Microsoft looking into vanishing keyboard in Mango

A number of Windows Phone users running Mango have complained about their keyboards performing a disappearing act and I can confirm that mine too vanishes on the rare occasion. An active thread is accumulating posts over at the XDA Developer forum with experiences and complaints. Microsoft has since confirmed that they are looking into the reports with a reply to a Twitter user who tweeted about the issue. Mary Jo Foley, of ZDNet, received a statement from the software giant:

Customer support is working with the individuals reporting changes to their experience. We are investigating these reports to determine the root cause of any issues users are having.

Have you come across this problem?

Source: Twitter (opens in new tab), ZDNet (opens in new tab)XDA Developer forum (opens in new tab), via: WinRumors

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  • Yup seems like in landscape mode while making a comment on aFacebook picture post in The people hub.
  • Yup. Though I had the problem occasionally since I got my Surround last October. Now, though, it is all to frequent. I just texted a friend and lost the keyboard four times while typing the message.
  • Same here on my Surround....but just since Mango. Just a tap to bring it back....but annoying nonetheless.
  • I have that problem on my Arrive. It happens with the virtual keyboard and physical keyboard
  • How does a physical keyboard disappear?
  • If you close the
  • *rimshot*
  • No. Kinda hard to explain but while your typing the field with the text turns grey and I have to tap it again to keep typing. It's like it's trying to do the same thing it does with the virtual keyboard except it's not disappearing obviously. It's annoying. It wasn't doing that with Nodo. Anyone with an Arrive who uses the keyboard with the same problem knows what I'm talking about The bug is pretty serious if it's even effecting physical keyboard
  • so basically its losing focus on the textbox?
  • I've never had this problem on LG Quantum.
  • I have. I've seen it happen when using both the virtual and physical keyboards. And with the physical one, the phone just drops back into a state where it doesn't think any text is being input.
  • I have this problem with my Samsung Focus. At first I thought it was me just typing too fast a clicking off the screen, but it would happen when I tapped the middle of the keyboard. Best solution for me has been to just back out of the text message and go back in. It is annoying as **** though!Fix this Microsoft!
  • I also have the Focus and have the same experience. I first thought that it was me hitting the edges and the keyboard closing but then I noticed it happen when my fingers were not touching the screen or in the middle. Its kind of annoying, I thought it was just some random issue for me.
  • have the HD7. experienced it in IE and skywallet. Like you, i thought I typed to fast or accidentally press a button but last night I experienced it again when attempting to text.
  • I had the problem as well. Happened a couple of time but is not to bad since we have copy and paste now. i just copy my message, restart the program, copy the message and continue what i was doing. It is a pain BUT it isn't nothing to stress out about since we have copy & paste.
  • I have never actually seen this problem on any of my devices (Dell Venue Pro, HD7, and Focus). Sometimes I hit the back button at the bottom of my phone by accident, which dismisses the keyboard, but it has never disappeared on its own for me.
  • I had the problem, too with my Samsung Focus. All of the sudden, I cannot bring back the keyboard to type. I need to go back to the previous screen or even close the application. I copied the text first, restart the application, paste the text, and continue typing. It's kinda annoying.
  • I have this happen a lot actually on my HD7. I thought I was just tapping too low when I hit space or any of the others down there. It happens in portrait and landscape for me (as I type in portrait mostly).Glad to hear they're looking into this.
  • This happens on my 1.3 focus too, I thought it might be a hardware problem since I've dropped my phone a few times. Glad to see its not and that MSFT is looking into it. It doesn't happen enough to really be a huge issue, and coming from buggy as heck android its really miniscule. But it would be nice if they fixed it quickly. :)
  • Actually this happens to me a lot on my HTC Surround. Infact it happened to me as I typed my password to log in so I could comment on this post.
