Microsoft "Mobile Media" Starts Beta; Orb Competitor?

This is kind of a tease since I know of no way to actually access this (it appears to be a closed 'beta'), but word is the Microsoft is testing out their new "Mobile Media" tool for your desktop and Windows Mobile device.

Fire up IE6 or higher (no Firefox) and go here to take a gander:

Basically, it's like Orb. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that this is a two client system: one has to run on the desktop (and ergo you have to have your computer on, wasting electricity) the other for your WM device (Standard or Pro).

You can then stream your media content (video, music, pictures) but you are not able to actually download the content. Hooray for copyright protection?

Anyways, if MS ever gets around to building all of this into WM7, that would be sort of sweet. Until then, this seems like an interesting yet hardly groundbreaking development. Still, we like to see MS work this sort of technology and services, so keep it up guys.

If anyone can figure out how to sign up for the beta, drop us a note in the comments.

via Solsie

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