Microsoft now lets you share everything through Skype

Microsoft has made a share button for Skype. This new button is readily available on MSN, as well as in India for the time being, making it easier to share content with contacts through Skype. Using the new share button will enable you to log into your account and quickly start discussing stuff with friends and family.

It's possible to add a message and the link to said content too. If you're used to sharing cat videos to people on Twitter and Facebook, this process with Skype should be familiar. While Microsoft has initially partnered with MSN and, the company has made it possible for webmasters to quickly add the Skype share button to their own websites, so expect to see it pop up around the web.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • <Cough> Great Innovation. Let it keep coming MS</cough> Skype team within MS is years behind competition
  • What competition?? O.o
  • Maybe skype isn't even in a competition anymore. People use skype only coz everyone is there not coz, ppl love it.
  • And from your point of view, why everyone is there?
  • Viscious cycle
  • You're making zero sense. You first say they are behind everyone else, and then acknoledge there is no one else. You sound like you're just complaining for the sake of complaining.
  • Just like how people use android!
  • The only team not behind the competition at Microsoft was the new defunct Zune team and the team that makes surfaces
  • What about Windows and Xbox ? Xbox may be debatable. But Windows on PC is industry leading.
  • Hardly, Windows is merely incumbent, not industry leading.
  • In EU everybody use Skype for Voip, both for business conferences, and between friends.
    Lot of ppl have iphones here too, but none use facetime (it just sucks).
  • They don't really have competition, but they would have been a lot more innovative if Microsoft had not purchased Skype, or at least if they kept the innovative employees. One of my friends used to work for Skype and he is a brilliant man. They fired him and he says that they had lots of plans for innovation before the acquisition.
  • we have skype id on our business cards and 95% of our internal communication happens on skype. Most probebly we wont be using of social sharing at work but for personal level yes
  • Lol while their NFC/Wi-Fi direct sharing still sucks in between other OEMs
  • And 6 months from now they'll not only remove the feature, they'll demand your first born to keep using the service because some abused the feature. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't use it more than 3 times, don't abuse this feature people.
  • Lol ^_^
  • Sounds about right.
  • Lol
  • God, how dramatic can you be? -_______-
  • After a year they remove the chatbox in Skype because according to their telemetry people just spamming their friends. To improve the quality of service and productivity, Skype credits will be used in chat. Video calling will also be limited to only 1 hour because people absusing the service by videocalling 12 hours a day.
  • Haha ... After OneDrive this may also happen
  • Only problem I can see with OneDrive is how they've been able to use it for xb1/360 & wm/wp apps/games so them changing their other policies for OneDrive makes sense instead of doing stuff like raising the price on gold
  • Beggars can't be choosers.
  • Good news finally!
  • With the large number of windows 10 installs, Skype Usage should rise. Maybe Skype needs some good ole fashion Chat Rooms
  • In some way this might be uses like chat rooms (if i correctly understand what you want) - anyone can join group:
  • Skype Roulette? Lol
  • Chat rooms were the godsend of Al Gore's 90's innerwebz.
  • I wish they would integrate the feature on Xbox with the Avatars, or is that way too old hat? lol =p
  • When is this button coming to Windows Central?
  • Touché.
  • Or when will good old NFC work in-between other wp OEMs
  • MS wants Skype to replace the old, and outdated, SMS/MMS.......
  • If Microsoft wont make Skype work better with our beloved platform even with universal apps then this is the end of Skype on our platform forever.
  • No hyperbole there? Are you actually serious in that belief?
  • And we still can't send / receive photos in windows phone Skype? The single feature that every messaging service and app in the world has.... Don't get me wrong, I love skype, I really don't like Facebook messenger (Or Facebook) and WhatsApp doesn't work on the PC, so what I really love I guess is the idea of skype not the execution.
  • From the day Microsoft decided to switch to the "10" world, all the rest is dead...It made no sense to spend money on upgrading "old" apps for 8.x as all systems would have been upgraded....
    Ok, It's the 3d time they rebuild WP, but this is the right time, I m sure :)
  • I'm pretty sure that in Windows Phone's version of Skype you can totally send and receive photos.
  • I send and receive photos through the Skype app all the time, just click the "+" sign in your conversation.
  • What i like about skype is the WiFi calling service, pay 10 bucks and call to any number in many countries and keep credit for a year.
  • It's used every where in professional networking
  • unfortunately, not in the US server broker market...those lame-o's use AIM *bleeecccchhhh* =[
  • Can't even get it to sync my regular contacts as a Skype contact without creating duplicate contacts everywhere and they want me to share crap. It's amazing, no one has been able to show me a solution that works for the contact situation and they want me to use more features.
  • Sorry you haven't been able to make it work properly... =(
  • And they have yet to improve and polish their Messaging, Video and Phone apps on Windows 10 and W10M.
  • Better late than never I suppose. Beats copy and pasting links into skype I guess.
  • Well well finally it came...
  • It would have been ideal for this article.....