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Microsoft looking to sell 100 million devices a year

With Nokia on board, Microsoft are making some pretty big bets, and so they should if they're to remain to be seen as serious and in it for the long run. Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner announced at WPC'11 that the company hopes to sell up to 100 million Windows Phone devices a year. Targeting and catering for a larger user base (opens in new tab) is the first baby step in achieving this goal.

What's also interesting is how Microsoft showed Apple's current ecosystem and how they plan to build a completely connected Windows/Xbox map to combat the fruit. Both companies are known for bashing one another at any given chance but the slides below are actually spot on. Being both a Windows and OS X user myself, I can whole-heartedly agree that there's a gap between my MacBook and iOS devices (iPad 2 and Apple TV).

It's one of the reasons why I prefer PC and WP7 over OS X and iOS. With the iPhone its a different OS altogether, a different store and a different UI. With the proposed plan by Microsoft, Metro UI will unite all their products and I can't think of a word to describe this development other than ingenious. The future of Microsoft is set to be 3 screens (opens in new tab).

Via: MobileTechWorld

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I love the idea that they want to create a whole "ecosystem", but they need to remember that they compete with Android too, not just apple. I wish, in some ways, that they would make it easier for those of us who want to straddle the fence a little. I love Xbox Live, I love Zune, I have zero intention of switching from Picasa to a Windows Live Photo Alpha Plus Edition or whatever it is. Skydrive is ugly, and I don't find it useful. I'm *deeply* ingrained in Google Docs. I'm not going to take the time to move my entire family over to Office 365 (especially since I do not own a copy of Office). Ecosystems are great, but some decent web apps and API's that allow some choice are nice too.
  • Im not worryed about apples eco system , what scares me is ALSO Android .. why??ALL the google apps/programes + SONY!! with the PSP phones runing on Android is gona be something to watch out for , i can see them going Droid+PS3+sony TVS & google+ , but no PC OS , hehe ;)
  • You're forgetting Chrome OS ...... sorry, I can't keep a straight face. =)
  • Chrome sucks. IE9 way way better for support for privacy.
  • -1 ? lol
  • Google has no Media arm and that's where they are at a distinct disadvantage to Microsoft and Apple. The reason iTunes became successful was because it was an integrated experience with the iPod. People can say Zune is just a copy all they want, but so far it is the only real competitor iTunes has that is able to match, and even exceed its level of integration.
  • Skydrive not ugly it just a useful tool to have. Google docs suck! Also android nothing to be scared about has microsoft knows it just a battery eater phone with mostly lags allot.
  • I think its great.Web apps, mnmn Google docs is great when your connected...As smart phones has shown, locally running apps rule, relying on connection all the time only works on a desktop (in my experience travelling around the country, no provider, provides 100% connection, not even 50% of the time).
  • I'm looking to by a bridge in Brooklyn.
  • lol? are you just trying to cath up to me in post? ;) lol
  • The idea is sound, but it is a little closed minded. Apple has leveraged the iTunes architecture into the Windows market and Windows should continue to push its Office architecture into the Apple market. I like the unified UI experience idea and from what I have seen of Win8 and OSX Lion, Windows seems to be on a better path in this respect. The question is how many people are going to jump from Win7 (a superb OS) to Win8? They are going to need to make it essential through user experience (e.g. Marquee Apps in the new HTML5/JS ecosystem) rather than going the DirectX 10/Vista route they tried when Vista launched.One interesting note, what is the "reader" mentioned above? As far as I know the major players are set, where is Windows planning to enter this market. Microsoft Reader (the program) has essentially become abandonware and has little market penetration (though I loved it when I used in in WM). This could be the way around "there will not be a WP7 tablet" statement. If it is a reader, not a "tablet" it could be a small form factor tablet (5-7") running WP7, you could even put Kindle on it.
  • Nobody is gonna jump. MS will install Win8 on alle new tablets and pc's so people will have it straight away. I think the amount of people who will buy it Retail will be really small. Like you said, Win7 is enough.
  • Wrong windows 8 will be a big hit. love the ease of use of win 8 UI
  • Bit unrealistic to expect Nokia to shift 100 million WP devices in 2012, price points wont be favourable to everyone for a good while yet. If they ship 50 Million it will be considered success, as Symbian phones will still sell at the low end.
  • they not talkign about nokia , they talkign about wp7! ( htc , nokia , samsung, accer...ect.....)
  • Based on what the other OEMs have done so far, most of it will fall on Nokia.
  • I agree COMPLETELY!It is completely delusional actually to think that they are going from a few million, to 100 million in one year. Can Apple and Android combined even do that? Its one thing to be optimistic, an another to be diluted.
  • I think you all are reading it wrong. They said nothing about selling 100 million in *2012* just that they want to reach 100 million sales at some point in the future, like in a few years...
  • The post says "Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner announced at WPC'11 that the company hopes to sell up to 100 million Windows Phone devices a year." BTW sorry I accidentally reported your comment as spam.
  • Symbian phones are so dead like the blackberry rim. Wp7 will be more sellable than symbian
  • Symbian phones are still selling in the millions around the world as are Blackberrys for that matter, the world is alot bigger than the US you know.
  • hmm , RIm is far from dead. they actually started growing again.i admit the OS is kinda **OLD* meaning they need something new and innovativebut BB messenger + the only company that offers TRUE push e-mail , they never gona die. lol RIM is the TOP business cell phone right now. ( repliable Wise )
  • Let me just point out how it says "Smartphone/Music"Cue rampant specualtion over NextGen Zune
  • They'd be mad not to look at Apple - like it or not, Apple's transformation (since iMac 1) has been astounding, they're doing something right. They're also doing a lot wrong, so it's good to see MS picking holes in Apple.The main thing that jumps out at me from the two strategies though? MS has far too many brands - Office can stay, but Bing and Zune (great software, nonsense names) have no traction outside the US. Xbox is globally positive, but IE (until 9) has been losing market share for years. Perhaps it's even time to lose the Windows brand?
  • ....the first step for Microsoft to reach this goal is to fire their entire PR/Adverstising team. WP7 as an OS is the best I have used so far and I am coming from the earliest beginnings of the mobile phone technologies. But the way Microsoft, the hardware makers and the providers are marketing this product is a shame. I have read that Microsoft set up a budget of 500 million US$ to promote WP7. I am asking myself where has this money gone...? Sales staff in the shops are still confounding Windows Phone with Windows Mobile and scaring customers away by telling them that Windows Phone is buggy, slow and old technology. Those guys responsible for the WP7 PR/Advertising are total losers. They are not even able to figure out their own TV-Ads since the "Really" campaign is copied from some other company. So if Microsoft, the hardware makers and the providers are serious to bring WP7 to the success it deserves,they have to get their act together and move their asses..... I am fully aware that it is hard to generate a hype like Apple is doing for their "inovation products" but what Microsoft and his partners are delivering so far is less than nothing....