Microsoft wants feedback to help fix Groove music issue on Windows 10 PCs

If you are using Windows 10 and are having issues with the Groove app not finding all of your locally stored music files on your PC, you are not alone. Microsoft has received an unknown amount of reports about this issue and the company is asking for feedback from users so they can solve this problem.

In a recent post on Microsoft's support forum, it states:

If you're experiencing this issue, please chime in here with the following details:

  • OS build and Groove app version
  • Is the issue intermittent or consistent? Has the music ever shown up in Groove?
  • A description of the music which isn't being located (Purchased from our service or elsewhere? Format?)

Hopefully, Microsoft can take this feedback and quickly update the Groove app to solve this problem. Have you encountered this particular issue? If so, let us know in the comments.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Via: Windows Insider (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • They should just sign up for a wc forum account. Seriously, there isn't enough feedback? And for specific issues, they should build specific tests, like the Xbox streaming test.
  • I think it's about this specific issue.
  • Yes I get that, but MS needs to be prepared. They should make a scan utility for the insiders. Like what steam and nvida does for games.
    Gabe says he doesn't want to tease a date and miss it but two weeks before Spencer does that for Xbox bc. Still missing cohesiveness. I get it 100,000+ plus employed in many countries, but you can still strive for better and us fans have been bitching about the same things for far too long.
  • Agree. But I'm happy they're asking for feedback, Apple has been ignoring Iphone's Wi-Fi issue for years until iOS 9 beta (and I can't confirm that was solved.).
  • They're just now getting to this issue?!? This has been an issue with Xbox Music for THREE YEARS! Fresh!
  • Exactly, fuck the PC, how about the phone...I can't even use my Xbox (groove, whatever the fuck you wanna call it) pass....
  • Same here. Have to add music to playlists or collections on the pc, which is rarely used for listening to music.
  • Fix it on wp first. I am paying for subscription but can't stream on my phone.
  • Is there a download all, select all yet? So many little grrrrs...
  • Nope, that feature was on Xbox music but it's not working on Groove music. I was forced to get Spotify subscription. One step forward and two steps backwards as always.
  • The workaround I use is to add a song or album to my collection either from the web version of Groove, or the destop app. This syncs to the mobile version, and then I'm able to stream music/download music via my Groove Pass without any issues. Not super intuitive, but it works. 
  • Maybe I am misunderstanding. But select all and download all is there.... I think it has to be added to "My Music" first. But I download large blocks of music often. Pretty sure it has always been there... EDIT: Disregard, sorry, I was referencing Xbox Music on 8.1. I would delete comment but option isn't there.
  • Exactly what we mean one step forward, five steps back. Features are being removed and more bugs are being added.
  • It works perfect in Xbox music wp 8.1 but with Groove music it wants you to pay for the album or track. If it's not broken don't fix it .
  • I can stream existing songs in my playlists but they don't update.
  • Dear god.... for the last time, here is your feedback.
    Seriously, I think the changing of name is just so they can say it is a new product and give them time. Bull sh**. This is the same crap just rebranded it it is a eons behind your last decade program? You want real advice? Fire this whole media team and rehire the Zune guys, because that is the last time someone at Microsoft truely listened and got it.
    As bad as music is, the video app is ten times worse.
  • +525 Zune is really awesome!
  • What I read: "Zune bla bla bla if Zune bla bla bla the old Zune bla bla bla"
  • What I read, "I am an idiot, blah, blah, blah. I am an idiot, blah, blah, blah"
  • lol
  • Amen to that! I don't see a bright future in Groove music app, it will be same as Xbox Music app on 8.1. How many updates did XBM got on 8.1? Like 20? It's still laggy and slow and Microsoft stoped on updating it, so no more fixes for XBM app. I don't see why would they treat Groove Music app any better.    
  • Plus effin' one. The music app is an abomination. Even the name is stupid. The design is just horrible. They shoud have bougt Spotify, because clearly their team is completely incompetent. Zune was modern, fresh, inviting and simply beautiful. Groove sounds and looks like it was made for old people. It's embarrassing. What the hell are you doing, Microsoft?
