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Microsoft plans to offer tool to port Chrome extensions to Edge browser

Windows Insider members can try out a few extensions in Microsoft Edge on the PC version of Windows 10, with more promised in the future. However, a lot more could find their way to Edge if Microsoft sticks to a plan for porting Chrome extensions to its browser.

Posting on Twitter, Jabob Rossi, an engineer on the Microsoft Edge team, wrote:

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Based on Rossi's posts, it would appear that the tool is still early in development. We might learn more about the team's efforts Microsoft's Build 2016 developer conference in San Francisco at the end of March or at the Edge web summit on April 4.

  • Let's see it!!! Port tools galore, and I hope they all come to fruition.... R.IP. Poor Android port tool.... (Every little bit helps)
    Maybe they can come up with a tool to port a SD820 to my 1520.
  • How long before this is as dead as that Android port thing?  This wont go anywhere I imagine. The best thing they can do is get Edge ready as quickly as possible and allow devs to work on making extentions asap.
  • I can't see where it will hurt.. We've always complained about MS not doing any, and everything, they can,,, so now that they are we should be happy about it... I've always said that they need to hit up everything they do from every angle, faster, and now they seem to be doing that.
  • The so called "Android thing" was not a tool to port but to run apps. I expect to see actual porting tool to be announced this year - Java support in UWP.
  • Hey!!! If you're gonna quote someone then you better do it verbatim! Practice some grammar skills, Johnny quick fingers☺ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Lol same thing comes to mind
  • I'd rather have Firefox importing tools.
  • Why?
  • Lol ff is like the Android of web browsers
  • How? Chrome has more users and more extensions.
  • Its great to run the extensions natively but it will be equally great if there is an extension to install chrome extensions in edge like on Opera. There is an extension in opera named Download chrome extension to do this. Then no need to wait for the developers to port. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • This is what I was expecting from edge, to have chrome extensions work natively. I'm a little disappointed to hear they need to be ported.
  • The sooner Xkit happens, the better.
  • Ok. Now go behind google and try the catch-up game. Oh MS! see out of your window... your loyal user base is shifting towards google since you threw them out! See you guys @ androidcentral Soon™
  • Threw them out? are you on drugs? Google boycotted Windows Mobile since the launch of Windows Phone 7. Project Islandwood is a better bet than Astoria ever was anyways.
  • Did Google boycott BB10, WebOS and all the other irrelevant platforms that came out over the years? No, just like Windows phones, they never became big enough to justify creating apps for them. It would be a waste of time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now .MS Should create port tool for android user to WM user :p
  • Great idea ..
  • Good luck. Your porting projects have been successful so far. Not. #astoria
  • Give them a chance.
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    What options do I have. Really want the phone for the long battery life but don't want the XL (hate XL screen sizes)
  • I've been doing business with a prince over there who might be able to help.  I haven't heard from him since I sent all that money, but I'm sure its just because he's busy.  :-) Sorry, I actually have no suggestion for you, I just couldn't resist.
  • He likely has no idea what you're talking about. But I do. ☺
  • I do actually but I just try to ignore getting into such. Wouldn't want to get shot for no reason.
  • It's there no online Microsoft store for Nigeria or Africa in general?
  • There is, but they don't offer direct sale like their US store
  • I can help you my prince. Just give me some 3 million USD and I'll gladly buy you a 640 Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Maybe we could get the Donald Drump extension but it changes Google to Scroogle
  • I want an adblock on my lumia 1520
  • Port port port
  • Very nice