  • Yeah, I've had the issue but I thought it was just me hitting something I shouldn't be. Makes more sense now.
  • I've noticed it happening recently on my Focus. Today was actually the first time it happened to the point of annoyance, meaning it disappeared on me 3 times in the process of typing one LETTER. I can see it getting pretty maddening if it keeps up or gets even worse. Glad I'm not alone, though. Thought I was losing the physical ability to text, lol.
  • Never happened to me.LG Optimus 7 on Mango
  • yep i get this problem. i thoght i was going crazy but good to hear MS knows about it. basically in any application as I'm typing (never use landscape mode) keyboard will just minimize/disappear. need to tap in text box for the keyboard to reappear. happens quite often sometimes so can be annoying.using Samsung Omnia 7. Only started happening since Mango.Another issue I've noticed since Mango is when I turn on the screen and the lock screen comes up there's a slight delay before the time/date and notification icons appear. before it was always instant.
  • I've noticed that with the delay on the lock screen. That seemed to happen right after updating to Mango...whereas this thing with the keyboard only started happening a few days ago.
  • Delay on a lock screen is not a bug - it is supposed to be this way ;-)
  • Noticed that too on my Surround....again another annoying update hickup. But otherwise Mango's been relatively bug free for such a large update. No data bugs, HTML5 working quite nicely. And all the extra visable features cranking along quite nicely
  • I have gotten this bug once on my HTC Arrive after Mango.
  • Has happened for me lots, LG Optimus 7 on Mango.It doesn't happen often enough that it would be an issue on its own, but I already was hitting the back button by accident once in a while, so combined with this new issue it's noticeable enough to just start to be frustrating.
  • Within 30 minutes of reading this it happened to me for the first time. Balls.
  • Are you people sure you are not accidentally bumping the back button? The back button will remove keyboard from screen. And on some phones those buttons are sensitive. And I could EASILY see how people could be accidentally hitting it; especially in landscape mode.
  • So all these people have just recently started hitting their back button all at once? I don't think so.
  • I have this too.. Focus 1.3 - After Mango
  • Same problem here with my HD7 also the keyboard is no longer as responsive as it was before mango.Oh yes MS is on it fix coming soon in the fall....
  • The only major bug I've managed to perform on a consistent basis on my HTC Arrive is when I'm listening to music and hit the Search button, the sound enhancer is immediately disabled. It's only the search splash page though. Performing a search, or going into Bing Vision or any of the other options and the sound enhancer is re-enabled.
  • My DVP does this too, actually not sure but my keyboard's "M,L,N", and ".com" keys doesn't work properly at times ever since the Mango update. Disappearing on screen keyboard wasn't much of an issue since I thought I was just pressing something on the screen. The physical keyboard on the other hand gets annoying when I'm typing a lot.
  • I have this problem w/ the Arrive as well. However, it did not begin until the HTC/Sprint specific firmware was applied. Prior to that it never happened (even w/ Mango Beta/RTM, etc). Another thing I've noticed that may be of note is that fairly often in messenger the first letter of a new message is lower case instead of upper case. This behavior is NOT consistant however which is what makes it really odd. If you simply hit the back button and then hit the letter again it becomes uppercase. Odd.
  • I have it too, it's rather annoying.
  • I've had this issue since Mango as well with my LG Optimus 7. It's very annoying..
  • THANK U PHYSICAL KEYBOARD. dvp anyone else?
  • Ha I've had the DVP for 7 months and barely touched the keyboard (even though it was a primary reason for getting it.) My paws are just too big. But I have seen this a handful of times with the software keyboard. So infrequent I didn't think too much about it. But yes, a Mango specific issue.
  • my HD7 has started doing it...quite the frustration
  • I've had this and an issue where the keyboard doesn't automatically capitalize the first word of the sentence I'm about to type. Anyone had this?
  • Yes, very annoying.
  • I have seen the disappearing keyboard on my Focus. It happens sometimes, even in the middle of typing.But seeing how quickly MS releases updates, I'm assuming I won't see this fixed till Windows Phone 8