  • Exactly, Groove Music is terrible. 99 out of 100 times searching for Album Info it just gives up and tells me I'm offline even when I'm signed in, try figuring that one out. No ability to add your own album art, no ability to edit meta data and, just like Xbox Music, it's horrendously slow when scrolling through your collection. So fix Groove Music, more like just give the Zune software the Groove Music interface!!
  • Nothing worked as well as the Zune. The only advantage to Groove Music is the streaming and downloading of all music.
  • Uhhhh... You can stream and download music with Zune...
  • Have already submit feedback for many times, but still see no improvements. Felt tired to try different solutions, now I prefer to use the Groove Music similar tools for purchasing and organzing music.    
  • Why has Microsoft fumbled everything associated with music on each of their platforms since Zune? At first I thought it was just a Windows Phone thing but this is ridiculous. I'm shaking my head at my W10 because when I type "groove" into the start menu, OneDrive for business pops up too. Shades of the pre-SkyDrive days when Groove was the name of their syncing and collaboration tool.
  • Exactly what missionsparta said. In Australia we never got the Zune player but got the software with the launch of Windows Phone 7. The unlimited subscription only became available towards the end of 2011. Zune wasn't perfect but it worked, was fairly easy to use and had wireless sync with my HD7 and Titan.
    Why Microsoft hasn't heeded the tons of feedback relating to Xbox Music and now Groove is beyond me. They're only asking for it now? Really?
  • enough with the Zune crying ... it's passed the statute of limitations for zune whining
  • Calm down buddy, if you don't like Groove its OK, but I find it very nice when I'm on a tablet with low storage space and I want to stream my music from OneDrive. My only wish for the Groove web app is to add integration, don't understand how Groove can't just do this simple plugin integration just like Windows MediaPlayer which supports scrobbling.
  • at this point id be fine with wmp Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on WM10
  • LOL!!!! I can't upvote this enough...I work as a software consultant in the US and I can tell you, I don't know of any company that would have allowed this app out the door in place of Zune. Actually, I do, but those companies are no longer around.
  • I've tried to use it for my locally store music, but it needs to compile almost everytime I open it and it often forgets where my music is stored... I really seems like MS had an intern make this and the film and videos app.
  • It seems like no one really gets this:
    Since Microsoft changed their model from apps that are built-in within the OS, to external apps that can be updated via the store, everything went down the hill from there. I am no developer, but from what I read around, Microsoft's app platform sucks, no one can build a good complex app within the tools they offer, not even Microsoft. Apps run terribly and there is no way to fix them. When apps are built-in and baked into the OS, they run miles and miles and miles better. The music app from WP 7.5 ran better on some shitty hardware than Xbox music did on 8.1 on a Snapdragon 800. Another example is the photos app. It used to be baked into the OS in 8.1, and it ran flawlessly. It rendered the collection fast, scrolling and pinch-to-zoom ran flawlessly, everything was wonderful. Now look at the new photos app that is separate and built using ordinary tools: IT IS THE WORST!. It takes lots and lots of time to update collection, photos are not cached, pinch-to-zoom never works, the app is unusable! This extends to many other apps including mail, calendar, video, messaging, people, etc. Earlier versions of them ran way better than the newer ones! Microsoft says that the reason for this is to update those core apps without updating the whole OS, but then what is the point of this if the app would still run like shit. My opinion? Until Microsoft fixes it's damn platform, they should stick to building those core apps baked within the OS, and then update the whole OS every two months in case they needed to add new features to them. They should build some solid ones for a start, that are feature complete, and just update the whole OS every long period. Microsoft, you're doing it wrong.
  • True words.
  • I've been using WP since launch and I agree with everything B_hawk said. Everything ran better back in the days when everything was in hubs & part of the OS. I don't give a sh** about video but I use XboxMusic/Groove every day. It's slow & takes at least a few minutes to find newly downloaded songs. Calendar app sometimes opens blank, even if I have tons of appointments, requiring a restart to fix it. This has to be addressed at some point
  • Microsoft 1st of all plz update our Facebook app which is not update from several months and not as good as android....
