Microsoft to offer just three versions of its Visual Studio 2015 tools

Microsoft is planning to offer software developers just three versions of its upcoming Visual Studio 2015 tools, versus four versions for the current 2013 edition.

While the free Visual Studio Community version will be available in the 2015 edition, along with the $1,199 Visual Studio Professional 2015 with MSDN. Microsoft is combining the Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate SDKs into the new Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN for the 2015 launch. Microsoft says "It includes all the high value features you're already familiar with in Visual Studio Ultimate, along with new innovation that's coming with the 2015 release."

Microsoft will price the new Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with MSDN, which is offered to large development teams, for $5,999. Microsoft says:

"Customers who have an active subscription for Visual Studio Premium with MSDN or Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN will automatically get upgraded to Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN. And the pricing of Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN will be significantly less than the current price of Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN."

Developers can currently download a preview version of Visual Studio 2015 (opens in new tab) to test out before the final version is released later this year.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why Is it an android phone
  • Because you can use VS Community to build Android apps in C#
  • Oh
  • You know what else you can use VS community to build... YO MAMA OHHHHHHHHHH
  • That's Cordova in this screenshot but you're right, you can use Xamarin with C# but it's a little more expensive..
  • The platform configuration in the IDE is selected to debug in Android.
  • Screenshot is showing Apache Cordova (framework for crossplatform development) and the project running in the Visual Studio Android emulator... and while we're at it, it's a better emulator than anything published by Google, so it's not even a shame to show it off :D
  • Don't forget that its using AngularJS which is a Javascript WebApps framework (by some Google devs)
  • I believe this is the Android simulator used in testing Cordova apps!!!
  • Yes why Android button on WindowsPhone
  • It's an Android phone and Android code in the background. They probably use this stock photo to help promote using their dev tools to build apps beyond the Windows world.
  • Will I be able to install vs2015 on 8.1?
  • You can currently, so I would assume.
  • Code lens in Professional... I'm glad this is not an Aprils fool... awesome changes!
  • Those Android things are really starting to bothering me in Windows world.
  • Visual Studio can be used to write all kinds of software for all kinds of platforms.  It has always been this way.  Adding cross platform support features like an Android emulator is a smart move.  It makes Visual Studio even more likely to become (remain?) the defacto standard programming environment.  That makes it much more likely for developers to jump into programming for MS devices since that experience is seemless in Visual Studio.
  • I know that, thanks..that are great news, but they could still use Windows devices in promoting purposes.
  • I think part of the point though is that developers who know what Visual Studio I already know you can write windows apps in it. They are really trying to bring in new developers, which is a smart move. You can see it with the work going into ASP.NET 5 / .NET Core especially
  • I do fine with just the free versions to be honest, its not very limited as is. This is also proof right here that Windows WILL NOT run Android apps. Why would MS have developer pay 2-7 grand on dev tools if they plan to just completely abandon there own app platform?
  • Exactly!
  • Actually, Windows runs Android apps through BlueStacks App player.
  • The operating system doesn't, but yes, there are plenty of ways to run Android apps on Windows. One of which is BlueStacks
  • Dreamsparks provides VS 2013 Professional for students for free. :-) though all I use it for is occasional C++ coding.
  • Yep that's one of the best things MS offers :D
  • If you just using is for school I doubt you would use professional/ultimate features. Good news is that community edition is freeee! So when you graduate you don't need to worry about using dreamSpark
  • I'm just curious, what is so special about the ultimate/enterprise versions that makes them SO expensive?
  • Exactly my thoughts. But they will be available for free on then net tho, if you know to search :)
  • If you're referring to piracy, I don't feel the need to pirate VS, because the community version will serve most of my needs.
  • They are expensive because you get features to collaborate within large teams of programmers. That means the software you're making is not indie stuff. So you are charged more than indie devs.
  • If you're pirating VS Enterprise, you don't even know what extra features you get or what you'd do with them. It is best for you to download the free versions.
  • Our school provides us with free ultimate versions so I wont need to pirate but I have used/downloaded pirated versions before
  • "This comment brought to you by piracy, making people think they don't need to pay for anything since 1983."
  • Yea well try living in a 3rd world country . You'll see how difficult it is to buy MS products, not because you cant afford them but because they are just not available
  • But they don't if they know where to look...
  • The price is due to the MSDN subscription, not just the VS IDE and tools. You get basically all MS products -- from Windows client and server OS to SQL Server to SharePoint and all Office products to design tools to... well, just about everything! I've maintained an MSDN subscription for years. It's totally worth the price.
  • I got my vs2013 pro from dreamspark. I hope it will also available on dreamspark.
  • Pro for sure will still be free on DreamsPark, at least I hope so because is my favorite IDE to develop from C# to Python
  • And developer's will still not use it lol
  • Riiight... no one will use the best development toolset available. Not even the millions of devs, like me, who already use it every day. OK.
  • free version is amazing.......... i'm using every day for coding!
  • So they do have vs2015 express edition?
  • Its called Visual Studio Community now and is more fully featured than Express ever was
  • Express is dead. The Community Edition is all you need!
  • Awesome! As a developer I'm really loving all the moves they have been making with Visual Studio 2015 so far... the only thing that would make it better would be if they actually bought xamarin and allowed us to develop Android Apps in C#... and if they somehow found a way to do a iOS Emulator so I dont have to switch to my OSX virtual machine.