Microsoft now has over 500,000 apps in its Windows Phone and Windows stores

Microsoft has confirmed that, as of September 30, 2014, the total combined number of Modern-based apps in both its Windows Phone Store and its Windows Store have reached and surpassed over 500,000.

The milestone was first noted by Microsoft quietly on its By The Numbers page. Venture Beat got some additional info via a Microsoft spokesperson, who stated, "There are more than 527,000 apps in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores combined." About 187,000 apps are available in the Windows Store, according to Microsoft, and the Windows Phone Store now has around 340,000 apps. The store passed the 300,000 app milestone in August.

These numbers come at something of a turning point for Microsoft in terms of app development. The company has already announced plans for just one app store for the upcoming mobile and PC launch of Windows 10. It's also trying to get developers to make universal apps that will allow users to purchase a Windows Phone app and get the Windows 8 version for free, and vice versa.

Will we see more Modern-based apps once Microsoft launches a universal store for those apps?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Venture Beat

  • Awesome! That's an achievement
  • Too bad most of then aren't universal though.. So the total number of apps per OS greatly lowers then :(. No buggy to me :P but it would be nice to see that many of each windows and windows phone individually
  • The article clearly mentions Windows store has 187,000 while WP store has 340,000 but they're still a big achievement, by numbers.
  • Well, how many iDroid apps are "universal" within their stores❓
  • And how many of them are even supported by the majority of Android devices?
    On the contrary, Lumia 520 alone supports over 98% of the store apps. That's not the case with low end Android devices, let alone the "Universal" thing...
  • I didn't think about that.. Well, it's safe to say that Windows is gaining on iDroid in the app department... Maybe MS needs to start running an ad campaign that makes consumers, and store associates aware of this...
  • Yes, that's my exact same thought as I read the title. It's necessary for people to hear the announcement since WP's app-gap is still infamous more because of such people, than the real gap.
    Personally, there's not a single local app that I miss in my region right now.
    And I think Microsoft should mention the figure along the Lumia ads shown on TV. That's the quickest way to inform it mass wide.
  • I support you...... There's a myth all around about Lumia phones......
  • Yep.
  • What's the point of running am ad campaign to market rubbish apps though. It's all good and well having so many apps, but when even windows doesn't take its own platform seriously and releases better apps for ios and Android than it does for WINDOWS (OneDrive being an example) how are consumers supposed to take windows seriously?!
  • Haa come on MS run successful ads for windows phone? Cant event think of one besides cortana. The "missing apps" joke is still very real with consumers and sales associates. Many associates still tell people they wont have instagram and thats how they push away.
  • yesterday I happened to talk to an android fan boy who recently switched from WP (620) to android (Sony xperia z). I asked him what he didn't like about windows phone. This was his reply. 1) android has so many apps. *on my wp i usually have over 200 apps at any given time..ask them how many apps they have installed. Most don't have apps other than what was preinstalled and they keep talking about app numbers* 2) windows phone has many viruses. *told him about Fsecure's report about 10% of all android apps are malwares. And the recent hacking contest where WP was not breached* 3) WP lags a lot while android is smooth. *that's not what the internet thinks about these two platforms* 4) so many OEMs make android phones. *asked him what's his point.. iOS devices are only made by one company - Apple... Was going to take him seriously but then he said Apple is one of the OEMs making android handsets. That made my day.
  • I'm afraid most of the Android fan boys have a similar mentality similar the person you happened to meet. They have no idea what they talk about. Many mayn't even know what OS they're using on their devices and if by any chance they do, they're unsure about the version code.
  • I think people say lack of apps due to there being none of the google apps from google and instagram, there are 3rd party for some google but people want all the google range, wp need to cut a deal .
  • That's a smart move. Similarly used to target siri
  • Phone salesman here, We are very much aware of it and microsoft beats us over the head with what apps and how many they have and why their exclusives are better than droid/iphone alternatives. 
    My daily driver is a 1520 and it's the best phone I've ever used. All of that said at the end of the day more people not using windows phones is because of the consumer. The ads are there you can't watch tv without ms ads. I can tell people the wonders of WP but it can't always change the consumers oppinion. That is our job as WP users get out there and post about these phones on non windows centric sites! That would do more than what you want MS and Sales Associates to do
  • What is with you and MS' marketing anyway? :-P even if you give 1000 sane, basic marketing suggestions, ideas and plans, they won't do. Their marketing sucks. Period. I heard from a store owner here in India that Lumia 535 will be launched next week and guess what??? No one knows. No one has a faintest idea that there is one good low end phone going to be launched next week. No ads, no campaigns, no teasers, blah blah blah.
  • I was (and kinda still am) furious about just how much of my paid content didn't work when I took a huge step up from 2.3.4 to kitkat on the Nexus 5
  • Oopsss
  • Most apps nowadays especially the new apps are universal.
  • Idroid didn't promise universal apps
  • Yes, but a lot of iDroid apps are what we consider "Universal"
  • Of course though with windows 10 there will be just one store to rule them all so maybe they will all be universal in the end
  • Dude, Win 8.1 and Win phone 8.1 have started the process of having a common apps for both the stores. Hence it becomes logical to add the numbers. With Windows 10, there will be a common app store. As you might be aware that current Windows 8.1 tablets run full Win 8.1 and have the apps from both PC store and modern UI. If you add up the numbers, it turns out to be around 9 lakhs apps.
  • Perhaps I should say I wasn't trying to bash Microsoft. I'm a huge Microsoft enthusiast. I was just stating that it would be nice to see those sort of numbers compatible on both platforms
  • Not really Unversal apps is a development / purchasing structure... The reality is 2 apps are available from the one development or purchase. So the number available is the same as if they were done separately.
