Microsoft makes the Lumia Denim update official with wider rollout in early January

Microsoft has finally released an official statement about the Lumia Denim firmware update which began rolling out on Wednesday, stating that it will continue in waves, with a wider release in early January 2015.

In a post on the Lumia Conversations blog, which is mostly about the new features that will be included in the Lumia Camera app, Microsoft said:

"The Lumia Denim update has started rolling out to a limited number of devices in selected markets, and will continue arriving in waves by device. A wider rollout of Lumia Denim to all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to begin in early January, following partner testing and approvals."

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

John Callaham
  • When you make a solid effort and put out FREQUENT software updates and full on features people get to use, and not let the carriers push you around and block your updates.....Apple Happens.....   Getting tired of lazy platforms I've been supporting for 4 years now
  • Apple sucks though.. It's for kids and teens
  • You know, you guys can keep yelling "Apple sucks" all you want every time they are mentioned but as much as you may not like it, it still doesn't change the point the OP was making which is that Apple enjoys mad user and carrier support that we can only dream of right now. Sour grapes are also for kids and teens. Petulant epithets won't change the fact that as long as MS continues to knuckle under to carrier demands this platform will remain a second class citizen in the mobile world. They have been more than accommodating and played nice with these carriers for years now and it's gotten them nowhere fast. Time to change tactics IMO.
  • Only Apple can realistically do that though. They are an exception to nearly everything in the mobile phone and tablet market. For example. The iPhone 6 just launched. It is dubbed a 'flagship' when it doesn't even have half the features of the latest flagship Samsung. I have a phone the same spec as the iPhone 6 (roughly) and it is dubbed a 'mid range phone'.
    PS. I have a Lumia 920 :)
  • Roll out for everyone except Verizon of course. Where's the fine print?
  • I'm not with Verizon but I feel your pain. Hopefully the phrase "A wider rollout of Lumia Denim to all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1... " also means Verizon Lumia phones. Unfortunately, the statement ends with the deadly words "... following partner testing and approvals."
  • Umm. We don't even have Cyan yet. They aren't even going to begin testing Denim until Cyan is out.
  • Oh common, 930 here!
  • Better wait, am experiencing some glitches, especially when mobile data I toggled off, sometimes it flickers for a split second, and volume slider is lagging. So let them fix this.
  • What phone do you have these issues on?
  • Lumia 520, I was thinking of flashing my phone using Nokia Recovery tool to install fresh software if someone confirms that this problem isn't common.
  • Yup dude same here, mobile data toggle fickers when action centre is rolled down now and then. Also noticing this with a few other toggles. Didn't think much of it and hence didn't start a thread. Could do with a fix.
  • Yea it surely flickers..Nothing bug though..!!
  • Yes. But earlier you mentioned the volume slider doesn't lag, but it does seriously on my handset after continuously sliding, but strangely enough the lag is only for the Ringer and not for notifications' one or neither for headphone volume setting,
  • I have this flickering problem on my L1320 after the Cyan update. The screen flickers for a second before going to sleep
  • Is this particularly for the non-pfd users . When it will available for pfd users
  • Available for both
  • No its not I'm a proud pfd user and still denim is not available.
  • it is available for certain countries only, more to follow, eventually every pfd user will get it, depending on those stupid carriers. only cyan wasn't available for pfd
  • I'm from India and pfd user and I didn't Microsoft should think about us too
  • Denim is a firmware update that comes with a software update, most of the software updates are already available for PfD users. The firmware update is rolling out for all users, PfD or not, and all of them will receive at relatively the same time. When they release it for your country and phone all users in your country with your phone will receive Denim, doesn't matter if PfD or not.
