Microsoft is looking into custom gamerpics for Xbox Live

One such difference is the limitations Microsoft places on the way we can express ourselves on Xbox Live. When it comes to avatar pictures, we've only ever been able to use a limited set of pre-defined images. Some are abstract art pics, while others represent various video game franchises. We have a little bit of extra control when it comes to using our own 3D Avatars to create posed gamer pics, but even then, it's a far cry from other social networks, perhaps most notably Steam.

Twitch, Beam, Facebook, Twitter, practically every social network on Earth allows us to upload our own avatar pictures for our profiles, and soon, maybe Xbox will too.

In a Twitter exchange (via ICXM), Xbox platform lead Mike Ybarra noted that the team is "looking into" bringing custom gamer pics to Xbox One.

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If Beam and Xbox Live are to be closely integrated, allowing us to use avatars on one profile but not the other makes little sense. And with the advent of Xbox Live Clubs, it's a little annoying not being able to use our Windows Central logo in our own official Club, for example.

I for one hope that Microsoft will decide to give us access to this pretty standard social feature in the future, especially considering it has thousands of upvotes on the Xbox Uservoice feedback page.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • nice I can now put pics of vaginas!
  • no
  • See, this is why we cant have nice things ;).
  • haha
  • Or a close up of a big *** with eyes and smiley
  • The only problem with this is you get garbage pictures then. Aside from the boob pictures and the butt pictures you get horrible, out of focus, random crap to look at. I love the 3D Avatar. Just add features to that :).
  • Yeah there's potential for it to go wrong, but all social networks face this issue. It's not often you see gross Facebook profile pics (maybe I just got lucky?) same goes for Steam. Microsoft has image recognition technology too, I'm sure they could use it to help verify the pics, and perhaps maybe just block underaged users from seeing them. I guess it's not a trivial issue for them to implement, but they really should imo.
  • The problem is that your supposed to be 16+ to have a social network account (At least I think it's 16) and Xbox Live is for players 3+ to play things like Lego and Minecraft. It's a shame we have to restraints on custom images because of childish morons.
  • They can just fall back on non-custom pics for users browsing the network under 16 maybe.
  • Microsoft will use the Xbox Ambassadors to review custom pics very similar to the review process currently used for Gamertags. Microsoft will do it the right way, and prevent a disaster.
  • This is a cool idea.
  • Does anyone remember the original 360's Vision camera? It allowed you to take a picture of yourself and use it as a Gamer pic. Only your friends could have seen it but I was rather surprised that functionality didn't carry over to the Kinect.
  • Interesting that you mention that as the game Facebreaker had that feature, where it would scan your face via the vision camera, and then adjust it and put it on the main character. Kids and wife had a great laugh at my expense when there was a close enough avatar face of me on a totally ripped boxing body. I thought the picture (of the body) was accurate lol......
  • And then there was good old Burnout Paradise which took a picture of you every time you got taken down. I just pointed my camera at a Tails plushie holding a controller and listened to the commentary. :P
  • Can't wait to use my custom Pic to support my brand.
  • Yep, my first thought was Uno​ and the original Xbox camera, where you ended up with pictures of butts and such in the game lobby. Nowadays, I would imagine they have some algorithm for imagge identification (given this is something I had to build/use in a grad-level Data Mining class) that could stop inapprpriate images, similarly to how they filter text in gamertags and passwords.
  • I would love to have a picture of me and my wife, I'm pretty sure too many people wouldn't do anything as stupid as post nudity on their own profiles. Couldn't they get banned for that though? I mean Xbox is really a console for everyone not just adults.
  • It's stupid if you show your face. Just lower half body that's the how you do it.
  • So crotch and legs? Sounds great /s
  • This reminds me of COD: Black Ops when they introduced custom emblems. You couldn't find one game without some disturbing picture, and they never seemed to do anything about it. Guess it's too widespread to fight?
  • The mods on Forza Motorsport/Horizon have no trouble keeping bad content off their servers and issuing temp bans to dissuade it. I'm sure Microsoft can control unsuitable gamerpics too, assuming they're public and not just friends-only like on the 360.
  • I could put my picture at last
  • i used my avatar as gamerpic. That's unique enough, but this is cool, too!
  • just did a survey a day or 2 ago that asked about this.....
  • Nice...!
  • Did you opine for or against it?
  • this is nice :D and yes something i have wanted!
  • It's about time!
  • Great idea
  • Just like swearing and d!ckhole game play, they could always flag people and suspend them if they get vulgar with it. Is there a place to view your avatar on Xbox One? I haven't looked overly hard, but I always enjoyed messing with that, and seeing how my friends dressed up their characters on x360. I miss my Deathstroke outfit I got from Arkham Origins!
  • I am obviously against this.. XBL is not just another social network. It shouldn't be treated as such and gaming should always be what is given the most emphasis. Nobody cares about what you look like on Xbox, it makes total sense to have gaming pictures available but not custom ones.
  • well, that's a pretty silly stance. how does a custom gamerpic negatively impact the gaming experience. you realize you can already skype, stream, upload gamer content...etc? xbox live, whether you want to ackowledge this or not, has been treated like a social platform since it's birthing, and rightfully so. that's kind of the whole idea behind LIVE.
  • Yes please