Microsoft launches their own Skype site

While it doesn't contain the Windows Phone app for Skype, Microsoft has gone ahead and made their marriage to the VOIP company official by launching their own site.

Nothing new is revealed outside of some future promise of deep integration, which is the most obvious outcome of the billion dollar acquisition:

"Together we will bring innovative technology to friends, families and colleagues everywhere. And now the future possibilities for our customers are even more exciting. We will enable more people to connect in more ways that transform and enhance their lives. And this is just the beginning."

Still, it's kind of cool to see those two names together finally. Here's hoping to the Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard refresh contains some Skype goodness as earlier rumored.Find the site here (opens in new tab). Thanks, TheWeeBear, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • So what exactly is Microsoft's plans with their Windows Live services? are they gonna merge the Windows Live Messenger with Skype or just scrap Windows Live and go all out on skype?
  • Windows Live is much more than a messenger program. It is not getting scrapped anytime soon. In fact, you will need a Live ID to make your future Windows 8 experience worth something. I'm sure both Skype and Windows Live will co-exist for a long while...
  • Merge is the easier way to describe it. Meaning, that all the Windows Live Messenger people... which if you didn't know is the large Messenger in the world by a vast margin... won't notice a difference, they will still download the same messenger, it just will have skype built into it, just like Facebook is built in. So if you're on Messenger you will be able to see Skype contacts and vice versa, if you want to that is. Now what happens on the backend might be completely new though. They haven't said if they are going to move to Skype backend services, or if Skype is going to move to Microsoft services. The methods of how Microsoft's products make video call and how Skype do are fairly different. My guess is over time they will take the best of both worlds and improve each in their own way, but that will take far longer since both install base have their own means that they can't abruptly break without causing a lot of issue. And **** maybe one platform is far more effective than the other, and Microsoft will eventually migrate entirely to that, but for the near future expect to see a lot of merging and crossover, before one dominates another.And on a side note, those who think that suddenly the skype brand will cease to work at all or will start functioning poorly on Apple or Google systems don't get the point of buying Skype for it's universal brand. Skype reaches people on every computer and basically (or soon to be) every Smartphone platform, something that you can't really say about any other video chat platform on the planet. Before you had to be locked into one segment of the market, if it was stuck with Apple and their Facetime, or some 3rd party app that doesn't really have a following on full computers. Yes those apps allowed people to communicate on their phones but they didn't out reach accross all platforms like Skype does especially not in the bredth that Skype does. So now Microsoft controls the massive spawning network/platform for communication that is the basis of communication for millions of people and even companies. By expanding that further, Microsoft basically could control all communication over the internet, becoming what Apple and Google despitely wanted when they try to look people in. And that control of all communication (well almost all of it) works a **** of a lot better when it works accross all platforms, and not just your own. So, yeah it's in Microsoft's best interest to keep Skype running well on other platforms, and even to expand it beyond what Skype did on their own.
  • I imagine the changes will be cross platform abilities such as the ability to chat with Live contacts on Skype and vice versa. Just as were the possibilities when MS and Yahoo came to an agreement and let people chat with yahoo contacts on WLM.I'm just looking forward to Skype support on WP7.