Microsoft Lists invites you to try its standalone version, preview out now

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Lists now has a standalone preview version.
  • Only 200,000 Microsoft accounts will get to try out the new Lists preview, so if you want in, the time is now.
  • The preview is available online only.

Been wanting to utilize Microsoft Lists but wish it came in a lighter, more personal form factor not tied to the overarching Microsoft 365 umbrella? Today's the day, then: Microsoft has announced a Microsoft-account-bound Lists variant preview. The catch? Only 200,000 are getting in (for now).

Microsoft announced the move in a Microsoft 365 blog post, which opens with the following copy: "It's time to liberate yourself from coordination chaos. Time to clear your brain space and get organized. In short, it's time to try the Microsoft Lists – MSA Preview. Today we're introducing Microsoft Lists - MSA Preview, a lightweight version of the Microsoft Lists app designed for small business and individual use in conjunction with your Microsoft account (MSA)."

There's also a short promotional video to accompany the news.

This new online-only preview contains the core Lists experience alongside new features such as tabbed views, inline images adding functionality, and more. And so long as you're one of the first 200,000 to pursue it, you'll be able to try out the preview for free. After that cutoff, it's unclear what happens.

Toward the bottom of its blog post announcing the news, Microsoft provides a few disclosures, including the following: "During preview, you can try up to 50 lists, with up to 2,000 items/list. There, too, is a 200MB limit for files, video, and image storage per list." That's not all, either. The preview isn't accessible on the iOS and Android Lists mobile apps. Teams essentials and Teams personal are also left out. So long as these restrictions don't bother you, Microsoft says you can take a stab at getting into the preview by going to

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