  • No. First of, FB ain't a paid service like Groove Music Pass, which as of now is useless on mobile. Second, FB should build their own app and make it bloody useful. 50% of my notifications just open fb in edge. Useless app.
  • My problem with Groove is that if you hover over the icon on the Taskbar and try to click the pop-up 'play' button to resume playing paused music, nothing happens. You have to open the app and click play there. It's an annoying bug.
  • I haven't even opened Groove Music. I know it still can't rip my albums and Zune is still easily the best player out there.  Why have they still not just taken the Zune model and rebranded it Groove?
  • Because they aren't listening...that is a bull sh*t lie. Everyone flat out knows that is what the great majority wants. Yet they fight it to the hilt. The first sign of a company that has lost direction, is when the people running it are flat out told by the consumers what they want, and yet they fight it to the end. It cant get any easier than this. A lot of times your consumers dont really tell you what they want and you have to figure it out. You are being told, and yet you ignore it. A dangerous combination of ignorance and arrogance.
  • No offense, but your girl is keep her image from these cretins...
  • The question is how much is Microsoft willing to pay for feedback.
  • Works good for me
  • Not finding music. Not matching music that is available in the store. Gapless playback. I'm convinced this app is managed by an intern that no one can fire because he is blackmailing the entire company.
  • Just to let you know, you can match the music by yourself :)
  • Feel free to elaborate on this.
  • My old girlfirend had "gapless" playback...twas the days....
  • Hmmmmm....this sounds familair ;)
  • I keep hearing about Zune. What is Zune anyway? JUST KIDDING.
  • This is strange, I've been using Groove since launch and haven't had this problem. Just wish when I purchase a song on my phone it would instantly download on my PC. Now it takes at least 3 minutes, but up to longer than I'm willing to sit and find out.
  • Try adding your own album art, finding album info and editing meta data and you'll see why Groove Music sucks.
  • You may be confusing a media manager with a media player
  • Those are the functions of pretty much every other media player, including Microsoft's own Windows Media Player and the excellent Zune software.
  • iTunes has no problem being both, and neither did the Zune software.  
  • iTunes is horrifyingly bad on windows
  • What makes it worse is, all of those things used to work perfectly in Microsoft's own product: Zune almost 8 years ago!!!
  • Groove and Movies and Tv are just a pile of shit, reverted to using the good old trusted Windows media player.
  • Windows Media Player is awesome.
  • Zune is better... ;)
  • Media Player is alright but with a music collection approaching 100GB or more it has issues. Movies and TV is alright, it does need work but significantly less than Groove Music.
  • Video is awful. It is geared 100% for media you buy from them. Your own movies and tv shows show up in a pile of garbage under personal. I've got bad news for you Microsoft, I am not buying media from you until your players support previously owned media. Fix that and then try to sell me something. There is a guy with a beta app out there called MediaBox that gets it right immediately. You place movies in a movie folder and tv shows in a tv show folder. The app then uses naming conventions of the files to go and goes to a database (something like tvdb and imdb or something), grabs cover art, synopsis, actors, and trailers. From there it organzies it. So basically some guy in his garage has gotten further than the twenty clowns Microsoft has working on the Movie and TV app.
  • If you're talking about memory/resource leaks w/ database creation; I have a 210K song local library and WMP12 was falling over just as prior versions did, there is a solution though involving using a 3rd party WMP plug-in to alleviate the memory leak.
  • I got a solution for you, get rid of it along with movies and Xbox apps. Only see it as bloat ware I never use
  • So because it's "bloatware" to you then it can't possibly be anything but "bloatware" to everyone else as well!!!!!
  • I wished I could uninstall them...
  • The only thing I like about Groove, is that it's able to show me all my purchases. Even from years past. This is great when you're having to determine how many free songs you still have remaining to download for the month. Yes, I'm on the old program where you can get 10 frees songs per month.
