Microsoft looking to sell 100 million devices a year

With Nokia on board, Microsoft are making some pretty big bets, and so they should if they're to remain to be seen as serious and in it for the long run. Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner announced at WPC'11 that the company hopes to sell up to 100 million Windows Phone devices a year. Targeting and catering for a larger user base is the first baby step in achieving this goal.

What's also interesting is how Microsoft showed Apple's current ecosystem and how they plan to build a completely connected Windows/Xbox map to combat the fruit. Both companies are known for bashing one another at any given chance but the slides below are actually spot on. Being both a Windows and OS X user myself, I can whole-heartedly agree that there's a gap between my MacBook and iOS devices (iPad 2 and Apple TV).

It's one of the reasons why I prefer PC and WP7 over OS X and iOS. With the iPhone its a different OS altogether, a different store and a different UI. With the proposed plan by Microsoft, Metro UI will unite all their products and I can't think of a word to describe this development other than ingenious. The future of Microsoft is set to be 3 screens.

Via: MobileTechWorld

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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