Microsoft may be close to releasing the first HoloLens development kits

Microsoft could be gearing up to roll out its first HoloLens developer kits in the near future. The company has reportedly manufactured about 3,000 of the headsets, running a recent build of Windows 10.

From Microsoft Insider (translated from Spanish):

"The latest news we have seen indicates that there are about three thousand HoloLens units manufactured. Their software is Windows 10, version 10586.63, according to the latest data, and all signs indicate that these kits would be the first development kits to be sent to developers."

Microsoft previously announced that HoloLens developer kits would be made available in the first quareter of 2016, so it wouldn't be surprising if they did indeed start arriving soon. Developer kits are expected to cost around $3,000 per unit.

Source: Microsoft Insider (Spanish)

Joseph Keller