  • Nice, those are good news :)
  • Yep considering this number doesn't include thousands of live wallpapers, themes, launchers, farting apps etc found in Google play store
  • To me that number is irrelevant. I'm guessing each of us can think of 5 unique apps that are missing here. Furthermore, you NEVER see the Microsoft store logo in commercials that mention an app, sometimes when there is an app available. Sadly, if you dig into this more, a lot of the apps are sub par with lots of complaints, especially on Windows. Hopefully 10 will help this, but I've been saying that a lot too. Hopefully _______ will fix this next year.
  • Rudy Huyn makes 200,000 of them.
  • You nailed it.....
  • Um...more like 10-12 lol. Have you clicked on his "Other Apps" in his settings? Last I checked, 12 < 200,000 ;) (although, your use of comical sarcasm was rather outstanding, thank you!)
  • The jokes always so much more funnier after it's been killed... :P
  • Lol
  • He builds apps on a contract for other companies...
  • Like your mother?
  • Who were you replying to?
  • I suppose that would be you. Meaning your mother works on contract...its a shit joke.
  • Stormtroopers should be banned. His posts are always full of foul language.
  • Sshh... Not so loud, The Emperor might hear you... ;) :P
  • I learned my foul language while listening to your daddy beat your mommy.
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  • Wow, way to go Buzz Killington. You must be so fun at parties. /s
  • Family guy!!
  • Lol!
    Don't confuse people!
  • Lmao only a slight exaggeration!
  • Question.. Does iDroid' 1 million+ apps include combined apps for their stores? Which might be dumb question, but I'm assuming that just like the Windows store all iDroid apps don't work on both phone, and tablet... Or, are there tablet only apps in the iDroid store?
    IOW when both Windows stores are combined can we say that Windows has 600k apps the same way we say that iDroid has 1 million+ apps?
  • I could be wrong but I thought Droid tablets can run all apps even those for phone and that for those they are just stretched. I'd be curious as to the number of tablet specific apps there are but if they can run both it would be moot.
  • No, not all apps on the play store support android tablets. A lot of the apps display "The app is incompatible with your device" message. Whatsapp and ESPNCricinfo (there are a lot more) are two apps which doesn't support tablets. I have a Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) by the way.
  • I installed BBM on my tablet even though it wasn't compatible, I just manually downloaded the .apk file from the Internet and installed from there.
  • Actually they can, my Droid tablet runs many "Designed for phones" apps. You see the Play Store is different to the Windows Phone store, there are nearly no restrictions or limitations to the type of device you're using.
  • Yes, sideloading is an option but the thing is, each and every time a developer releases an update you'd have to download the updated apk and sideload it again. I feel that its more of a hassle as I'm the kind of a guy who likes to stay on top of app updates. I get them as soon as they're released. I'd have to manually check whether the app was updated by the developer, which is time consuming.
  • No actually I receive updates from the Play Store because it recognises that I have the app installed
  • From what I know, they're kinda combined, i.e, 1m+ apps is the total count. Not all apps made for phones run on tablets and vice-versa. I mean, you can of course install most of the apps on tablets, but it won't work properly if it's not "optimized" for a tablet. Screen resolution, permissions like dialer, flashlights etc are deciding factors.
  • Oh can we count installing Blue Stacks and then including all the Android apps in addition to the Windows apps on your PC.
  • Imagine Blue Stacks for Windows Phone
  • Shhhh Windows 10
  • True...
    Also, blue stacks for WP needs to happen..
  • BlueStacks is garbage for playing games.
  • Even if so, imagine the app count in WP by then! :P
  • and the other 300K are shoddy and/or fakes that should be removed from the store ;)
  • Still... you already know the other part :/
  • Which part? What actually it is?.. :D
  • ‎:|‎، beta + last updated 2012
  • Available for US only :p
  • When for India?
  • This :P
  • Combined. I hope numbers get boost after windows 10 release on everything. Specially games
  • Apple and Google also count tablet and smartphone apps together, so what's the problem?
  • I don't think you grasp what he means. He wasn't commenting on Apple or Google. Where did you get Apple or Google out of that?
  • Yea yea. Slap him please
  • Heickelrrx use slap
    It's Super Effective
    Studio384 Fainted
  • LOL
  • Hahahaha.
  • :D
  • Problem might be:
    The quality of iOS/Android-apps is way ahead of their Windows Phone-counterparts, especially if the apps are built by Microsoft.
    Because, you know, you couldn't expect MS to have as much experience building Windows Phone-apps compared to their level of iOS/Android-experience.
    You have to remember: They are kind of new to this Windoze-system. Oh... wait...
  • By the time W10 devices roll out the count will be 600k.... Possibly 800k a year later... iDroid stores aren't growing that fast, so it's highly possible that at some point the Windows store will surpass both iDroid stores.
  • True... The Windows and Windows Phone store is growing rapidly at a much faster pace than iDroid stores. We will eventually do a hostile takeover
  • Well, if MS learns how to market WP...
  • Hmm, more like: If MS learns not to boost their competitors ecosystems...
  • True they are contributing more to competitor markets than their own
  • Oh Yeah!!
  • Too bad most of these apps in the Windows Store aren't that high quality/good.
  • This.
  • most of the apps on android and ios aren't high quality either. probably 95% of the million apps they have are crap. the problem is the 5%. windows is missing many of them.
  • Wow c'mon. 95% of their apps are not crap stop exaggerating. 95% of our apps maybe.
  • More like 70% of our apps...
  • no, its really 99% crap to 1% usable (and that is an optimistic approximation)...
  • Too bad you feel like you need to use every app in the store. Every app in Apple and Google play store aren't good either, they just have higher counts so the percentage of good vs bad apps is naturally better.
  • Someone on here said to download and install, then reinstall apps to make developers feel like they are getting attention...
  • What?
  • Is that someone you?
  • No. Rodneyj knows who I am writing about.
  • Oh well that's an effort, and what if it is paid?
  • Yeah, sounds crazy, but someone said it. It was in the comments for the article about a developer trying WP platform for apps last week or so.
  • Good going Microsoft...