    It's even worth more today than when it was first released. Because most individual songs cost $1.29 x 10 = $12.90 subtract that from the monthly $14.99 and that's like paying $2.09 per month. I can't beat that with a stick! :)
    Long live Zune Pass! :)
  • Oh no... We're not doing this again... :3 They keep on requesting feedback every freaking year and the app is still crap compared to Zune (it won't even load my album arts)... The only thing that changes with each iteration is the name... :3
  • They can start by getting rid of this GOD AWFUL 4 device limit..
  • 4 device limit is terrible MS also needs to make it compatible with MP3 players...
  • Well i would like the option to add album art...
  • Than goodness. This is currently the only real address of annoyance for me. Is pretty much a 50/50 toss up as to whether Groove will recognize my locally stored music and sometimes it takes days. No exaggeration. Days.
  • Never seen a company that struggles so hard with its entertainment Apps like Microsoft. Google Play Music, developed with a strong foundation and updated with new features and Bugfixes like literally every freaking day, Deals across the globe. Yet Microsoft keeps constantly messing things up, not fixing bugs for months and at the end recreates them from scratch again. Great Strategy Satya! That bug where the search box is not invoking the touch keyboard in Tablet-Mode? Not fixed since months. Gapless Playback? Heh.
  • So far I haven't had issues with Groove on PC. Overall it's way better than XBM was and is *close* to finally getting back to Zune level, the only regular gripe I have is it still arbitrarily changes metadata. On phone, it's a completely different story. While I like the new UI everything else about it in it's current state is trash and it's the most common reason I keep considering going back to 8.1. I get it's unreleased but they need to pick up the pace before release because as of my last hard reset my collection is gone. It will not sync anything. If they were going to leave it so unfinished they should have kept the old app available like it was in early builds until it no longer misses key functionality.
  • and is *close* to finally getting back to Zune level
    In which universe? 
  • Opposite Universe Crap's been takign steady steps backwards since Zune.
  • The app is a complete failer, no matter the platform, Groove is just the same crap with a new name. Is so far away from other streaming services.
  • "The app is a complete failer" "failer" WUT
  • Groove: "What an amazing product, where most of the UserVoice requested features are missing from their previous versions of the same product!! If the world moves forwards, Groove moves backwards. Here is how things work here. What is the worst possible name for a music service? Groove. Lets keep it. Do people enjoy wireless streaming? Are DLNA players getting common now? YES. Lets remove it from Groove. As a matter of fact, lets remove it from Windows 10 all together. We had DLNA since Win XP time. But, since now people have actually started using it after Airplay, we are moraly compelled to remove it from our product. In today's world where Spotify is our competitor, we are going back to where we were in 2005 and we always hope to go even further behind if only it was possible to do that. Most of our UserVoice features are still marked "under consideration" because who gets time to work on missing features from Zune days? We spend most of our time in rebranding!"
  • You could say the same about Windows 10.  Just as bad.
  • I know there are some people that hate Win 10 but by and large Win 10 has received universal praise whereas Win8/8.1 was widely panned. I've read maybe 3 positive comments on the music player since they dropped Zune. I don't think it's the same
  • So they are looking for feedback on the desktop app when the phone app is crippled and they haven't done anything to it in months. Makes sense, right?
  • But who do I complain to about the nightmare that is Groove Music's UI on W10M?
  • Feels much better than the one in WP 8.1
  • Not as far as I'm concerned.
  • People that aren't used to Windows Phone have any easier time navigating the new one than they did the old one.  At least that been my experience.
  • Yes, becuase they're used to clunky navigation. Now, I have to reach to the point of my screen farthest from where I'm holding it. As devices grow north of 5", that can make one-handing such apps tough for folsk with smaller hands (not me, but I get the issue for others). Where I get really bothered is the existence of the pop-out menus. They add a step to each naivgational action. Rather than open the app, hit artists, and play, I now have to wedge in the pop-out menu step between opening and going to the next page. On top of that, they removed artist-specific song lists. My primary form of listening to music on my phone involves going to the artist, going to the song view, and choosing a song I want to hear, then letting it go randomly. Now, since that view is gone, I have to start it randomly, and if I don't get the song I want (getting that song's about a 1/20 chance, if not smaller), I have to open the Now Playing (swipe up), find that song in a now-randomized list, choose it, then re-reandomize to make up for the songs that would have been skipped by going straight to my desired song. It's MUCH more cumbersome.
