Microsoft launches revamped Store UI for 'Redstone' Windows 10 builds

Now that Microsoft has successfully launched Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile preview build 14342 for Insiders they can get on with the planned UI revamp for the Store.

Build 11604.1000.21.0 is now available to those on the Insider Fast Ring, which is a bump from the previous 11602.1.26.0. The new UI focus more on a vertical layout with reviews near the bottom and an overhaul to the general design. Also, apps and games now have a banner with a darker overlay to add some pizzazz.

There are still the regular categories like Apps, Games, Music, and Movies & TV. Microsoft has also reordered the app menu with Downloads and update now being listed as first (instead of second), My Library moved down a few notches and Settings moves to the second position (up from third). These changes likely reflect user habits and usage patterns.

Overall, the new layout looks to be a winner with many positive reviews so far from users. The app could likely use some optimization for performance as it is a little sluggish here and there, but that will probably be addressed in forthcoming updates.

Currently, the app update is installing on our Windows 10 Mobile devices, but it fails on our PC for some reason.

The final version of the new Store will go out to all Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users later in July when the Anniversary Update is finalized.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Sweet! These cosmetic changes makes wm10 a far more better os than wp8 in terms of UI.
  • Really ?
  • Something's such as the store, yes...other things, not so much. But, to each their own.
  • Really. Took 5 minutes to populate My Library and that was two years ago when I had hundreds less apps. It's instant in 10M now.
  • It was instant for me to load my music on my 920 in 2012. 8.1 is when it started taking forever.
  • Same exact experience for me but with apps not music, but same phone and it happened at the same time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • To each his own. But he usually likes most anything MS does, as far as I have seen. A bit like some prolific writers here.. ;-P I do think W10M starting to finally shape up. Somewhat amazing to have to redesign the store just 6 mo into it but the upside is they they seem to have gotten it much more righ this time around. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It might be better not to install it until the check for updates issue is resolved.
  • haha, you are kidding me, that same bug again... oh well, I guess there is an upside to my employer forcing me to use crapdroid.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The current screenshot is far from being polished, thus not even better than WP8 on UI nor even current Windows 10 Store UI. But indeed a big improvement and it addresses the shortcoming of current Store.
  • The WP8 store was awful.
  • Awful in functionality yes, especially how barebone it was (though it's bit unfair to compare with Windows 10 Store), but at least it was polished and well designed on its own, not to mention it was fast as I remember using it years ago.
  • Well, what did you expect? WP8's store has less functionality, that's why it's fast. But tbh, even with the amount of functionality W10M store had over WP8's, the general speed and usability of W10M w.r.t. the amount of functionality it has, is an improvement over WP8. Also, I remembered the store UI on WP8 was a mess, at least it was for me. I didn't remember spending much time looking for stuff/apps to download from there coz the UI was so annoying. Now on W10M's store, I found myself browsing through available apps more and more.
  • Functionality isn't just a factor of the performance, it's really how it was built in the first place, maybe like the framework, etc. Even WP7 Silverlight apps in earlier days were really slow ones, only later on they've improve the runtime and the overall app framework of Silverlight in later updates. The Windows Store in Windows 10 is actually almost as slow as WP8.1 Store (though I don't know which is slower), which I think because of how it actually renders the UI and other things. I guess it has to do that the UI aspects is more like a "webpage", which is also a good thing as they can update the Store on the fly, though I could be wrong in my observation with that. It looks like it since when you open the Store app, we normally got the app banner screen which is expected, but depending on internet connection and if the OS isn't overloaded with other processes, you may encounter another black loading circles before it loads the rest of the UI. But even in my case with faster Wi-Fi connection, there is still some blank loading screens instead of rather asynchronous approach of loading stuff. I think it just really needs further optimization which they do, but at the moment it still needs work. As far as I remember with WP8 Store, I don't find it a mess, though it was also feels less dense at the same time. On the app pages for example, they're generally separated with pivot instead of continuous vertical scrolling. It was fine and its easier to jump into reviews, details and related with just shorter and predictable left and right swipe. The home page and other main pages seems fine, at that time there wasn't much apps to begin with anyways. It was well laid out but it wasn't best in terms of discoverability, unlike now that we have better "Collections" which helps alot. The search result page though is really basic which just mostly endless scrolling of things, and the algorithm wasn't even optimized to show what you really want or giving better relevant search as far as I remember, which makes the Store experience wasn't good in terms of looking for apps as you've said. My argument about the design isn't about the aesthetic alone though which easily can be subjective, but rather on more less obvious side of things like how contents are laid out, spacing/padding, placement of buttons (especially one-handed usability on phones), or even small stuff that makes up the whole UI. This where I was bothered on Windows 10 Mobile Store earlier, gladly many of those issues are addressed recently.
