Microsoft offers a closer look at the Project Scorpio dev kit

Xbox One X dev kit
Xbox One X dev kit (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is almost ready to take the wraps off of the final consumer version of its next Xbox, Project Scorpio, at E3, but before that happens, the company is stoking the hype ahead of time by taking a closer look at the Project Scorpio developer kit. Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has released a new video in which he sits down with Kevin Gammill from the Xbox Engineering team to go over the kit that is currently in developer hands, and some of what makes it special. Check it out below:

The interview goes over a lot of what has been covered before concerning the dev kit, but it's an interesting look nonetheless. Of particular interest were the details on the front OLED display panel, which can be fully programmed by developers with diagnostic tools and more — something we reported earlier in May. Some developers have even created small games specifically for the front panel for fun, Gammill says.

Hryb and Gammill also briefly touched on the significance of what has been appropriately dubbed the "Dolphin" test. The test acts as a "way of bringing up the graphics sub-system and proving out some of the timings and performance we want in kind of a neat fun way," Gammill states. More interesting is that the test itself dates back to the original Xbox and it is one of the first things that the team implements on each console.

Now that we've seen what developers have been working with, all that's left is to see the final production hardware. Microsoft will unveil just that on Sunday, June 11, during its E3 2017 presentation. We'll have all of the latest on Scorpio here, along with all of the game announcements alongside it.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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