  • I've also found the new alphabetical picker to be much easier for people.  If 8.1 was good as you are implying it would be much more intiutive and people wouldn't have issues navigating it.
  • 1. I've never haerd people say 8.1 is hard to navigate. It's Groove Music without a pop-out menu step. 2. I hated 8.1 because of how unresponsive it was and because of missing functionality. 8.0 was easily the best iteration, and even IT was a downgrade from Zune. I guess I just prefered when my music player had things like lockscreen support, a functional live tile, and faster navigation with more library options.
  • Way is not available in other country's. How I make available for Romania? Is possible? I use Windows 10 on PC.
  • That's NOT the only issue Groove (HORRIBLE name!) has.  It still completely screws up metadata. 
  • You're right. What I've discovered is that Groove completely ignores meta-data completion settings depending on your settings of Windows Media Player, this is an issue that needs to be fixed. So for example, if in Windows Media Player I choose just to add missing info (like Genre/Composer), the rest of ID3v2 fields of the mp3 file should not be modified. I was not aware of this issue, and one of my albums had their Meta-data screwed up, and had to fix manually song by song.
  • I think they lost the zune source.
  • Our Lord and Savior could not have said it more eloquently...
  • One of the first features Microsoft has to bring back to Groove Music App is "Play to" (like Movies & TV App for Windows 10, Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 or Windows Media Player for Windows 10).
  • Exactly. They had PlayTo since Win 7 days and now that Airplay getting famous, we lose it from Win 10/Groove. Makes me wonder do people in Groove team themselves use their app or not?
  • Vote for bringing back "Play to" on Groove Music :
  • They tend to not introduce things from uservoice.
  • WTF? This feature is not even marked as "under consideration"??!! Are these people sleeping?? Really shocking! That's it! I have no hopes from music service from Microsoft anymore. I think the only hope is if they buy Spotify. But, somewhere I am terrified of thinking, 'What if they manage to take Spotify back to the grave too like Zune?'.
  • Lol..."Microsoft sees....Microsoft kills". It has got the death touch since the leadership changed. Ya'll know what I mean.
  • When Ballmer took over?
  • On mobile... Its annoying that the app also finds other apps's audio assets. My song list are plagued by numbers and letters
  • Looks like Groove team will never add the best audio features of Windows Media Player (SRS WOW effects, Crossfading, equalizer, Play speed, etc) . But at least they could start adding scrobbling support, if not possible for the Windows Groove app, at least make this integration available on the Groove WebApp. This is what is stopping me to switch to Groove. And BTW, streaming OneDrive music in Groove is an awesome feature Groove has, so just by fixing these issues it will be my next music player.
  • One could still just download and install the Zune 4.8 software. I just did, it works and its look fits right in with Win 10.
  • Have it, but Zune does not sync WP8, 8.1 nor 10 GRRRRRRRRR!
  • My only problen with Groove is that when I double lick on a song when another is playing the app get stuck >_<
  • There are only some things in life you want to double lick :-)
  • They need to add the feature to let you buy music with your credits. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just want the music I bought to work on me phone.
  • Don't know about this issue, but groove will not play the full songs on my surface pro 3 in windows 10. Plays part of the song and skips to the next. No problem with windows 8. I have rolled back to windows 8 twice
  • Gotta love all the hate comments, but not any way on how MS can use this feedback. Saying I hate Groove, or it sucks, or I want Zune doesn't help MS fix the issues you are having. You don't take your car to the mechanic and say it's all f'd up, fix it do you?