  • Yes, same problem on Samsung Focus. Glad to see it is being addressed. Only malfunction on what otherwise is a nice user experience.
  • And here I was thinking I was having this problem because I'm running Mango on an HD2. Looks like it's a Mango problem and not my phone in particular. Good to know. I thought I was the only one.
  • mine works perfect.... I have a samsung focus with the leaked MANGO RTM also my phone is focus 1.3
  • I have experienced this a few times since my upgrade to the retail version of Windows Phone 7.5. I did not experience this problem with the developer Beta 2.It seems as if something steals focus away from the textbox and then gives focus back without firing the OnFocus event handler that displays the keyboard. This does not happen often, but when it does, I am forced to press outside of the textbox and then press inside the textbox to make the keyboard appear. I received the update on the day it was released and have experienced this about 4 times. Samsung Focus
  • I am facing another bug, which I find even worse.When I am using ZUNE, my phone suddenly freezes after a couple of songs. The only solution consist on removing the battery.I am becoming very tired of WP7 and its numerous bugs now.If MS does not provide a Fix quickly for this bug, I swear I am switching to Android.I am listening to music a lot and I cannot accept to remove my battery 3 times a day.
  • Yup i have also been experiencing this on my HTC Mozart!At first i thought it was my screen on its way out, but hearing this makes me happy that's its a glitch rather than hardware failure!hopefully should be fixed pretty soon ish...
  • Yes, I have had this happen on my Quantum. I also notice that the first letter is not always capitalized automatically in a new text or email. If you press backspace then the capitalize icon appears. Has anyone else experienced this as well?
  • I've had this on my LG Optimus e900h w/ Mango. Also, have a weird thing where I hit the back button and the whole right scroll bar changes color then what ever app I'm in resumes. If I hit back a second time things seem to be fine.
  • I havent had this problem on HTC Trophy, also my wife didnt complain about her HTC HD7. (and my parents didnt say anything 2 x HD7)
  • yes that happens on i8700.By simply rotating the phone (from landscape to portrait or viceversa) and tapping on text input box the keyboard pops up again.
  • All I have to say about it is thank god I am not the only one. This is so annoying on my focus. I was stating to think it was a hardware issue since it didn't happen right after upgrading to mango.
  • Happening on my HD7 occasionally. I usually fix by tapping out of the text field and then back again, but that doesn't work so well when typing a longer email.Will try the rotate trick suoko mentioned.
  • This was the first thing I noticed weird happening since the official drop of Mango. While I was using the RTM, I never had this happen. It should be fixed quickly because it is annoying. I'm on the HTC Arrive.
  • This is happening a lot on my LG Quantum. I find myself using the physical keyboard more than ever, which is why I got the device, but it's annoying when apps don't go into landscape. I think there is a bug in the apps not so much with mango.
  • I haven't been able to reproduce this keyboard-disappearing bug on my Samsung Focus. But has anyone else noticed that if you are typing in an SMS in landscape orientation (with hardware buttons in your right hand), then take the phone and in one motion rotate 180 degrees so that the hardware buttons are in your left hand, the app bar will partially open and cover part of the on-screen keyboard? It was a bug in 7712 that I tried to report to Microsoft, but no one seemed to want to take ownership of bug reports from developers in that build.So it's still present in 7720 and I cannot seem to get more than about 2 confirmations since first discovering this months ago. Anyone want to give it a try and report back here?
  • Any chance this is caused by an application? I didn't have this problem last week when I heard about it. I did notice it over the weekend start to crop up.I just removed "I'm a WP7" and the issues seems to have stopped.
  • I am having the same problem with my HTC Arrive. I am also having problems getting "media" that is sent to me. I have to turn it off and back on to get the "media." Is anyone else having the same problem?
  • Well now that I know its a global thing, im gonna complain. It never did it when I was txting only in the browser.