  • Lumia denim already available for Pfd users. with all available features available only firmware is not, which will be avaiable along with other users
  • denim is the firmware
  • I know at least denim speed up my camera opening during phone lock
  • "Lumia denim already available for Pfd users. with all available features available only firmware is not" oO
  • So far they're only sending out GDR1 with a Cyan update. So nothing for you if you are on PfD. The real FIRMWARE update hadn't been released yet. That's why we saw nothing for 830 etc. Look at the MS tables of so-called updated devices. The OS has clearly jumped to GDR1 (which is good), the FW is still Cyan (according to its version). Not surprising: they did the same for the 930 (GDR1 officially released last month or in October, along with a minor Cyan update). Except that it was called "Denim FW update" at that date. Because it's technically wrong: no *NEW* FW has been rolled out this week
  • Ok nicely explained. so pfd users stop complaining, we already used to of this features.
  • Get outhouse!!!
  • Lumia 1520 Israel please
  • +1520 in Palestine
  • YAY for Palestine! :)
  • YAY for Palestine! :)
  • Is that really necessary?
  • I like this YAY thing!!
    YAY for Palestine! :)
  • YAY for Palestine!  from Gaza!
  • YAY for Palestine! :)
  • Yay for the whole mid-east, Israel and Palestine. Yay for a Windows phone community!
  • "following partner testing and approvals" There is the kicker.
  • So expect it in March, 2016? :)
  • More like June (VZE maybe never)
  • Not if you use CV. Lumia 820 unlocked, yeah.
  • With the disclaimer "unless you're on Verizon, then you're screwed."
  • My Lumia Icon is so lonely :(
  • Don't worry..You will get the Cyan before 2016..!!
  • On second thought... he should be worry :p
  • So true
  • Verizon will get Denim when WP10 launches, lol.
  • Nah... That's when they're scheduled to get Cyan. They get Denim when WP11 is released, and will get WP10 when WP15 gets released.
  • Wasn't that too much..?? :P :P
  • "Brings Imaging to a whole new level" but not for the L930,1520 and Icon yet.
  • 630 here
  • +630
  • About time Microsoft... About time...
  • Well said mate
  • According to the support site, denim is available for my device (preview developer) but I haven't received an update yet
  • Maybe its not available for your phone in your region? Or carrier?
  • Lumia 1320 India please
  • Insert obligatory Verizon comment below
  • Insert obligatory India comment below
  • What about the moon?
  • Obligatory Verizon/India comment: "In other news, Verizon has decided not to release the Cyan update in India."
  • You forgot the moon...
  • My Verizon Icon might seem faster if or when it receives this update
  • Macht ihr schneller!!!
  • Ja, klar
  • Finaly.Cool Microsoft.You make te promise.Respect!
  • My Lumia 930 just recived Denim here in Denmark! Oh yeah! :D
  • Pfd user ?
  • my 930 didnt :( also denmark
  • oh!! really? It's CV? Are you on PFD?
  • I am on PFD, but recently resat the phone without re-enrolling! :) And whats CV?
  • Country Variant But look at this: Lumia 930
    Country variant
    8.10.14219.341 02540.00019.14484.37003 They updated the page!
  • CV is country variant, so basicily when you're not have a carrier phone.
  • I just un-enrolled from pfd and checked for updates again NOW ITS DOWNLOADING something  
  • Na just down to opp.
  • No, you just have GDR1, and now that's the definition of "Denim" for Microsoft. But your firmware is still the old "Cyan" one. The figures don't lie, check the versions published here:
  • 930 will receive a new firmware (for Hey Cortana and 4K) along with GDR1. It will not be separated.  
  • French 930 (and certainly others) have GDR1 since a couple of months. Not the latest GDR1 of course (the most recent version when they received it), but still GDR1. Most 930 have live folders, etc. So I'll put it the other way: when they get the real firmware (4K, etc.), they'll probably catch up the OS too (latest GDR1).