  • Now just need that damn snap chat so my account doesn't get locked. Come on peeps, this shit is getting old. Been with windows phone since the beginning and I don't plan on leaving. But still missing a couple key apps. Just glad wells Fargo took their sweet time and now I have that lol
  • Ahhh, the banks.  USAA has a great app, while Navy Federal has none.  I'm 50% taken care of on the bank front.  I can still use Mint to keep track of things with Navy Fed, but I can't do mobile deposits. Boooo.  I've shifted how I bank because of this too.  USAA is more of my day-to-day banking because it is more convenient. I use Navy Federal mostly for rent since I have a large stash of checks for that account. I used to use Navy Federal for 90% of my banking and USAA was for insurance and a savings account.
  • And?
  • Yeah, it's nice that the USAA app came back. It would be nice if bank apps would start linking with wallet.
  • I'm confused about the state of the wallet.  I thought the carriers crippled it and now are having us use the Softcard app, that the all (AT&T, Verizon, TMobile) own together. Is there anything for the banks to "link" to?
  • Haters still gonna complain of course... I'm just happy I have the apps I need.
  • THIS!
  • I don't have apps I want.
  • Needs > wants
  • If MS wants bigger share, wants > needs
  • Tell the developers you want their app and who knows you may just get them to make it.
  • WP market share is to low for them to bother, its their official reply. I'm talking about my bank...
  • YESSS!!!!
  • Also makes me wonder what if about webOS...damn you HP...
  • Don't get me started. Lol
  • That's some serious voodoo.
  • I'd like to see what the world would be like if Meego actually became the next big OS
  • Why would you open up and old around like that :'(. Let webOS rest in piece.
  • This is one of those 'good to know' stories.... The W8 apps maybe helpful when W10 releases, but then again, how many are unified..... and how many 'so called BIG players' are on here AND updating regularly. I not pessimistic, but I am concerned..... I am curious to know how many of those are apps are crowd pullers? We could reach a million, but if there are no dev and people pullers then the rest of the picture is not changing.
  • Same feeling...
  • Same concern here...
  • Hopefully Google and MS can start to get on terms, so that we might see more than just that awful Google Search app... Would be great to have official Google+ and other apps...
  • Maybe satya visit google and take all PC from the corporate offices and say give us your app or I throw the PCs away!
  • Google uses Ubuntu... They don't use Windows.
  • NOT HAPPENING.... As long as Google knows it does not have much to loose, the big G will do everything to keep interest level for WP at its lowest... Only way to get G rated apps is for MS to increase WP penetration and marketshare
  • I know :'( But it seems strange that they will make apps for iOS when they also only have a very small marketshare. Was it about 10% last time that came up? 85% for Android, 10% for iOS and just under 5% WP I think.
  • In the US, iOS has close to 50% market share. And the US matters the most in the mobile tech industry(unfortunately).
  • That is because G does not feel threatend by iOS. MS has a competitive product to almost every Google product and then some....
  • * lose Some would argue that to increase WP penetration and marketshare, that Google apps/services are needed. I don't necessarily agree with them, but that is a common argument.
  • True for the most part. Dont think people care about a lack of Gmail, Hangouts, etc... But everytime I have tried to upsell WP one of the apps that always comes up is 'Youtube'. Thats just how the majority are... they dont really care about an awesome 3rd party app... they want the 'Name brand for free'
  • And what most people who don't use Windows are not aware of is that running a mobile optimized web page is a great experience on windows phone web browsers such as ie11, UC and Surfy. YouTube is one example where its a breeze to use their web page on ie11 and you can easily pin the web page to your start screen. UC browser has a nice function where you can add the web page to a quick link menu. Do who needs apps when you get a great experience just by using a web page with our web browsers?
  • And you have completely missed the point.... 
  • I haven't had the resistance to 3rd party apps that play YouTube videos from people that have asked me about switching. They are OK with it as long as they get their content.  What I have run into is when there is no good way to get at the content/services they are used to using.  There's no good way to get to Hangouts, which is a dealbreaker for some.  Some are convinced that Google Maps is a must-have, but most are OK with using another mapping service.  If Google ever pulls Waze, that would be a bigger roadblock than Google Maps.  Only the nerdy types get all "I need" about everything.  Waze isn't just service in Los Angeles; it's a survival tool.  I'd be SUPER BUMMED if Google pulled that from out store. I also concede to people who say that they "need" Google services, that they aren't likely ever to see Google develop anything for Windows Phone because they have some playground bully mentality.  Actually, I'm shocked that they haven't been slapped with an anti-trust investigation since they basically have monopolistic power over Internet video and are using that power in an attempt to crush a competitor.
  • Woooooow its an achievement......?
    Common microsoft I am starting to get bored now!
  • What do you expect from them?
  • Cookie
  • He expects more because he's already flipped through all half-a-million+ apps. ;-)
  • What according to you is an achievement?
  • Achievement = coc and candy crush .. Lol
  • Achievement = Dead trigger +COD strike team +shadow gun+Official YouTube.. More than enough for me :D
  • This guy gets it.
  • Then why are you still here is my question. And taking the time to comment.
  • Seems legit.
  • Great news. Now let's hope that these apps are updated frequently too.
  • Uhh... Yeah no. Half the windows phone apps are not even on windows 8. Meaningless stats
  • in 2-3 years MS should have at least a 'million' apps on windows platform.
  • Maybe less. Who knows what can happen in 1 year time?
  • The combined number will probably be more significant with Windows 10. As of now I'm reading: 340 000 apps on Windows Phone and 187 000 apps on Windows
  • Doesn't matter how many apps. Quality of apps matter!
  • ...and we have those too.
  • Woot
  • How about some OFFICIAL apps. Useful apps. Quality over quantity, Microsoft.
