Microsoft looking to hire for opening of Holiday stores in NYC and elsewhere in US

Microsoft is set to unveil a number of holiday retail stores including Manhattan in New York City, according to a handful of published job listings. We previously looked at a number of potential locations for Microsoft stores in an unofficial list, but it's good to see evidence of actual positions at future stores open up.

The positions available at the these "Holiday Stores" -- as they're referred to in the job titles -- are retail product advisors, who would be tasked with completing the user experience when potentially purchasing Microsoft products. Here's an excerpt from the job posting:

"If you love to share your excitement, engage with people, and empower them to explore all the ways Microsoft technology can make a difference in their lives, we should get to know one another. The Product Advisor will be the primary provider of product knowledge and sales support, before and after the sale, for Microsoft retail customers. This person is one of the first points of contact for our customers."

Here is the full list of "holiday stores", according to the Taleo website:

We could only be seeing the bricks and mortar from Microsoft at certain places for a limited time, but if they're a hit there's no reason why Microsoft couldn't keep a permanent store open in busy locations. With Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 just around the corner, it makes sense for Microsoft to expand their stores, even if they're just temporary to see the year out.

Check out the Taleo website for more information.  Will you be applying, or are you too excited as a consumer?

Thanks, Travis, for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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