  • Yeap, you right. And its happening now. But no France for now. Check: Look at Denmark and Finlad. They already start to relase. Can wait :)
  • For France, the 930 says Lumia 930
    Country variant
    02061.00066.14353.31004 So it has GDR1 (as I said, weeks ago). You're right, for the other devices, nothing yet in France. But to illustrate my point on the firmware update (as opposed to the OS one), compare the 620s in Germany: Lumia 620
    3058.50000.1425.0009 A 620, with Cyan, and 8.1.0. Lumia 620
    Country variant
    3058.50000.1425.0002 And here, the 620 (CV) has GDR1 (14219.341=very last GDR1 which brings Cortana in Europe). But see, the FW is the same (3058.50000.1425.xxxx) ^^
  • Yeap. low and mid end phone are not getting new firmware, because they doen't need it.
  • They less need it (no camera update) but still we need a new update for aptx codec support for instance
  • That link actually states its available in denmark, but not for me i guess :D
    Anyone else received? How about pfd users ?
  • Following partner testing and approval I guess Microsoft will never learn will they.
  • Yes, blame MS for that. So accurate and constructive ...
  • It should roll out on my birthday. :P (January)
  • Ye celebrate your birthday all January..?? Exact date..??
  • 22nd of jan, i know it's not early, but it would be a delightful surprise, i know that they're gonna take it till that much. Afterall, we live in India.
  • 29th Of January Here..!! Will turn 18..!!
  • Mine too.
  • What date friend? :D
  • 2nd January. That's early enough. So close to new year's day.
  • Same pinch bro :D
  • Mine December 31st
  • Waiting patiently for Lumia 1520 in USA. :(
  • X2!
  • X3!
  • xUSA
  • X4.
  • X6!
  • Please people read this page: “Hey Cortana” – an always-on app where you can activate Cortana by simply saying “Hey Cortana” on your Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520.   And for Low/Mid End Phones: "The Lumia Denim Update will include the latest improvements from Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1" That's it. If you already has Dev Preview so you're about to get nothing from Denim (On low/mid)
  • That is old mate. They announced for instance that ALL Lumias will get aptx codec support. The firmware will bring it. So far, the x20 devices are getting GDR1 but not a new firmware (only a Cyan update), like the 930 did a month ago, or so.   We will need the real firmware update for the newer devices to enjoy Lumia camera v5, for the older devices to get aptx codec support and that kind of nibbles.
  • It's a little old, but this page it's related with that page which John post now, linked there. I assume that still valid so.
  • Thanks....For breaking mah heart..!! /s
  • Let's hope Lumia camera is available real soon.
  • so what does it mean? there is no denim for 930-1520-icon until january???
  • 10 days until January..
  • want for Italy L925
  • Well it'll be about mid Next year before Verison approves Cyan on my Lumia 928. So Denim isn't my priority at the moment. Would be great if they just skipped cyan and went to denim!!! Get your $hit together Verizon!!!!
  • Its just hilarious seeing u Americans bitchin and whining about verizon.. :D
  • Fuck Verizon and you to.
  • When Available update Lumia denim 1520 !!
  • Read the article.
  • Will Denim arrive to 920 too?
  • Of course!
  • They said by the end of the year. So they have failed to get another update out on time.
  • My guess is based on their year not calendar year
  • denim os number same as dp os number on my lumia 520 malaysia
  • Yep. That's how it works.
  • That sucks! I was hoping to get it before Christmas!!! Damn! There goes 4k vids of my son opening his Christmas presents. Guess I'll use the Canon... Capturing 4k vids on New Years is out too. Damn!
  • Me too =(
  • i feel you.
  • I got on my 520 !!
  • 1520 Nigeria waiting
  • The better to film boko haram?
  • wow
  • As usual, people like myself that paid literally hundreds of dollars more for the flagship lumia 1520 smartphone -- get screwed. I'm sick of this.
  • i feel you pain
  • It's ten days for crying out loud...
  • They just do this to check for bugs on cheaper phones first.. U want your "high end phone" get buggy and start doing things its not destined to!! :)
  • I hope StarHub push down the updates soon. Can't wait to experience the update. Will Preview for Devs get Denim too?
  • Yes, of course, the Bitlocker bug was fixed ages ago.
  • That means us T-Mobile users can expect to get it next September, and Verizon users in January 2016.