  • Who cares about "official"? Nerds on websites with iEnvy.  No one that has asked me to help them switch gives two rats arses about "official" YouTube, for example.  They want to know if they can get the content. Yes? No problem.  We have plenty of useful, quality apps.  Just because something YOU are looking for isn't  there yet, doesn't mean that that the entire catalog is filled with crap.  Geesh
  • I don't really care. Almost all public web sites promoting something new, still has only iPhone and Android. A random but fitting example is the BandAid30 site for today's new band aid recording. I do not remember anywhere that has featured Windows phone along with the other players. This is much more important for its success than a mere count of store apps.
  • Yes.
    And that's where last week's visual studio announcements come in. When a dev can target all three platforms with the same code in the same IDE then why not just push to WP as well on release?
  • You do still need xamarin to target all 3 don't you? And that is not that cheap for individual developers unfortunately. Microsoft should just buy xamarin and include it's features natively to visual studio :)
  • Haters gonna hate
  • Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break...
  • Lol. Oh iiii
  • They can't help themselves. If Windows Phone came out with a year long battery and cured cancer, people would say "Yeah, but...Instagram is still in beta and we don't have an "official" YouTube." They see everything as a trigger to whine. Sad.
  • Lovers gonna love
  • numbers don't matter as long as we have the apps we need..... And also updates*
  • And quality!!!!
  • And tacos!
  • And Mario kart!
  • And Bacons!
  • And Halo!
  • And BathTub™ !
  • Most clones and rip offs and knockoffs sadly Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's Microsoft ;)
  • Oh, no wonder I have nothing to download in Windows 8.1, duhhh. Dumb me....
  • Honestly that's horrible think of where android and IOS was in they fourth yr its crazy to think that M$ a company that's been around for yrs now and yet android fairly new is dominating, I want to stay with WP but my Lumia 1520 is starting to feel old and the apps support looks very bleak for the future instagram has been in beta for over a yr, no snapchat, YouTube, no google apps its so frustrating
  • I totally agree unfortunately.
  • My thoughts exactly....I'll be checking out the Galaxy Note edge and Note 4 this weekend...I'm going back to Android until the apps I need are available on WP......SONOS, Nest (Nestle does not have real time monitoring ability unfortunately) AT&T Uverse, Capital One 360, Key Bank and the list keeps going for me unfortunately...It doesn't help that my 920 contract is up for me and my wife and we have no new AT&T WP flagship to consider.
  • If Google apps are that important to you, I concede that you should jump ship. They are NOT going to develop for Windows Phone, Windows 10, or whatever.
  • Yaaay but 500,000 more to go
  • But the store is flooded with app studio about this info about that...copy contents from Wikipedia and make an app...we want quality apps.
  • I don't care. Just fix the bloody XBOX MUSIC....
  • Dont forget That There are 70% off the worst apps of the world in this fucking Windows store
  • 500,000 and they still don't have every major bank. Let's hope they address this with Windows 10 and universal apps. I know when it's all said and done it isn't up to them, but I'd like to see them try and work with them to try and get as many banks as possible into the fold. People aren't going to give up the convenience of never having to visit their bank just because they like how pretty Windows 10 looks. 
  • You don't think they try? Have you complained to your bank?  I used to complain directly to USAA, as did others and they came out with a GREAT Windows Phone app.
  • Well I switched ti Bank of America because they have a beautiful WIndows Phone app, but my previous bank was TD who didn't have one. I made sure upon closing my account that I told them the sole reason I closed it was because of their lack of a Windows Phone app and that they really shouldn't underestimate the value of a smartphone app for eveyr platform, and how much more viable a solution power users consider banks to one with an app over getting a new phone just because they don't have an app for my phone.   TD has since released a beta for their Canadian branch and claimed a US one is coming soon which is nice, but there are still several other household names wihtout WP apps. It amazes me how clueless some of these banks are. As I previously mentioned a lot of people are more liekly to switch banks than phones if they have no loans/investments tied to that bank than they are to get a new phone just because their bank doesn't have an app for Windows phone. I'm a prime example. I got sick of waiting for TD to act do I browsed for all the major banks in the app store and when I saw BofA I didn't hesitate to close my TD account and switch.    The problem is that when the tables are turned and you're on a platform that already has an offical app from your bank, it severaly limits hte likelyhood that you're going to jump to the other platform no matter how much you like it. 
  • But one wonders how many of them are active apps? i.e. regularly updated and maintained apps? However, bravo MS.
  • More like 300 apps + 200 junk apps
  • We are getting there, slowly but surely
  • Milestone yes. Now time to focus on transition to universal apps and overall app quality. More specifically much needed updates to existing big name apps (looking at you too Microsoft * cough OneNote*
  • Needs soundcloud app for windows phone
  • No matter what good news is released, there's always that "yeah, but" crowd. They can't help themselves because they have to be angry and bitter.  The rest of us are excited about this news.  Growth is growth and that is better than no growth. Instead of letting the naysayers have all the attention, I'd like to point out other good, recent app news:
    * We now have what I consider to be THE best video editing app...of any platform with Movie Creator.
    * The CBSN app was released and is benchmark for app design...and Windows Phone first.
    * We are playing in the Tap To Pay realm with Softcard. (AT&T finished their WinPhone app 1st, but Softcard is also owned by TMobile and Verizon, so expect them to get theirs out soon)
    * With Rawer, we are not only the only platform that is taking RAW photos with our phones, but we can now edit those raw images...on our phones.
    * TrueCaller and TrueDialer worked with Microsoft to get their apps working like they do on the competing platforms. It was worth their effort.
    * Flipboard showed up. No, it doesn't flip, but it still looks and works great.
    * has what I think is a Windows Phone only app for their site. GREAT and interesting stories in a good looking package. Reminds me of a text (with multi media) version of This American Life.
    * Duolingo will be here on Wednesday (the 19th), so I can take my language learning mobile.  I've been using their site to improve my Spanish and start French from scratch.  It'll be nice to get in quick lessons, anywhere. These are great examples of it's not just big numbers, but we have had some great apps to highlight.  Of course, these are just examples of apps that I have on MY phone.  I'd love see some people post apps that they have and love.  It's not all bad news and all good news doesn't require the "yeah but" naysayers.
