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Microsoft to open new store in Orlando, Florida - Pitbull will be there in style

What’s the best way to bring consumers to Microsoft’s new store opening at the Millennia Mall in Orlando, Florida? By bringing in famous Hip-hop artist, Pitbull, of course!

When Microsoft opens their new Orlando store on October 22nd, consumers are given the opportunity to start lining up at 10 AM to meet Pitbull and receive tickets to a free concert. While everyone will get a chance to meet Pitbull, only 100 free concert tickets will be given out on a first come first served basis.

After waiting around for a bit, Pitbull will make his appearance at 11 AM and those who are lucky enough to get a ticket to the free concert will be able to attend the show at 7 PM. Remember to pick up a shiny Lumia 1020, so you can really zoom in on the action and record the concert Nokia style.

Source: Orlando Weekly

  • Pitbull would be a great reason to stay away from this.
  • You beat me to it. I love your stores, but some of these people you hire to "promote" them, do the complete opposite. Stop hiring anyone actually...its just one douche-bag after another.
  • LOL
  • Your individual taste is subjective, but objectively speaking this guy sells loads of music and sells out across the world and nowhere more than in Florida, where he's from. So for exposure and drawing power, he's a great choice even if it offends the self-proclaimed music elite.
  • So does Miley Cirus....we saw how that worked out for the VMA...nothing but bad press. Opinion or not... The guy is a douche-bag.
  • I'm not sure what your definition of "douche-bag" is, but he draws people. I don't think I've ever heard anything about the guys personal life other than the fact that he donates tons of money.  I suspect your definition of "douche-bag" means that you don't like his product.  Heck, Miley Cyrus sales jumped after her bad press.  She is currently #3 on Billoard and #4 on iTunes.  In the grand scheme of things your (or my) personal opinion doesn't matter when you're selling to the masses.
  • My definition of a douche-bag, is the cheeseball in the articles photograph.
  • So you don't like his product. Fine.  Not liking an artists product doesn't, in my mind, make them a d-bag, but to each their judgmental own.  The bottom line is that what you and I think, doesn't matter. He's a HUGE draw and will attract attention. My ONLY real criticism is whether bringing celebs to store openings or events actuallly has any impact on sales.  I saw a Janelle Monae concert put on by Nokia and there were oceans of Android and iDevices in the place.  Granted, in that concentrated environment, I did see some Nokia's, but the people were there to see the celeb, period. They've advertised with athletes, musicians, YouTubers, actors, etc. and it doesn't seem to translate into sales.
  • I don't know the guy, but if the lyrics in his music are representative of his actual character, then he is a douche. Everyone of his songs is him bragging about his wealth and exploits with girls.
  • You don't have any idea what you're talking about, do you?  Every one of his songs? Money is one of the themes, but partying and enjoying life are more a fit with what I call his "club hop" brand.  "Feel This Moment" and "Don't Stop The Party" are the songs that come to mind off the top of my head.  REGARDLESS - you don't have to like him for it to be a good business decision to tap into his HUGE fanbase that doesn't agree with you.
  • I like Pitbull. :(  DALE!
  • Pitbull is awesome. People always have to hate on stuff. Guy is a great performer. Of all the concerts they've announced thus far this is the first one I would actually want tickets for.
  • Don't Stop The Party!
  • Couldn't agree more. It's too bad the general public willingly listens to such bad music.
  • Haters gonna hate. Ya can't stop the party though.
  • Agreed. People are so self-important and judgmental and most of the time have very little knowledge of what they are talking about.
  • Pitbull is one of the best artists in the Hip Hop genre, heck, even in the Electronic genre as well. Mira que tu tas rica, don't stop the party!!!!
  • One of the funniest comment I have seen. 
  • Wonder what Pitbull would say? "Early bird gets the worm, dale!" hahaha
  • Hahahaha
  • Lol.
  • I was thinking, Orlando is pushing the Mr. 305 limits...he'll have to go with Mr. Worldwide.
  • Mr. Worldwide, baby!!
  • I'm not Pitbull's biggest fan, but he's a fellow Floridian so good for him.
  • +920
  • There's already a Microsoft store in the Florida mall which is probably a little more than 10 miles away from where this store will be opening in the Mall of Millenia...the Mall of Millenia is a lot nicer and has more fancy stores in there so I guess its a good move.
  • I was about to say the same thing. I don't understand why Microsoft is opening so many stores in the same proximity and leaving other markets without a store. I know they must have some type of reasearch to back up this stratagy, but on the surface it doesn't make any sense.
  • Both locations have an Apple store. So I guess from that stand point it makes sense. In my opinion, Florida Mall is a tourist trap and usually overcrowded. The move to Millenia Mall will be welcomed since it's not as crowded not to mention a shorter commute for me.
  • They should have opened a store in Altamonte Mall. Florida Mall gets all the shoppers, Millenia gets the lookers and drinkers(plenty of bars/restaurants).
  • THIS.  Mostly just because I live less than 5 minutes away from the Altamonte Mall :)