  • Wuuuut?! Early January?
    IMHO, I think XMAS & NYE, are the best time to put those newly infused Lumia Camera features to the test.
  • Whens it coming to Lumia 930
  • Reading the article is strongly recommended.
  • Very nice ! What about devs?
  • They'll get the update just like everyone else.
  • Lumia 925 on T-Mobile, I already have denim..
  • Software bug
  • apparently 930's across europe are starting to get the update. :)
  • This thread needs more Americans bitching about some carrier called Verizon, come on yanks step it up
  • We would, except it's been so long now we've about given up and have grown weary.
  • And a whole bunch more from the "When in India/" contingent. Sometimes these comments make my head hurt.
  • Why dont u guys leave verizon and goto some other carriers like at&t ot t-mobile?
  • +920 still going strong. Hoping to upgrade to #lumia1030 #lumia1041 one of these years
  • Verizon........
  • So just to keep their statement of Q4 they launched for few devices...but did not keep their word of launching update for 930,1520 in Q4..
    Also did not keep word that 930,1520 will get it first...
  • When did they state anything about which models would get it in December???
  • they announced it live the same timr they announce 730
  • They did announce in Sepetmber LIVe and also was mentioned in this link but now seems like they have updated the article and removed reference about 930,1520 getting it first. I remember as i read it fully
  • Scroll to 14:10 in this official release video
  • Scroll to 14:10 in this official release video
  • It's pathetic lumia930 here in UK , supposed to be there high end flagship device, and no update , Microsoft really know how to treat loyal customers who spend plenty of money for top specs NOT !!!!!
  • it's starting to roll out for the 930. estonia, finland and denmark just got it, according to microsoft. :)
  • It's ten days until January! Would you rather a bug bricks your high-cost cellphone?
  • It should have past testing so no way it will brick my 930 , been loyal to nokia/microsoft for years now starting to feel like a waste of time now , if they not going to support buyers who shell out shit loads of cash then its no surprise they are losing market share !!!!! Need to buck there ideas up , no wonder they have such poor sales when treat customers this badly  
  • Where are you being treated badly again? "A wider rollout of Lumia Denim to all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to begin in early January, following partner testing and approvals."
  • Rockin a Lumia 925 on T-mobile and I can't wait!
  • Same
  • When is it on the 520 in the uk on t-mobile
  • I know Microsoft when they say early January means 25 or 28 of January believe me
  • Officially there is no denim update for Lumia 520 in India ,its only for l525,check the availability page,
  • WHEN THE F*&$ will us who already have Denim on our 830s get the Lumia Camera app? We have to wait for the whole world to get Denim first? WTF?
  • I'll be honest, I'm not really excited about this update, as my 820 won't get anything significant
  • 930 start to get it too: Look at Denmark and Finlad. They already start to relase. Can wait :)
  • You're right there buddy!! We might have it for the weekend!!
  • So basically it is just another teaser, because we all know these firmware updates get blocked by many Carriers.
  • No, don't let it go through partner testing.  You've just guarenteed I will never see it on my Verizon phone.
  • Downloading denim now :D 930 Norway
  • What product code name?
  • Announced in September, released in January for most people. Yup.
    Light speed fast. Specialty for an update that means nothing for 96% of available devices. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What are you talking about? It will continue to improve ALL models like ALL firmware updates have so far. You know nothing about what denim brings.
  • I know more than you, apparently. Denim brings nothing to phones that aren't the 930, 830 and 1520. Don't delude yourself. Microsoft has dropped support for all other phones not in the X30 series.
    Wake up. And improvements "like the others"? You mean like the Cyan update that broke the imaging on the 1020? You know nothing, Jon Snow. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "...following partner testing and approvals." There ya go.
  • I certainly hope that the Icon gets Cyan so it can be upgraded to Denim.