  • Thanks for this. The negativity surrounding what is truly good news was getting aggravating. :-)
  • Nice paragraph, but some of us of care about the quality and features of an app. I for example will prefer one full-fledge official fb app rather than the 100+ useless fb apps in the store. It's not about the number of apps, it's about the quality of apps. Not to mention we don't have most of official apps, and we rely on those 3rd party apps, praying that they don't get taken down.
    I'm not saying that the number of apps is a bad thing, it's good to see that we are making progress and hopefully it will motivate people to make stuff for Windows Store. But, right now, the Windows
    Store is far from being 'perfect' or even good for that matter.
  • You just did a "yeah but". You really can't help yourself??? Don't act like because someone can see the positives, that they don't want more. Sometimes, pointing out the good stuff without hearing the endless repeats of the SAME complaints is what "some of us want".
    For the record, I gave examples of high quality apps. Can you do that, or are you only capable of complaining??
  • I don't think anyone is arguing that the store is perfect but whether or not it's "good" is subjective. There are a lot of very nice and unique apps in the store and I've never once found myself longing for something my friends on other platforms have. That said someone else might not be satisfied with it and that's alright as well. However, it's pointless to keep talking down the 500,0000+ apps because, quality or not, it's still a clear sign of growth which is good for everyone.
  • AppStore 9/10
    Play Store 8/10
    MS Store 5/10 The apps I need aren't on this platform.
    The official apps there are poor in comparison to Android and Apple.
    WhatsApp and Facebook still make my phone hot and drain my battery and are more than a year behind the frontrunners.
    /End rant/ PS: Internet explorer sucks balls
  • The bitter just can't help themselves. Why don't you try to find something that actually LIKE? If that's not possible, why haven't you switched?
  • I already have. I'm in the Google ecosystem now. I just keep up with the news in WinCentral is all. Don't get mad.
  • I'm not mad. I'd just love to hear what people actually LIKE. We know everything they gripe about because they find a way to mention it in the comments section of EVERY article.
  • I've gotten to love windows phone but still miss all my old treos, veer & pre. I still visit them on a shelf in my basement sometimes.
  • I still use my Treo as a remote, my pre2 as an alarm clock on the touchstone and pre as a media player in one of my cars lol
  • But you don't have a single one app lock
  • who needs em?
  • Quality over quantity. We have quantity right now. There are still a bunch of big names we don't have, banks, and local area apps.
  • no offiacial snapchat, 3rd party snapchat apps are gonna be banned, instagram is still rubbish, pdf reader sill doesn't support file browser. don't care about 500.000 apps, the most important things are still missing.
  • Adobe PDF supports file browser
  • So, no matter what progress is made, we can expect you to put your complaints on repeat until you get the exact lineup of apps that you want? If you want a SnapChat app, I'm guessing you'd be more productive telling SnapChat about it. Same with your bank. When I've written developers and companies, some of them say that I'm the first WP user to contact them. If a bit of the energy spent being negative on WinCen was spent being proactive, you'd probably have some of the apps you complain are missing.
  • +930
    People should really have such mentality!!!
  • +1320 Yep do ot all the time. Send messages to the company's online presence such as their web page, Facebook & Twitter accounts etc. The more people who do this, the more companies will see value in developing apps for Windows devices. Also if an app isn't available for Windows try using their web page like Was easy to make a booking from my phone plus gave a hit to their website from a Windows.device. No good complaining here... Make your time more useful and complain to the company that doesn't have the app you want.
  • +2520 People need to reach out to companies and developers more. The squeaky wheel gets the lubricant. See Apple fanboys.
  • Shouldn't that be up to your bank? Maybe you would be better off complaining to your bank rather than blaming Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • nobody complains about microsoft and never told anything about bank apps. what I told is clear above. no need for straw man fallacy. having 500.000 apps is not a progress nor a success if the most popular apps are missing or not updated since jesus christ's birth.  so there is nothing to brag about it.
  • Don't speak logic to the unreasonable ware are going to complain NO MATTER WHAT.  You'll just drive yourself as crazy as they are.
  • Right. They have a lot of apps now and the only ones missing are the ones you want.
  • 1.3m on Google play store....
  • ... and 1 milion of them are junk, spam apps and misguiding apps.
  • That might be true, but they have more quality apps than Win phone apps.
  • 1.2 million of them trying to exploit your device for personal gain.
  • Some are viruses.
  • Fact remains is that we're missing a lot of apps. I try and sway people to windows phone whenever I get the chance but I also have to honest with them. A guy asked me at work if I liked windows phone because he was considering switching from IOS. I know he plays a lot of games with other guys at work so I told him that the majority of those games aren't on windows phone. Whenever they find a new game I look for it in our store and its never there, unfortunately. He said he wouldn't switch if they didn't have the games. Personally I don't like ESPN but I like their apps (I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, lol). They don't support windows phone. We don't have near the quality of sports news/score apps that ios and android have. No yahoo sports, fox sports, or bleacher report team stream. I'm a sports person. I would love to have more relevant sports apps. Some people like games and others like shopping apps. We still have a long way to go as far as apps go. It's hard to sway people that "need" their apps. I've been with windows since my HTC Mogul and I don't plan on switching now. Hopefully windows 10 will change things and developers will see the earning potential in it
  • Have you written to them?  I write Bleacher Reports everytime they send me an email about their "apps".  The more they hear from us, the more likely they are to see a market. Fact remains that there is growth.  I'm not sure why that's a bad thing.  They didn't claim to have every base covered, but they hit a milestone.  We are missing some, but also have some great ones. Celebrate sometimes vs. denigrating all the time. Go write an email to Bleacher Reports. They need to see something coming from more than just my three email accounts. ;)
  • Just a pity there is no Vodafone account app
  • And 80% are Weather apps, 15% are spam/shit apps and 5% are decent. Such a shame.
  • Totally 25% of them are misguiding apps
  • 5% from 500.000 = 25.000 .
