Microsoft moving Lumia app beta trials to UserVoice website

Microsoft is switching websites for its long running Lumia app beta trials from a dedicated site to one that is hosted by UserVoice, which is already being used by the company to obtain feedback on future versions of its Xbox Music app for Windows Phone, along with its Xbox One console.

In their final message on the Lumia Beta Labs page, the company said that the site will shut down on September 5. After that date, all of its will be redirected to the new UserVoice hosted site. Microsoft says:

"There you will find info about ongoing trials, instructions to install beta apps, and notes about app features and known issues. And for each beta app there is a feedback forum where you can give feedback about the apps, vote on others' feedback, and interact with the teams developing the apps."

Microsoft is still offering beta versions of a number of Windows Phone apps made for Lumia devices, such as the Camera app, Nokia Conference and more. What do you think about the decision to move the Lumia beta app feedback to a UserVoice site?

Thanks to N_LaRUE for the tip!

Source: Lumia Beta Labs, Lumia Beta apps on UserVoice

John Callaham