! Could anyone please tell me the name of the app in MS Store?
  • Am I the only one who think this is useful?
  • The new version? i am sure it is useful for people who do use the online version of Ms office, but I do nto see it being so useful for people who have office already installed on their machines. For people using the online version it is a quick way to get to them, even if Ms will no doubt advertise the hell out of office 365 on it and try to push people into getting it even if they do not require it.
  • No Apfel, you're not alone. I like the fact that I can pin 1 app to my taskbar and manage all of my office work from there. Access to my 365 account is a bonus, too, as I'm always looking for it when I need it. And finally, while the recent documents section is replicating what the apps themselves provide, I like the fact that it's all right here, for all my office apps, at a glance. It's just home base for office, and that makes a lot of sense to me.
  • i think I will stick with Libre office than with some online service that wants to keep your data on their computers.
    Libre office just save what I want to my drive with no hassle.
  • You can still get the stand alone version of office.
  • For a price,, pretty expensive to get and you try doing a search for it, even on Ms website you get office 365 and it is like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the stand alone version. #
  • It basically gets no feature updates... at all. It's a horrible deal. Better off with another option, unless you're being forced to use Microsoft Office. And it's still more expensive than something g like WordPerfect Office Home & Student.
  • Oh look, a launcher!!
  • Am I the only one considering ditching Office due to the bad cloud storage support? I kind of need Google Drive, otherwise it's a PITA just to use the software... and Office 366 is the only reason I have a Microsoft account. At this point, I can upgrade my copy of Wordperfect Office H&S and just move on... or just use my current t version, which works just fine, anyways... seems like I'm throwing money down the toilet and not really benefitting from this subscription. If they still had a smartphone platform, this would likely be different. O probably would have moved to Wiindows Phone from iOS, but they didn't provide me that choice. Microsoft services feel very "bloatware" on Android. And there are some seriously annoying bugs in those apps - like OneDrive showing all the music thumbnails in the photos tab when you use it as a music locker. That's not to mention the blatant design clashes.