Now that Microsoft has successfully launched Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14342 for Insiders they can get on with the planned UI revamp for the Store.

Build 11604.1000.21.0 is now available to those on the Insider Fast Ring, which is a bump from the previous 11602.1.26.0. The new UI focus more on a vertical layout with reviews near the bottom and an overhaul to the general design. Also, apps and games now have a banner with a darker overlay to add some pizzazz.

There are still the regular categories like Apps, Games, Music, and Movies & TV. Microsoft has also reordered the app menu with Downloads and update now being listed as first (instead of second), My Library moved down a few notches and Settings moves to the second position (up from third). These changes likely reflect user habits and usage patterns.

Overall, the new layout looks to be a winner with many positive reviews so far from users. The app could likely use some optimization for performance as it is a little sluggish here and there, but that will probably be addressed in forthcoming updates.

Currently, the app update is installing on our Windows 10 Mobile devices, but it fails on our PC for some reason.

The final version of the new Store will go out to all Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users later in July when the Anniversary Update is finalized.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!