  • You know what I meant. Don't be so literal. Also what's with the "." symbol instead of the "," like it should be?
  • Yeah, some countries use "." instead of ","... 
  • You should get out more. Just because the United States (where I was born and live, by the way) writes numbers one way doesn't make it the only way. Many countries have other ways of doing things, including using a decimal instead of a comma.
  • Lmao. K.
  • I'll remember that the next time someone from a country that uses the term "soccer" says it and everyone rushes to get bent out of shape. :)
  • Where did you get those stats from?
    80% Weather apps seriously ? :O No, just no.
    No more drugs for you.
  • 72.3% of all statistics are made up. :D
  • Exactly :)
  • Quality please
  • Indeed!
  • Awesome! Still missing a few apps I'd like but still loving my windows phone
  • 25% of them misguiding apps
  • We saw you above. Your rain has been acknowledged as falling on the parade.
  • Wonderful news. Might be an indicator for what to come next for Microsoft naysayers.
  • Too little too late. The app gap war is over. We lose. Common perception among the dumb and uninformed is that Windows sucks, is insecure (IE), and does not have the popular apps. Not sure what MS can do to change that. Sad.
  • I guess they should just shudder the joint. Question: Why are you still sitting at the bar of the Titanic?
  • From how much focus and effort they seem to put on iOS and Android nowadays, it seems like MS themselves realized that this war is lost. WP will always be a third class citizen unfortunately.
  • That's why we need to do our part to talk it up whenever we can. iPhone users are always bragging to me about what they can do, why can't we do the same? For example, you cited people's perception of IE as being low security. Tell them about the recent hacker's convention where Android and iOS were broken into, but after getting into IE on Windows Phone, they were unable to make it past the sandbox to do any real damage. That's just one example of why WP is better in many ways.
  • I need Sky Go, Amazon Music, Google Maps,
  • If you don't know it you should try here maps. It's brilliant Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • +HERE Maps
  • +Here maps is so far beyond any other platform's main map app there is no comparison. I use it all the time.
  • Be sure to write to Sky and Amazon to make your requests known by the people who can actually do something about it. Don't bother requesting anything from Google, because they don't care. Repeat: Google apps aren't coming.  If you "need" them, you are going to be dissappointed. I get along just fine with HERE.
  • I agree, HERE maps is better. Its all I use now.
  • Make an improvements to those apps/games that not have been updated over a month quality is better than quantity... Still no candy crush and instagram is still beta tsk tsk.....
  • Except Microsoft will let anything through just to get those numbers.  Sometimes I sigh at some of the things I see.  The store is so disorganized.  And the rating system seems to be split up based on region.  So in Canada you have one app that gets 5 stars because 3 people voted and in the U.S it gets 3 stars because 1000+ people voted.    Anyways, I do love Windows Phone but recently have been getting frustrated with it.  I mean I wanted to buy a new windows phone.  In Canada I can't get the lumia 735 as it would be the cheapest unlocked phone I would go for.  The only phones I ever see in mobile stores are the 1020 and 520.  Even in the Microsoft store they didn't have any of the ones I wanted.  They really need to get more hardware partners.  Honestly the Lumias look is starting to get out-dated.  They just keep going with the same boring look.  Look at phones like LG G3 or even the new LG without bezel that will be coming out.  They need more OEMS and they need to make their own line of phones better looking.  Honestly I never liked apple phones but the iphone 6 in black looks really nice.  Do something different, curved edges, less bezel, etc..  Microsoft has the money and if they want in on mobile they need to really speed things up.  Hire more people, stop focusing on android, apple.  I mean I am pretty into Windows Phone and always talk about it to others, but now i'm starting to get to a point where I may switch.  That is the worst thing Microsoft can have happen.  If loyal users are leaving then how the hell are they going to bring in new users.    /end of rant haha
  • It's a good rant and exactly how I feel. I'm sick of carrier exclusives and the mind-numbing number of low-end devices and no flagship model. We have money too, MS. Make a goddamned high-end flagship phone that we'd be happy to spend it on. But it might be too late for me, as I've all but decided to switch.
  • There were some great ps1 games in the store that now are gone, that's sad, I'm glad to see 500 000 but I'd like those games to come back
  • You can use EmiPSX and play them anytime.
  • Not the same
  • Yeah I get it, but that's the only way left.
  • 500,000 is just a number.
  • I think they should stop bothering with the numbers. Genuinely, if they just made it a priority to get the top 100 apps working on par with their ios/android equivalents, it would be worth more than 100,000 apps.
  • + 6+ (as in, iPhone 6+)
  • They can't write the apps FOR other companies. They do what they can do.  Frankly, if developers ever come to this forum and read the sky is falling on every article, no wonder they don't develop.  Maybe they'd like to see that 500K apps are in the store, so maybe it might be worth their time to put in some effort. Again: I say, go to the developers/companies that don't have Windows Phone versions of the apps you want and complain to them directly. They are the ONLY ones that can do make it happen.  Some, like Google, won't do it no matter what. Some, like Instagram, are content to leave a tattered beta.
  • I have the apps that I want. But mist don't.
  • I for one am pleased with this news. People need to remember that WP is still a young platform which is slowly becoming a major player.. I've been here from the start and have noticed the growth in every aspect of this platform and it has been exciting to see it grow and mature into the great OS that its becoming.
    I have found that most of the apps that I need are here in windows along with total junk apps.
    When a baby is born you don't expect it will just be able to jump and run right away. So all of you that have crossed over to WP just lately must have come over for a good reason which I can assume is that we are better than what you were experiencing previously with your other platforms
  • That's the same thing I keep telling people about the Surface tablets. Just because they have work to do on them, and they are not that popular yet, doesn't mean they don't have great potential. I mean, they already do something that Apple can't seem to figure out, i.e. run a full desktop OS on a tablet form factor device. Microsoft basically just got into the mobile game at Windows 8, and they are doing some pretty cool stuff already. So give them a chance to show what they can do.