  • I dont want to wait for carrier testing an approval. Verizon had dragged its feet on Cyan for Icon. Why should I be subject to not having an update that I'm entitled to for a phone that I'm paying monthly for???? This idea of carrier testing is ridiculous considering other carriers around the world do not subject their subscribers to this stupidity. Its my phone, I'm paying for it and I want the update. Sorry for venting, but I find this update process stooped. I dont need Verizon bloat ware.
  • Wat abt Lumia 820 India???? Wat abt 820 on PfD India?????
  • January, please read the article.
  • I just want Lumia Camera for my 830..
  • Is Static Support coming to Lumia 820 after denim update?????
  • I just got Denim and Lumia Camera 5 in Norway right now! L930 :D And the camera is awesome!!!!!!
  • hey, can you tell me the product code for a norwegian lumia 930? can't find it anywhere. :)
  • Its the 02061.00066.14353.31002 and then the "6A" versions. Pick your color. Im not a 100% sure, but its what I remember.
  • shouldn't it be 02540.00019.14484.37003, as the microsoft site states?   edit: ah, I understand what you mean now. flashing cyan from one of those countries and then OTAing to Denim. From what I read 6A could be Russia, I don't understand why they didn't just keep their naming scheme :/
  • Exactly. Im not 100% sure its 6A, but i think it was that one i used when i re-flashed mine a while back. EDIT: It wasnt 6A, but 3V.
  • I live in Australia and bought my 1520 outright and get updates very quickly, my question, why do people go with Verizon if they are so awful? Why not buy outright and sidestep waiting for carriers? All shops offer payment plans if you need.
  • Because that's how it works in NA
  • Once again excuse my ignorance. Are you saying in America i could not just move there with my phone and just buy a sim from Verizon? I have to buy the phone through them? I know they phone lock the phones they sell to their network which causes the update issues hence why i only buy outright. I'm shocked you cant just buy a sim.  
  • People opt for 2 year pricing on the phones (subsidized pricing that makes the phones cost $199 or less). Verizon does not lock any of their 4G phones. Verizon 4G phones are all unlocked for global SIM use. The frequencies that they can use on other carriers in the US may be limited due to hardware restrictions but that's no more "locked" than an FM only radio is "locked" from receiving AM signal, or I am "locked" from speaking/understandingFrench since English is my native tongue(I do not speak/understand French).  So it can be bought from Microsoft directly but the carriers have control over what devices get updates while on their networks. If there is an alternate server they can be directed to manually to install the update from Microsoft then perhaps it would work, but Verizon controls the update from their servers, not on the device.   If I'm wrong, I stand corrected but this is as I know it to be currently in the US.
  • I think maybe my confused terminology, not locked, special Verizon housekeeping software. All carriers have it to identify and make it difficult to jump to a different carrier within the 2 year period. The phone can be global but only through Verizon. Where a outright phone has zero carrier software on it and therefor you can hot swap 6 different carrier sim cards per day in it with no issues. If you go into settings on your verizon phone and go to "about" if Verizon is mentioned there then there is some unique software that is verizon and it is that software that clashes with updates unless prior tested and corrected so it does not cause problems. In Australia you cannot buy a outright phone from a carrier you have to go to a electrical retailer and buy outright a phone then it can connect to 20 different networks if you want. I pulled this from a USA article it seems to verify that Verizon phones are at least quite restricted in the 2 year period..................... This is where things get interesting. If you have a new LTE-capable phone (Verizon calls these Global Ready phones), then you have a SIM-card slot. All LTE networks in the US use GSM technology, so newer Sprint/Verizon phones need to support both CDMA and GSM. This said, your phone still may not work on any or every GSM network around town. It still needs to be compatible with the specific radio frequencies that your new network uses. Verizon’s own ‘Device Unlocking Policy’ states that it doesn’t lock any of its newer phones, but if you require an unlock code it should be either ‘000000’ or ‘123456’. Sprint’s unlock policy is far less friendly. You need to meet a number of requirements, including having paid off your contract, and then you need to contact Sprint for a special code. The catch is (and you knew there would be one) that if you do put in another GSM SIM card you may be restricted to 2G and 3G services only — 4G LTE is still locked down on many devices. Newer Verizon devices should technically be compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile's LTE services, but it depends on the phone and whether it has built-in support for the bands of LTE that GSM carriers use. The same goes for some Sprint devices (although AT&T is still maintaining that no Sprint phones are compatible with its network). To sum it up, while you may be able to take your old Sprint or Verizon phone to a different network, it's not guaranteed that the device will be able to access all of that network's features. It really depends on the phone model and which carriers you're taking it from and to - so you may need to check with your intended provider before making a move.
