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Microsoft Outlook gains Pride colors on iOS and Android

Outlook Ios Pride
Outlook Ios Pride (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A "Show your Pride" option is rolling out to Outlook on iOS and Android .
  • The app adds a rainbow color scheme to elements of the app, such as the home icon.
  • June is Pride month and Outlook is one of many Microsoft products to feature Pride content.

Microsoft Outlook beta on iOS and Android is gaining a "Show your Pride" option within settings. The setting adds a rainbow color scheme to elements of the app, including the mail and home icons. Outlook is one of many Microsoft products to feature Pride themes, including several Pride Xbox accessories.

To switch to the rainbow colors, open settings, then toggle on the "Show your Pride" option.

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The Pride option appears to be rolling out gradually. Several Outlook users spotted the option and shared images of it on Twitter, so it seems to have rolled out to a significant number of people already.

Sean Endicott
News Writer and apps editor

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  • How about fixing bugs rather adding nonsense like this? Folder syncing with Exchange is still broken. Its so bad I had to uninstall this app and switched to BlueMail.
  • Tone it down with the "adding nonsense" bit. Speak with clarity, not emotion or passion if you want people to take you and your grievances seriously.
  • You couldn't say it better, Daniel 👍
  • Clarity? Promoting depravity.
  • It's kind of subdued, but it pops nicely with a dark theme. Besides celebrating inclusiveness and diversity, it's actually quite nice esthetically. I've just hit the button on my app and I think I'll keep it.
  • Yeah, I've put a completely black theme on Outlook for Android with substratum, and these colorful accents look pretty good.
  • I don't appreciate companies coming out now acting as if they're jumping on a bandwagon to not look bad. If companies truly cared about diversity, action should not be warranted through protests.
  • Microsoft has been doing Pride stuff for YEARS including exclusive/limited edition Surface Type covers, stickers, etc. This isn't new. But go on with the latest "I'm outraged on the internet!" BS.
  • Yeah I generally agree with what you're saying. At the same time it tells us that protest/other actions are having an impact which I think is good. Of course companies responding need to do more than just say they stand in solidarity or something and have actionable goals.
  • I mean, we're talking about Microsoft here. It's been putting diversity front and center for years now. Look at their executives, their ads, their videos, their public statements ... Nadella in particular seems keen on making the place gay-friendly and actively anti-intolerant. It's the small things too, like who they choose when they do some tiny interview of an MS employee highlighting some product feature. I get what you're saying about jumping on a bandwagon but MS wouldn't be one I'd accuse of that.
  • I'd rather see improvements in the function and features (LIKE RESTORING THE ABILITY TO SWIPE STRAIGHT TO JUNK, ahem) than cosmetic aspects. With that said, as long as I'm not forced to use a setting like this, I have no problem with them adding what they want.
  • I'd like an option in metallic blue with a racing stripe.