  • And most suck.
  • Go Windows phone, go Microsoft!!
  • My wife has an iPad and had an iPhone before switching to the 925. It's amazing how many updates their apps get. Every single day there are several updates. We have a long way to go in terms of app support like IOS. I don't have a lot of experience with the google play store so I don't know how often they get updates. Seems like facebook gets weekly updates in IOS but we are lucky if we get quarterly updates. People who can't see that are blind. I doubt Microsoft is ignoring or oblivious to this fact. Maybe there just isn't anything they can do about it. Who knows. A lot has to change in order for windows phone to gain more users. Its a vicious circle. Users wont switch until they see the apps they need. Developers wont develop until they see a big increase in market share. It is what it is..
  • About 800,000 to go
  • "Hey, man. It's quality, not quantity, alright man?" — Ron Slater
  • Now can we start talking about the app-update gap
  • LOL!!
  • I jizzed....ahhh...........what a mess...
  • WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT, There's not that many apps on WP iPhone & android put together! There are so many duplicate apps like compass or dictionary it's a joke. MS needs to get their act together & sort out the store.
  • Take note, 500,000 of quality apps.
  • They needed filter the store or at least make the search resaults relevant 
  • Are they counting Facebook twice or once? There same for other duplicated non universal apps.
  • And people still have the nerve to say "there are no apps" for Windows Phone! -_-
  • Great news, keep em coming
  • It's definitely a milestone for windows phone, but its still not good enough, games that are currently trending on ios and android are nowhere insight on Windows phone, android and ios users talk about games and their progress and WP users always have to stay mum, why because most of the time windows phone does not have the game. Eg Clash of clans
    Dumb ways to die Hopefully this can be resolved with window 10, and universal apps,
  • And 99.1% of it is compete and utter shit.
  • If you think slightly differently 500,000 apps for a system with a low market share is actually phenominal. I have to admit I am not a massive app user, the base OS has almost everything I need, and I am lucky I suppose, my bank does have a very good Window phone app (I don't have it on as I don't like the idea of losing my phone with stuff like that on it and I don't really need it as I do my online banking on my laptop) but even if you think of market share in the UK (10%) it's still a lot of apps per share of the market.    
  • But you see, it's so much easier to complain instead of going to the companies you want an app for and asking them to do something about it. It's also easier to complain about not having the same app as your friends even when you have very well done apps on the Store that match and quite often surpass the ones your friends talk about. People complained about not having enough apps and now that we have more it's still not good enough. People talk about the Google store and quality and I laugh because there is a ton of crap on it mixed in with the good stuff.
  • Oh that's cheating. Give us each stores' individual numbers.
  • What's the point of having so much apps when the current apps ie. WeChat are still behind in terms updates.. Its not on par with IOS and Android.
  • It will never be until the user base warrants that attention. Its that simple. Its a chicken or egg of "build it, they will come" except developers don't have unlimited funds so they have to pick their bets more cautiously. WP needs more adopters to reach critical mass where the decision is less a risk. But that wont happen because users claim to need a million apps and complete feature parity before they switch. Chicken, or egg.
  • Some how this number will be irrelevant to those that simply haven't used the platform. To them only a number like eleventy billion would be newsworthy.
  • They have come a long way but most of the apps still lack the features that android and IOS apps have. The "app gap" may be getting smaller but lack of quality,features, and updates is still a problem. Even Microsoft 's own apps are better on android and IOS.
  • It shouldnt be a numbers race. As a former android fan i can say from experience that many of the apps on the play store are JUNK. Useless junk. Lots of them do not play nice with various android iterations. Windows would be much better served concentrating on quality instead of vast app numbers.
  • Microsoft is just reporting. If you don't think they are in contact with developers of what you are calling "quality" apps, you are mistaken.  At the end of the day, it's those developers/companies that decide to make the app or not, not Microsoft.
  • And ios and Droid has millions I guess
  • And so many of them are scammy crapware. Looking around the Windows store on my sp3 is sort of depressing seeing some of the crap that gets thru.
  • Glide? Watchespn? Updated Sportcenter?
  • This is a disingenuous statement from msft. How many people use secret. How many use snap chat. How many are not going to use wp because those two apps are not going to be on the platform.
    Filler isn't indicative of quality. Betas, web wrappers, poor support, lack of features and updates - who are msft trying to kid. WP is behind the curve and they're not catching up. Windows 10, is that going to address this phenomena?
  • And somewhere no other OS has those in your world?
  • All the other os's have those apps. They also have filler. They also have better features and support, bar bb10. Boil away the rubbish and wp lacks. What was your point?
  • Traceamar... Not really. The more people that use a companies web page from their Windows device the more hits they will see for Windows devices and will be more likely to develop an app for the Windows platform. I can agree that there is an app gap but I knew that getting into Windows OS. My point is the more a Windows user directs their attention to a company through their web page, facebook page, Twitter account etc, while using their Windows device then the more likely they will see a need to develop an app for our platform. India is a prime example where they are starting to get good market share and large corporations are now designing apps for that market.
  • Yea lots of Games but the important ones np ! I was thinking about buying a new car but the infotanenment system doesn't recognize Windows Phonw nor do my local tv stations oh and no the banks don't either! Microsoft your doing the same think with the windows phone as you did with pocket pc too little to late!
  • What is the point of having 500000 apps if quality apps from iOS and Android aren't present? Apps like Instagram has not been updated for months! No Snapchat(and now that stupid Snapchat company is hunting down third parties, poor Rudy). Microsoft apps(Office aside) is not on par with their iOS counterparts. At least Duolingo is coming. I will not be back from iOS until the dusts settles, WP8 still has limitations that need to be solved(Try using one in Korea and you will understand).  
  • What's the use? Almost all of them are either inferior or outdated (gets updated in months) compared to other platforms.
  • Still missing stuff. Candy Crush clash of clans NHL GAMECENTER
  • But still lack of official apps and games...
