Microsoft opening up Windows Store app development to Kinect for Windows

The Kinect SDK is getting a welcome update that will enable developers to package their apps for the Windows Store. They’ll also be adding in support for the ever-popular Unity engine, improved accuracy, and the ability to run multiple Kinect apps simultaneously.

We’ve already had a good look at the newest hardware for Kinect for Windows, and with these additional tools, developers should be able to crank out some really interesting applications.

The new SDK will be going live this summer to the northern hemisphere. Any developers eager to get cracking with Kinect for Windows?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Simon Sage
  • Interesting. Multi monitor support?
  • Microsoft screwed up by not puting native support for Kinect into Windows, so you could just plug it in and control Windows as you do Xbox. Hopefully they do this in the near future.    
  • Maybe the driver will be downloaded as you plug it in.
  • I do believe the camera optics in windows version are different. Made to see you sitting in front of it where the Xbox one needs more space.
  • As insanely poor a decision that would be for Microsoft, it ultimately wouldn't matter much if all these apps are (ideally!) coming to Xbox One too anyway.
  • I feel like Kinect's future success will be found in its Windows functionality, not Xbox. It'll still be a good addition to the XB1, but I think having Kinect heavily integrated into future versions of Windows (Windows 9, maybe?) will lead to some really cool things. With that being said, it's nice to see the SDK is getting an update.
  • I can only imagine the possibilities of apps developed using this.  I honestly think some will really make an impact on us.  I wish I were a developer.
  • I'm planning to make a go client (go is the name of a game) that watches as you place the stones on a physical board and then plays the move in software. Then you can play go online or against a bot but use a real board.
  • Hopefully this time some developer is able to make a proper mouse replacement app to use with kinect. I still dream of minority report on my PC...