  • It's not will designed it was a mess
  • Awful in functionality? Are you serious? Its the exact opposite. WP 8 store has more functionality including things like: letting you know when apps are automatically updated, history of updates, or seeing when was the last update on app etc. So I would say it was good in funcionality but awful in design.
  • You also get notifications for updated apps now
  • The new update is bringen all that back to the store as far as i have heard.
  • already here if you are an insider!!!
  • The date when the app was last updated is the only thing missing right now, especially when we have the last updated apps in the Downloads and Updates section.
  • Hey now you can hide apps from your library!
  • Really? Oh thank God! What about remove them completey? Still haven't got the update yet, not sure why, maybe it's coming.
  • I don't know... I think it's a good idea to keep the list of apps Posted from Windows Central
  • Which is a good news! My Library is really messy with all the apps I've used since I first got into Windows Phones and 8.
  • Well I'm in a sense it lacks some other things too like Auto-Update apps are originally missing and few other things, at the same time W10 Store also lacks like you've mentioned which I'm also bothered with since they were missing. The design I was talking about isn't just about the aesthetics like what we mostly perceived, it's how things are polished and executed. You may don't like the Metro Design in general, but it was at least it wasn't look rushed and there wasn't a fragmentation on different apps in terms of aesthetics and UI. Current Windows Store on production build gladly are already starting to get polished, and this Anniversary Update will improve that further (depends how polish it will be at launched though), but for long time Windows Store felt half-baked in several areas. I even surprised when I was using Light theme, the Library/Download screen weren't finished either, but yeah at least it was fixed recently.
  • Windows 8 store was as good as the Android 2.2 Marketplace (before it became Google Play). Windows 10 is directly competing with Google's Android 6.0, Blackberry's BB10, and Apple's iOS/Mac Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • It was fine for 2012. A dramatic improvement from the WP7.5 store
  • I used the WP8.1 store a couple of weeks ago and I didn't like the UI. I cannot remember how fast it was compared to the W10 store but I remember that was a pain to check for updates manually.
  • Hmm, I guess everyone has their own likes and dislikes...To me, w10m will never be on par with wp8.1 in terms of aesthetics, more so because it seems to borrow a lot from other operating systems where as wp8.1 is unique...Although in terms of speed it's a little bit slower than w10m
  • I don't think so.... WP8.1 is faster than W10 as of now...;)
  • That is how Windows 8.1 was when it was released Windows 10 Mobile
  • It's fine to borrow some things to make aesthetics on the OS better, the same way the other two OS's borrowed elements from WP to improve their UI. I thought i preferred 8.1 until i rebooted from 10 for a fresh install and at that point it finally made sense why the general user who were on other platforms didnt jump ship; while it had a certain appeal to it, people like to use things which look different but familiar in function, which Win10 does well. So it was a necessary move for MS to "borrow" elements to improve aesthetics, as well as to make it easier for devs to bring/port their apps to the platform. The other thing thats nice, is in 8 if MS wanted to update the people hub for example, they would need an OS update but the way it works now, allows for smaller/faster updates if anything isnt working well.
  • I don't see any marketshare increase though! In fact more users have left!