  • You do if that is what is wrong with the car. If your car has trouble with the steering and the brakes, it is highly unlikely that you are going to entertain your mechanics query into other issues if s/he has not demonstrated they can handle the important ones.  Microsoft has taken their own sweet time with XBM/Groove and it has not resulted in a drastically different product with respect to oft requested features. I still don't understand how in the world they can have all that blank space and not populate a scant few millimeters of it with a play arrow for individual songs. Why must I double click just to play a song? Groove needs a massive update just to give it feature parity with basic music players.  At this point, Microsoft should just do what Samsung is doing and license a good player and skin it for Windows 10. Call it Groove powered by Spotify or something....
  • Microsoft, please stop adding features until what's there is working!!! I have patiently dealth with all the gyrations that Windows Phone users have had to deal with all the way back to Windows mobile. I can understand why everyone keeps beating the Zune music dead horse. Being able to simply copy music from my computer to my phone via usb wasn't a cool cloud solution but at least it worked. Every time a new version of Windows Phone and/or Windows comes out we have to switch the software and procedure for doing this simple task. The "new" solution has NEVER been ready to go on day 1 and even when we finally get the "new" solution it has less functionality than the previous solution. Here we are on Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1. If I want to add a CD to Groove I still have to pull up Windows Media Player to actually do the rip (I get that ripping CDs is no longer the cool thing but it just seems like you could offer the option on a More menu somewhere). After that you have to copy the music to a Music folder in One Drive so that it uploads or Groove doesn't know it exists (I finally assigned my One Drive Music folder as my main music folder so that this became one step). Even then there is some magic time delay between when an album has been uploaded and when I can select any of the songs to play in Groove. Nearly every playlist I currently have contains several songs that are in my collection but the service doesn't see them. I have tried deleting the non-working entries and readding the songs but the non-working entries keep popping back up and of course won't play. These playlists were uploaded from Windows Media Player and I suspect that I need to start over from scratch but then why not, that seems to the be the overall theme for Windows and music. Of course I can't do any of this rebuilding on my phone since you can only add songs to playlists if they are already on the phone. Explain to me again how this is better than copying playlists from Windows Media Player to my phone.
  • Totally agree. You said "ripping CD is no longer the cool thing". If you consider the name "Groove" and the state they are currently in, they should add support for ripping gramophone records. Because that's the era this service has taken us back to. I am just going to drag myself till Nov, thats when my Zune/XBM/Groove pass expires. Hello Spotify after that!  
  • Alright there a tonne of you bitchin' out there but if they can work out some of the kinks it'll actually be a pretty good app.. I like the concept of sharing everything across all devices... OK so here are the details: 1. will index everything found in the xbox purchases location and subscription cache without issue. 2. indexes onedrive no problem.. 3. my network attached storage which is on a 2011 home server - it's intermittent at BEST and is completely annoying and basically renders Groove useless.. 4. Cannot stream (or in MS parlance - cast) to any DLNA compliant device, I have to go media player. That's real progress... 5. On the XBONE you cannot point it to the network share to index.  
  • Please allow groove to play songs by genre, inaddition to artist and album.
  • I have grown completely tired of Microsoft and its licensing issues. Every time I try to use an MS app, I am confronted with more chores to perform on behalf of Microsoft.  The other day I tried to download an MP3 sent to me on gmail.  I was advised there was a "Groove Music" error.  I followed up on line, to discover that Groove Music is another annoying Windows (10) feature.  So, I clicked on Groove Music on my Windows 10 apps and was advised that the trial the trial period had expired and I should go to the "store" to purchase the full app. Microsoft, I have two words for you. Actually, I had installed Windows 10 only last week. I previously had installed Windows 10, which proceeded to crash my computer - and then when I had the OS restored to Win7, I had a hassle over the reinstallation of Word 2013. It was only after two months that I dared to try Windows 10 for a second time. Tidaym I compiled a video I had produced, saved it as a WMV and received ANOTHER licensensing error.  Fine, I opened VLC media player and opened the file with no difficulty.  BUT -  when I clicked on the file - there was no "open with,"  Miscrosoft once again has moved to curb its competition in an effort to force users to cnform to the ghost of Bill Gates's  frivolous dream of making himself the Internet and DRM fuerher. If anyone knows a work around to help me get around the gmail issue with Grroove I'd appreciate it.  This paranoic comapny really needs to get over treating its home consumers like potential crimianls - with it bullshit licensing hassles. I'd suggest a start would be for the company management team to start bowel massaging exercises at the start of the work day... to get rid of some of the mental constipation that gives Microsoft a very evil odor . 