    Its look like only the worse developers develop a small app every moment just to fill the store...
    We dont have official torrent app, instagram didn't get update since more than a year, don't have Wi-Fi file transfer app like xender or flash transfer (OS limitations) games like death trigger, clash of clans, etc didn't took place in store since now...
    So we cant appreciate this post (Our Limitations)
  • WP phone is way behind android and ios, cannot even share facebook pic on whatsapp, i was also trying to share a tunein radio station on whatsapp but no option on WP 8.1. Had to use my android phone to do so
  • Personally I really like the idea of universal apps, but the performance on Windows Phone is in my opinion still terrible, that's why I continue to develop them in Silverlight for Phones...
  • If Microsoft wants people to come to there platform. They need to fill the gap. I came from Android and us Android users are heavy on apps.
  • Yes microsoft can say they have even 1000000 apps but there  essential apps that microsoft lacks, for example Chase Bank apps, and othets banks apps, Nest thermostat and meny others .    
  • Awesome number and good to hear its heading right direction. Games and time pass apps are different things but the official apps for major retailers and company has to be available for Windows Phone at the same time with same support as iDroids. Pisses me a lot, lots of companies don't even give a fuck for the existence of Windows Phone.
  • think WP will fade off...........cause of apps
  • I have a Nokia 920 and recently acquired an iPhone. The app gap is not nearly as wide as most think. There is the local advantage as all my local banks and credit unions are supported on iPhone. I dig that. But iPhone has one incredibly bad Drudge Report app. One. The WP version by wicked wolf is infinitely superior. 6tag murders any instagram experience on iPhone. Twitter options 3rd party or native are ALL better on WP. Cortana has much better system integration, if you don't mind how invasive it is. Weather apps all better experience on WP. The hardware is amazing I could sing the iPhones design,sound and camera all day but ios8 and its functionality leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Bring it on!
  • To be honest, this is really a great move with Windows 10 coming up.
  • except their quality is poop
  • MS does not want Universal Apps, all they have to do is restrict new apps on the store till they are Universal.
  • it is indeed an achievement, there's no denying that... but i feel that WP as a platform still looks like jst an option... unlike iOS & android which has always been a staple when it comes to app release of brands out there.
    msft, i know u cn do better than this! :)
  • This is great news. It's only a matter of time before all developers are making universal apps. It only makes sense.
  • I love my windows phone however the apps do become an issue from time to time. I dont blame MS i blame lazy ass dev's. So Dev's are happy to make apps for 12% of the global market but not the 5%? Android has 83% so why not just make apps for android then? Dev's are to blame over this not enough apps bull crap.
  • Are you out of your mind? That 12 percent is iOS you are talking about. Do you know the kind of internet traffic that iOS generates in the States? That is a major revenue stream for developers. Wake up to reality my friend. Love Microsoft, but if I were a developer I know my first two operating systems of choice.
  • After fling my research before jumping to winphone, I was dismayed by the lack of apps like my local bank, lighting app, and even HBO GO...can't do it, but I hope Microsoft does well. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I don't have issues with any of the windows apps which I have installed. Neither do I feel anything is missing. I look forward to the increased numbers but don't expect much more than what I already have. Just different versions.
  • Keep going just keep going Microsoft..... Don't stop till that triples.
  • Next goal should be 750,000 by Mar 1.  Then one millon by Jun1 2015.
  • With universal apps and one store on Windows 10, Microsoft is hopefully going to kick right on Google's face. I bought my wife a 930 for her birthday and bcoz Samdung GS3 she was using had seen motherboard being to be changed twice and again it's Wi-Fi stopped working. She did envy my phone and i thought it was good idea to buy her a WP but it back fired. She is more of a Google girl and at her work they use Gmail app for business accounts and could not come to terms with not having Google mail app and Google drive. I hope Google wakes up and starts making apps for both phones and desktop on running Windows
  • I Quality
  • for instance NYC Mate quality app windows has nothing to match it just garbage transit apps.
  • I'm with T mobile my Lumia 920 recently broke I went to T mobile. The only phone they have is the 530 and 635. I'm looking for a quality phone. The HTC m8 is suppose to come out cant stand the gun metal color. Nothing beats silver. I feel as though I'm forced to go apple or android. What happened to the 830 930 and the rest of the gang for T mobile. Microsoft is really screwing up there not going to make any gains if they keep carrier options limited. Your hearing it straight from the horse's mouth the consumer.
  • Djay2 quality app Microsoft nothing to match it.
  • I could keep going
  • Actually being a WP developer isn't a difficult thing.i found a lot of v videos on channel 9 about c sharp and WP developing. MS really did a lot of thing to help WP developers. Make It easier to get start.
  • Well when you talk about quality in WP apps compared to PlayStore and IOS it's about features most of the time. iPhone and android apps have much more features and detail than the WP versions, and apps that do not exist in WP market and do exist on the other two are also built with quality design and features. When talking about games you have to be blind not to see that Android and IOS are wayyy ahead in respect of graphic quality and variety. Good games, modern games on WP not only that are just a few ones that are good, but the graphic quality is not that good. I am playing RR3 on iphone and it's amazing, also infinity blade 3, nfs most wanted etc. The graphic details are simply amazing. I wish this could be present on WP too. Take for example the Angry Birds Go!. On wp the graphic effects are horrible, especially the dust compared to the other two platforms.
  • I doubt there are more than a thousand good apps acrosss all platforms. So this just means there is a larger pile of garbage to wade through to find the good stuff.
  • Please include clash of clans on windows phone
  • Tell me, How elegent is windows phone 8.1, right? I have tried windows 10 for phones in my LUMIA 1520, I had a few bugs, But I saw lots of new features added, Cant wait for that update, It was awesome!!!!   Keep up the good work MS, Will cross IOS in about 5 years.......
  • Does anybody know if windows phone is going to provide locking apps by password facility i future?   The apps that are present for locking apps right now are not full proof.