  • Not really... Win phone/mobil has the highest marketshare since 2014 in april 16... Netmarketshare says so. The kantar numbers are about sales, not about global marketshare.... It means: If you use your phone longer (for instance because it is great, gets updates and is just doing what you want) sales figures for existing customers are bad. For win mobil a very large amount of buyers are new buyers. Quite the same for ios. For android: They have a big sales marketshare but very few new users... Existing once have to buy new phones because they do not get new updates or broke their phones. Like that they get huge sales figures bit that is not really important to anyone but the oems.
  • Well obviously more users have left and others haven't jumped ship ...the situation doesnt change over night ...and technically speaking, Microsoft only just officially released Win10m about a month or two ago (Insider program doesnt count) ...but even then these changes are important in order for users and developers, to see the changes being done so they can feel more comfortable should they choose to pick up a Win10m device or develope for it. ​On another note, not much devices are available for people to choose from either MS isn't really pushing it to the mass either ...the 950's were said to be released for the fans, so in short, I believe Win10m was rushed out for the sake of releasing it "on time," which is why we're only just starting to see it polishing up and include new features. I personally believe the Redstone/Anniversary Update was what Microsoft intended to release and up until then, we've been a part of an advanced beta program.  Just look at the amount of updates and features we're suddenly receiving on the preview program compared to a year ago, it's now toe to toe with Windows desktop if i'm not mistaken and it's only just now receiving features. Either way, each to his own, in terms of what design language they like ...but in terms of functionality and convenience, I personally feel Microsoft is doing the right thing by "borrowing" elements from the other platforms, which is perfectly fine can't always recreate the wheel, sometimes you just build on it to create your own personality.  One could argue that iOS and Android "borrowed" a lot from Symbian and Windows Mobile (of the old days) ...but in the end, what matters is how they make use of it to improve their own OS/ecosystem.  
  • Not necessarily true, the iOS and android sell their UI and features to make them standard. MS only create features but don't sell them because they always rely on OEM to sell the features for them. That's why they kill Wi-Fi sense, they never thought the public how to use and trust it. I'm pretty sure that feature will be the bomb on the future iOS release.
  • iOS and Android UI share the same difference as Win10m does with either of the OS's the basics are all the same, yet they stand out in other areas.  The flat design was "borrowed" from Windows Phone to both iOS and Android ...the iPhone's multitask interface was also "borrowed" from Windows Phone (believe it or not WP did infact do it first).  3D touch?, OIS? Wireless Charging? All windows firsts.
    ​ iOS and Android, were there alot earlier than Windows Phone/Mobile (new generation), so they set the standard and gained a large user base.  Microsoft is playing catch up and have haddifficulty cutting through the marketshare of the other platforms.  The 920 was marketed like hell, everyone knew about the 920 and all the features it introduced but anyone who picked up the device coming from another OS, would find the UI "complicated," and yes it wasn't complicated but because it was completely different to what they are used to, their first experience felt complicated which in turn didnt pursuade people to jump ship and that's before they even knew of the app gap, because to the general user, they simply expect all their iOS/Android apps to be available out of the box. Which takes me back to my original point as to why it is important for MS to "borrow" from the other platforms in order to make it feel mroe familair to new users coming from other platforms ...this way they can enjoy a familiar experience with a new personality. 
  • A major component that in my opinion short-changed the market was when Microsoft cut loose the Nokia staff who was doing an outstanding job building unique apps for the Lumias and actually was growing market share for wp. This cause a major break and causing a gap for WM of which I think was a miss calculation on Microsoft's behalf and it did nothing for the OEMs. The Nokia staff could have transition to the WM10 and help transition(including rewrite) those wonderful apps using Continuum allowing for the continuance of a growing market including OEM production of devices. WM now have to start from practically scratch into a low and stignant market share.
  • I don't like the cosmetic changes in the dialer and the contact when you are calling...the 8.1 with full screen picture was better. Also square contact picture in live tiles.... So not everything in Win 10 is better.
  • Both side has their opinions. To each his own. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • The only problem is charging and battery usage and life Windows 10 Mobile
  • All work perfectly on my devices. Battery life is that of windows phone 8.0 and 8.1...GREAT Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • Wp 8.1 store checked for updates way faster than w10
  • true dat :/ but i believe win 10 store has a lot more from the 8.1 and the 10 is getting developed all the time!