  • ,,,Counterfuckinproductive!..... I ran a simple business, rule one, make it simple.......rule two, ......remember rule one.....what the **** have you fuckwits are doing is sending loyalty Windows followers to to....BOO!... Steve Jobs....wake up you stupid TWATS,,.........don't be offended dead by the truth...I have spunky money on Windows iPhone 950 XL, and I am embarrassed to ****!!    
  • Hi, I'm sorry that I'm about to be a bit rough, but it's the problem not only with groove, but with many built in apps from win 10. Groove was crashing, I went to windows apps to unistall it. I couldn't uninstall it. Had to google it to know how to fix it. Found a 5 step that didn't fix anything and wasted my time. Had to finally use a third party program to unistall it and then install it again from the win store. Problem solved. Wasted another 15 minutes of my day writing this ( I'm working, not in front of my PC doing nothing.) Please, understand one thing: I am the owner of everything that is in my PC. Every folder every app, every file. So stop making me go through hell to have access to something or to unistall and install a simple app. Stop making me get through 5 steps to fix a crashing app, when all I had to do was uninstall and then install it again. Stop wasting my time, and the time of so many other windows users. I don't need to be a programmer just to solve a simple thing as a crashing app. I don't have to open a command prompt just to solve something that was supposed to be on the uninstalled through the click of a button, or to have to search for a third party another software just to be able to uninstall it. Think more about the users and stop blocking things. I'm not using a Mac, I'm using a PC because it's customizable, and I can change things, but I also don't want to use Linux, because I'm not that much into deep things like Linux. I just want to be able to unistall and install a simple app, that's all.  Please stop punishing the user with these kind of annoyances, and hire a better UX team, or listen more to them if you have a good UX team already. Thank you very much, I really hope you'll take this comment into consideration, it's not personal, I'm just asking you guys to make our lives easier.
  • The biggest issue is how awful it is. At one point today I double clicked on an mp3 (in a folder i windows 10) while another was playing, and the names of the two became overlaid in Groove - it's simple stuff surely?! Also, you can't see the full name of a long song/file - it's pathetic. Also, I can't drag and drop mp3s or wavs into it?! What on earth are you thinking? Why is it not easy? I don't want to learn how to use a bloody media player, I just want to use it like I'd use a tap; without ever thinking about it. Also - spacebar, the universal button on every piece of software ever for stop/start/pause, STILL (like it did in mediaplayer) works on the "highlighted" button in Groove (whatever that may be, you can't tell), and often that's the fullscreen mode button for some reason. Real useful. Bloody shambles Microsoft. I imagine reasonably bright person on their own could program a better player over a weekend.
  • I had high hoped that Microsoft was going to continue it's Windows 7 legacy and Windows 10 has been the exact opposite.
    Despite the improvements over functionality there is no ME in the operating system and the Groove App is no different.
    Look at how many clicks and searching you do just to play a single song that's already on your computer and all along the way it's trying to sell you this and that.
    It's like I am in a music store when I already own the music. By all means try and use Cortana to search your files and play one with your voice controlling the thing.
    You can't unless your online and logged into a Microsoft account.
    In the mean time your just hoping that Cortana is not taking inventory of all your files and storing private information on some Microsoft Server somewhere. So what I did was, disable Cortana and use a program to remove Groove and it's Video Counterpart.
    I now use a 3rd party app which is 100% free and does not complain about licenses or ability to play.
    It also doesn't track what you do and as far as a 3rd party version of Cortana it's only a matter of time. All of this could have been avoided if Microsoft focused on User requests and privacy rather than Nickle and Dime people.
    Just because Google and Apple does it doesn't make two wrongs into a right but rather than make people flock to Microsoft because they can be counted on.
    Unfortunately Microsoft would rather rely on what some Engineer out of India thinks what people want instead of WHAT people want.