Microsoft launches new Skype Insiders Program for testers and feedback

Microsoft pretty much has an Insider program for all their products that this point. You've got the Windows Insider Program, the Office Insider Program, the Xbox Insider Program, and now the Skype Insider Program too. Microsoft has today announced that users can now sign up for the Skype Insider Program and begin testing pre-release builds and features for the platform.

As a Skype Insiders, you'll be able to take advantage of the following:

  • You will have early access to Skype software and services updates and improvements.
  • You will be able to give early feedback on these improvements and as well as help us iron out any quirks before we release them broadly.
  • On top of that you will be able to submit your suggestions on what you would like to see in the Skype app in the future

The Skype Insider Program requires the user to register first before being given access to the Insider build of the Skype desktop app. Once signed up, you'll be given a link to download the preview version and get testing. Of course, as with all of Microsoft's Insider programs, Insiders are encouraged to submit feedback, including bugs and suggestions that you think will make the service better.

You can sign up for the Skype Insider Program at this link (opens in new tab). You'll be required to sign into your Skype account first, and choose the platforms in which you plan to use Skype on.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Noice
  • MS removing skype for windows phone .. wutt !?
  • What? Do you mean Windows phone 8?
  • "Please note: This does not include Windows 10 or Windows Phone" what?
  • That's because there's already a preview version of the new Skype app installed on Windows 10 insider builds.
  • This WC post sure is confusing.
  • We already have Insider rings for that app. This is for the Win32, Mac, iOS and Android clients.
  • Confused me as well
  • Skype for Desktop? No UWP???
  • Skype for UWP on Windows 10 is already part of the insider program. This new program is only for other client such as Skype on Win 7, Linux, Mac etc...
  • Skype Preview has been a part of Windows 10 insider program for months -- folding it in with their other pre-installed apps (Mail and Cal., Groove and etc.) for pre-release testing, just makes more sense.
  • What do they need a preview version of the Win32 app for? I thought they've stopped that already.
  • Because whether Microsoft likes it or not... Many folks (esp. in big org/co's) are going to be using W32-only/centric platforms for quite a few more years. They want Skype to become the leading comms platform again, so they can't ignore it.
  • Well, Microsoft killed the 8.1 Metro/Universal app, so it's either all the way into 10 or staying on 7. They're gonna be supporting it for a long time
  • Good point re: The 8/8.1 users - Not everybody will/can upgrade to Windows 10 (For example, in our office numerous users are still on as late as Windows 8 because we don't have time to do the upgrade on computers that are working fine already for their daily work) and those users will need the win32 version. There are also the Linux and Mac users who are important too
  • Anyone know how to send video messages in Win 10 mobile? I used to do that as an option in the old skype, but after the preview install, it's not an option....
  • Didn't they remove the ability to do that completely from all Skype clients recently? Sorry if I'm thinking of something else
  • It is M$, so this may be true: Remove Functionality Remove Products   :-(
  • Il wait till Zac says he likes it.
  • As Paul Thurrott has pointed out, it's called Skype Insiders Program, not Insider, ie with a s at the end. Obviously the different naming is inconsistent with the other Insider Programs but that's how Microsoft has decided to name it.
  • More free testing rather than using more qualified internal QA testers, brilliant! /s
  • Downloaded but not installing any help
  • I guess they were listening to @Zac rant on the pod cast. Who says they don't hear the customers :) make them squirm.
  • Will work on Lumia 810 win 8.1?