  • Been trying to update the Store app, keep getting error 0x80073CF3. I've already did wsreset.exe. Any one else having same issues? edit: updated on mobile fine, the error is on desktop
    edit2: did a disk cleanup and cleaned everything, also renamed software distribution folder. same issues. Hmmm.
  • I'm getting the same error.
    Posted from Windows Central for windows 10 Desktop.
  • Did you read the article. It's not working for them either This was posted in a pineapple under the sea.
  • Way too much work just to update one app, but I admire your gusto @bushybro on twitter
  • Me also facing error problem
  • The biggest problem with the store is that it never changes. Same "Top Apps", same "new apps", etc.. The same apps are showing on the front page two months after you first look at it. I'll look to see if anything is new and from glancing at the home screen, it is always identical.
  • It always cracks me up when I see Windows Tips and Info as the 3rd top downloaded free app.
  • And also the 'Apps for you' category. It always show two or three apps that I've already installed. Why the hell would I need a recommendation for the app that I already have?
  • That was the main reason many devs abandoned the WP Store :(
    No visibility = no business = no apps = no wp
  • Too bad.
  • Ios app is great!
  • Now, if we just had some apps to put in there. Posted from PornHub
  • Well more apps are coming which is a good news. Btw, that signature though. XD
  • I know. I just thought I would beat the trolls to it. Posted from PornHub
  • Yeah, my signature is awesome. I like it.
  • Proud to be in-private tab user
  • Sponge Bob would disagree
    Posted from PrawnHub
  • Why isn't there xvideos app?MS doesn't allow adult stuff in store
  • Best signature I've seen by far lmao Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • This new version is gorgeous. Liked so much
  • Do you like that huge spaces among rows when list of items is open? I think it's awful and wasting of space.
  • It certainly have this polish and layout issues at the moment, which is really looks a mess and tons of wasted areas. Heck, some areas also shows the lack of spacing too. So its understandable to be looks so unfinished, thus ugly at this point. Hope they will really going to polish it before Anniversary Update comes (which they will mostly). Only only biggest gripe that I have though is that awful gradient on the store page. The solid ones were better and more stark, much inlined to their design language (honestly MDL is still very confusing design language, or if its really a design language). I like having a tinted brand image on that area but not that gradient. Better also if that extends up to the status bar, without that black/white header. But yeah, that gradient really looks awful as if its a first time to use gradient mask. 
  • I think because their UI designers have ditched gradient technique for quite a long time that they forgot how to use it properly.
  • is this also available on PCs? I guessit would be. nice!!!
  • My Redstone PC sees it, but errors on the download/install part.
  • Any idea why in recent times, we have been seeing a lot of store update/download glitches/errors
  • It is probably aimed at newer builds. I don't think this is an issue.
  • I have the latest 14342 on both PC and Mobile, PC sees it but gets error msg 0x80073CF3 while mobile doesn't even see any update available
  • Maybe focused on Mobile, and the next build will work for PC.  just a thought.
  • Hi dan,  Just to update you the store update is available for insiders on Release previw also...atleast i got the update...and it looks cool.
  • There is also a new "recently updated" section under the download and updates page! I've been waiting for this forever!
  • Same! Only thing I don't like is the reviews are now at the very bottom of the app pages and the updates install bar is big and ugly, I like knowing how big the update or app is that its installing so if for say I'm downloading a big game and go back to it, I can see about how far its gotten and how much is left to go, now its just a progress bar. Other than that, love the direction their going with the store, much cleaner and better.
  • Hmmm... I was about to say I was not seeing this on my phone, then *poof*, like magic, it appeared. Like the article mentions, the app is laggy at times. Like the new features and layouts. I was hoping they'd put something like this since there would be a group "some apps updated, go check it out" notification, but no way to know which were updated recently unless you went into storage and sorted by install date. The notification linked back to the store. Tying up loose ends!
  • My L1520 is unable to find the update
  • **
  • Been using it for a while now. Very welcomed refresh.
