Microsoft patent shows off thinner Surface Type Cover

A thinner Surface Type Cover could be in the cards, according to a new patent filed by Microsoft. The patent, first picked up by Windows United (via The Verge), describes a method by which Microsoft could make Surface keyboards thinner by cutting or etching a trackpad into the circuit board so it is movable in relation to portions of the board around it.

From the description:

Techniques for a circuit board for an input device are described. In at least some embodiments, an input device is integrated with a circuit board of a device. For example, a touch interaction area of ​​the input device is formed by cutting and / or etching a portion of the circuit board such that the touch interaction area is movable with respect to adjacent portions of the circuit board. In one or more embodiments, an input device includes a switch such that movement of the touch interaction region actuates the switch to generate a click-enter event.

The patent surfaces at a time when its rumored Microsoft is working on a complete redesign for the next Surface Pro. In June, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reported that a "heavily redesigned" Surface Pro is being targeted for a 2019 release. If this patent becomes reality, a thinner Type Cover could be a part of that revamp.

Currently, Microsoft is hot off of the launch of the Surface Pro 6, which keeps the same design as last year's Surface Pro, but comes with a new matte black finish and upgraded processors.

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