  • I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on Verizon.  I have to buy phones off contract in order to keep it (ie. buy it unlocked from a MS store).  I could get unlimited data on Sprint, but their selection of Windows Phones is complete $hit, and Verizon by far has the best LTE reception - ditto for T-Mobile.  All this being said, the 8.1 Developer preview works pretty great on my Icon, but id love to have the latest firmware so i can take advantage of the new features.  It really sucks being a WP pioneer on Verizon these days. 
  • Plz someone help me... I have updated via pfd and now when i check it sayes cyan when i uncheck it sayes denim
  • The same for me, I have Lumia 635 (Greek)
  • If you update extras+info and uncheck pfd, you'll see Cyan in extras +info
  • I already have denim on my 830. Just waiting for Lumia Camera. This waiting is ridiculous.
  • F U Verizon.............Give me 8.1, Give me Cyan, Give me Denim......I dont see why MS cant bypass carriers for firmware when people are on the Developer Preview.  How is it different than rooting an Android phone?
  • This site is full of tears today.
  • What are the features included in denim update??
  • "following partner testing and approvals."
  • Damn. I want denim now :(
  • So I'm on my way back home from office. Hope I get the update on my L525. Super Excited. I'm from India btw.
  • Let's see, Jan for world wide rollout, so that means Windows Phone 10 will be out(at least preview program) by the time Verizon puts Denim on the I have my numbers right ?
  • Once again it is FAIL for Verizon!
  • I have been saying it forever; since Microsoft bought Nokia's devices and services division and they control updated for all Lumia devices, why can't they release the appropriate firmware in the Preview for Developers program? Update the app to know what exact model you have and your region and have the appropriate firmware waiting for consumers. You bypass the middle man i.e. the carriers
  • Come on L-930 U.S.!!
  • How bout the (new) Lumia Camera? Is it included in the update?
  • One step closer to that beautiful Lumia Camera update!
  • I just got the denim update but without installing any update, is this normal, it suddenly changed to denim
  • I just got the denim update but without installing any update, is this normal, it suddenly changed to denim
  • I just got the denim update but without installing any update, is this normal, it suddenly changed to denim
  • I just got the denim update but without installing any update, is this normal, it suddenly changed to denim
  • AT&T come on don't let me down... Move quickly for my 1520 like you have in the past
  • Microsoft was faster than Nokia. What does tab is show?
    Nokia delayed the updates intentionally?
  • Here in India Lumia 520 only getting OS update there is no firmware update. Its same as cyan firmware number...
  • L930 - still Cyan here in Singapore
  • Yesterday I got Denim update: Brazil, Lumia 720
  • i just got the Lumia Denim update on my Lumia 720; and within 3 months after i got the Cyan. cool! thanks to Microsoft. :)
  • My ATT 1520 shows Denim as of yesterday, but I don't see 4k video recording and Hey Cortana doesn't exist.
  • Hi Folks... Today 12-21-14 I received a "Welcome to Demin" notice on TMO US for Lumia 635.   I then turned on Preview for Developers and updated to 8.10.14219,341..   And after reboot the phone returned to Cyan... If I turned off Preview for Developers - Denim notice in Extras+info returned... However with both Cyan or Denim - the versions listed are exactly the same.. Anyone else experiencing this         
  • Hope T-Mobile stop being a d*ck and roll out the update
  • When come windows 10 official update in India .