  • I have that store looking on th2 just for couple of hours a week ago lol
  • If they fix the download progress bar bug in download section I'm more than happy.
  • Hmmm, nit seeing the update on my 950xl
  • Same here L1520
  • These changes make me want to go to the insider preview builds. :'(
  • I have it on my 10586.318 (non-insider) 640XL.
  • No version number, Last updated like wp8.1 store?
  • Hope they add back Update/Version History to the Store! I liked being able to go and see the versions of all my installed apps on Windows Phone 8.1
  • Is the latest Redstone up to par with the latest release preview for 950/xl?
  • So now they just added several headings with wasted space to the right of the lettering, a winner indeed... /s Also everything now looks much more cluttered as they now cram more information on screen without apparent regard for smaller screened devices, very poor "upgrade".
  • I liked the old layout better. Lots of things are wrong with this version of Store: 1) It is a lot slower! 2) Check for Update circular dots under Downloads And Update is now have to look at the wifi icon! 3) Check for Update tapping brings a Recent Activity list of the recent downloaded Apps!? But, should this be under separate heading? MS needs to issue an update to this update of Store fast!
  • SO not just me, the update is failing on PC in general. That's somewhat good to hear.
  • This update has made store crash a lot. For example while browsing images if you switch between PC or Mobile or Holo Lens it might crash. The option where developers include what's new is missing and it seems that check for update is broken as it doesn't check for updates anymore.
  • obviously more important than update notifications and changelogs
  • Finally u can tap the app when its downloading and it takes u to the app page. How freaking hard was this to implement, Jesus
  • Really? I was eagerly waiting for this. I like to view changelogs before or while updating. Just like in Google Play.
  • Thanks for pointing that out! It's something I've seriously missed from 8.1 & I'm sure it was even in 7.
  • Yeah! I'm so glad!
  • We would be looking to have app update and install notifications as is available for RS in TH also. Which would be a great addition to the new Store UI.
  • I'd like to see it in action and test it myself before I judge. I'm on production so I'll have to wait. But for the time being I can say the current production W10 sotre is way better than the WP8.x store. But still lags way behind Google Play. Having more control over updates and downloads is too much to ask? I'd like to see the app update progress on the Action Center. and receiving a notification asking for permissioin to update the app if the store is configured to ask first. Just like Google Play. I guess I'll get old and die before the store gets there.
  • The app won't update on the desktop and its broken on mobile. Still no version #
  • Great, it's needs cosmetics update
  • What's with the "Buy" icon on the Minecraft PE store page, Daniel? ​How do you not own that already?!
  • Because not everyone is obsessed with Minecraft? It's definitely not for everyone and it's far from ideal on mobile especially when compared to the PC and even console version.
    Personally I get bored of it very quickly and can only play it in small chunks on the occasion and I've owned it since Alpha.
  • Don't know about WM10 but in wp8.1 even if had bought the app sometimes it showed the buy icon.
  • "Check for Updates" button no longer works for me.
  • Same here.
  • I concur.
  • Does the store live tile still show updates available? I have the Store as a small tile on my home screen and manual updates set. It would be nice to see the update app number available like in WP7/8. I turn off auto update because sometimes bugs and removed features sneak into app updates. There's the option for show products on the live tile, but that doesn't show on small tile view anyway.
  • How do I get the new store?, I'm on last build
  • Showing as an update on 10586.318 release preview insider for pc but gives an error on install Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Overall I dont' mind the new UI, but frustrated that version history for apps is missing!
  • Update is stuck on 0.1
  • Can someone tell me the difference between the builds 14342 and 11604?
  • 14342 is the OS build no. and 11604 is the build no. for the store app.
  • My bad. I meant the build 10586. What's the difference between that and 14342?
  • 10586 is threshold. 14342 is the anniversary update with 100's of changes and tweaks
  • Sweet but please make it quick to open ...and smooth as butter...
  • Also updated on .318 non-insider mobile
  • Still does not show the last time an app was updated. Loved that about the store for 8.1.