     I will NEVER make my way out to Florida Mall or Mall At Millenia.  Maybe once in a blue moon and even then I hate it. The Altamonte Mall has an Apple store as well.
  • Not just looking for a lot of shoppers, they're looking for customers that would spend a thousand dollars on a trip to the mall. Wealthy malls, not just high traffic malls.
  • This is true...  the 2 malls are both main stops on tourist guides/tours.  But, most tourists are still looking for deals (hence the free-for-all insanity down by the outlet malls near Sea World).
    And Mall at Millenia struggled in their early days because no one was buying Tiffany necklaces or $300 Gucci dress shirts.  Though I'm sure things are different by now.
  • I totally agree plus, I live 3 miles away from the Altamonte Mall
  • Yannie, same here as far as distance. I'm at Park Central so Millenia would be down the block literally.
  • Will Nokia stores became Microsoft stores eventually?
  • I'm thinking of it since Nokia was bought. And I really want it happen, 'cause here in Brazil we have Nokia Stores, but no MS Stores.
  • I wonder if there's any place where that Pitbull guy DOESN'T show up...=P
  • As a Floridian, I'm still shocked that Pitbull managed to get this famous. Most South Florida natives still remember his obscurity.
  • PitBull is milking his cash cow til the last drop, he's everywhere!
  • I don't like PitBull, but hey, they're trying to appeal to the masses so I'm for it.
  • I personally hat the Millenia Mall, but I'd go there just to see the grand opening of a new MS store. I missed the one at Florida mall because I was too busy becoming a mom when it happened.
  • Millenia isn't that bad. Tourists and people with deep pockets love it there.
  • It's in Metro West which isn't such a nice area. People get killed & robbed all the time. Plus, drive east on Conroy, when the name changes to Americana past JYP, you're only 1 mile from OBT & the nonsense over there.
  • My family used to live over by Americana. Yeah, there's some foolishness that happens over there.
  • Uh I live in MetroWest. The area isn't bad at all. But a lot of east siders tend to say that...
  • I remember all too clearly the bad press they got about trying to enforce a dress code. In all honesty they just don't have much there that I care about.
  • PitBull? What a joke. How about someone who has a positive impact on society, not some hip-hop degenerate with no respect for women.
  • Degenerate? I can tell your age and race easily.
  • +100
  • His race???? WTF????
  • +1
  • Apparently you are very ignorant. Why don't you look up his charitable contributions instead of projecting stereotypical assumptions. I'm sure you would be surprised at what you find.
  • Exactly.
  • Read his lyrics fool
  • I got a better about instead of paying someone who promotes ill behaviors, why dont we use that money instead for contributions. With lyrics like these, I dont care how much hes contributed, because he is telling society that it is okay to dis-respect women, and to place significant value on material things, rather than meaningful alternatives.
    "Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room, you can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room. " 
    Sure, this is a constructive chorus...lets promote women cheating on men.
    "Cause when those things get pulled out and squeezed
    They'll spray about three
    Hit 'em up, wet 'em up, get 'em up, give it up, that's how it goes"
    There's violence.
    ''Til a nigga D I E, I be forever thuggin', baby
    The same nigga, that's why the streets still love me, baby
    Bitch, I'm from Dade County"
    Promoting a thug life. Using racial slurs. using bitch.
    Apparently I'm "ignorant" because I don't support people who have filthy lyrics and ideas that they share with society (especially our impressionable youth). Apparently you support these ideas. Don't you have any moral standards? Don't you realize that promoting disrespect, money, and thugs is destroying our society? If you don't then you need a reality check. This guy is not a good example of how society should behave like, and encourages kids to live an unclean thug kind of life. 
    You can't argue against this. To do so would be a contridiction of moral standards. Time to grow up.  
  • If you attend this, make sure to take a moment to grab somebody sexy, and tell them, "Hey."
  • I live in Orlando, and the one thing I'll do is stay away from Mall of Milenia :)
  • They should open a store at Sanford Flea World. j/k
  • Yeah that'll work perfectly :D
  • Mr. Worldwide adding some flavor to the mix!!
  • Please make sure that he doesn't Tweet/Facebook/Instagrime/Vine or otherwise socially communicate from the event with an Android or iDevice. Seriously.
  • +1280x768. In fact, make it part of the contract that he can't use a non-WP phone for at least a year after the event. Likewise with any other celebrity spokesperson
  • Windows Phone is behind in the US it needs all the help it can get.
  • Microsoft should hire that new Wendy's girl for the grand opening in Burlington, MA. She can hand out cheeseburgers to the ooglers, not the googlers.
  • Hi, Mr. Pitbull. Have never heard of you, so can't say you'll have any influence over me. OTOH, I'm already sold on Surface and Lumia.
  • wow you really live under a rock if you dont know pitbull O.O
  • That makes Two Microsoft stores in Orlando. Luckily I live an hour away!
  • Love MS, Hate Pitbull. What should I feel here? Lol
  • Ja ja ja, Dale... I'm Hispanic and all I can say is Pitbull is a piece of sh#@
  • If he can bring some attention to the windows phone platform then I'm all for it. Dale!!
  • Take whatever money would be going to Pitbull and use it for some product giveaways instead.