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Microsoft posts note to customers 'for any frustration' with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

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Best Windows Laptop

Earlier this afternoon I answered a question on #AskDanWindows about the Surface Book and whether I'd recommend it right now. I said the hardware was some of the best I have used, but the software was lagging behind with too many bugs and issues. I'm optimistic Microsoft will fix these soon, but for those who are dropping that much money, it offers little consolation.

Tonight, Microsoft has posted a note on their support forums for the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. The note is an acknowledgement to customers that they are listening to their feedback and that they are "sorry for any frustration this has caused".

The message is posted by John_F, who is well known in the forums and is a sort of mea culpa about the latest Surface devices and it follows today's earlier reversal for the OneDrive debacle:

"First, a big thanks to all of our customers for your open and candid feedback on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. For those of you who've had a less-than-perfect experience, we're sorry for any frustration this has caused. Please know that we're reading your comments and hearing you loud and clear. Your input is incredibly valuable in helping us address your questions with timely updates and fixes. Since launch, we have aggressively pursued the most pressing feedback. We have already issued a number of updates via Windows Update and are working to issue additional updates and fixes as soon as possible to further improve the overall Surface experience. To ensure that you have received the most recent updates, we recommend you check out our support page with instructions on how to download and install the latest Surface and Windows updates. Surface Book update history can be found here and Surface Pro 4 update history can be found here."

Recently, we posted how Microsoft is aware and working on the Connected Standby, which besides the now fixed Intel Display driver issue, is likely the number one complaint by owners.

We posted a temporary workaround for users who are experiencing this problem by simply forcing the device to hibernate instead. Microsoft said they did not expect a fix to that bug until early 2016, which has left many customers feeling sore.

How to force the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book to hibernate to save your battery

At the very least, they should have shipped with Connected Standby disabled and enabled it later through and update when it was good and ready.

Hopefully, everyone is learning from this experience. While the Surface hardware is better than ever things like the new Intel chipset when combined with the still nascent Windows 10 proves that Microsoft has a lot of work left regarding quality control.

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Daniel Rubino
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  • That's right. Fix the issues. Only insiders should see lots of bugs (if there's any), not general consumers.
  • What is the use of such a massive insiders program if errors like these cannot be removed before its launch for the general public?
  • What do insider programs have to do with anything????? Nothing!! This are typical first generation problems that no insider/beta program would fix because NOBODY had access to the hardware to test it out of MS. So many senseless comments in here...
  • No, what's senseless is that they released their 4th generation device and have the following issues (being an owner of 2 SP4s, I can confirm these and experience them on a daily basis): Light bleed (lack of quality control) Random micro lags (introduced with the last update, and my i5 SP2 model runs faster than my i5 SP4 2 years later). Slow SSD performance (compared to my SP2, wow! It gets DOUBLE the write time for the same i5 model) Not allowing the device to go into a deeper sleep mode Not waking from sleep mode (black screen) Driver crashes I have formated my SP2 ONE time in over 2 years. I have had to format my SP4 4 times in the past 3 weeks of owning it (preorder, and then post release). Yesterday for some reason my device stopped opening any Windows apps and the tech took control of it and couldn't do anything but say "how attached are you to your information? Because we're going to have to format it." And that was the last straw for me! It takes well over 3 hours to format, and this on multiple machines. Something is seriously wrong. He even told me that they get such a high volume of tech support requests on the SP4 that even they think that it was sold far too early... Finished with him, and returned my device. Far too much money for such a buggy device that I can't use for work :(.  So yeah, they should have released the software bug free. That's what the insider program is for, to give feedback. The Windows update is to update their devices to work better, not worse. Sadly, mine's going back for a while. I'm glad I decided to return it before my 30 days were up. Let's try again after xmas! :)
  • Owning a SP4 myself, I see a few issues you experienced that I currently have. The light bleed is thankfully not one of them, although this seems to be wild spread on IPS screens in general. I did have to reinstall Windows and that solved my battery drain mostly, I average around 7 hours with average use (heavy browsing/typewriting and youtube). I'm mostly suffering from the Skylake CPU driver issues (black screen, no deep sleep and thus battery drain) and while I can understand people like to blame Microsoft for these problems, you really have to be angry with Intel since they designed the Skylake processors. I know a few other people with Skylake devices and they seem to have the same issues, mostly. But I agree, stuff like this shouldn't be happening on a ~$1500 device. Come on Intel!  
  • See that's the thing, I dished out more than 1,300 euros for a professional device that I relied on for work. I actually switched back to my SP2 which is as solid as a rock (literally in every sense haha).  The Sp4 isn't very reliable for me. I had 2 of them, after multiple reinstalls it just takes up too much of my time. I would rather be relaxing on the couch. I want to use the expression "I just want it to work," and I can for my SP2. Sadly, not for the SP4.  I know you would like us all to blame Intel, which at the root, it is their fault. But Microsoft KNEW of these issues BEFORE launching their device. Right? Of course they did. They even sent different review units to reviewers than the ones people are actually receiving. 99% of people have Samsung SSDs which are considerably slower than the SSD in my SP2 in writes. Less than half the speed, actually. And reviewers got Toshiba SSDs to bump up the speeds. Tricky... I don't know, I've lost a little faith for the time being. For similarly priced devices I can get i7 with 8gb ram and 256SSD with the touch screen (from dell and HP). But it's not the same. I LOVE the Surface line. That's why I'm going to wait a month or two and see if the issues are fixed, maybe get a different batch. Not to mention, most issues are with the i5 Surface Pro. i5 is more than enough for 99% of people. Why should I have to pay an extra 600 euros for an i7, or pay a lot of money for a m3 which I know won't work too well for me. I think the m3 is awesome, but I wanted an i5. 
  • You are an ***** and have no idea how software development work, you would never make it.
  • This is a software issue so the insider program has everything to do with this. Insiders get the software early, help identify bugs and issues and Microsoft addresses said issues. There should not be these major issues at this stage of the game. The hardware is not the issue.
  • Not all bugs can be caught by internal testing. I don't think the Insider program is relevant here because hardware is involved
  • The problem is: It's not just software issues, there are also hardware issued (like the problems with the weird fan sound). And what's really a bad joke: Microsoft can't even get the Type Cover 4 right. They put a wrong German key layout (mixed up the "<" and ">" keys!) on the German Type Cover 4. So they just have to throw a few 10000 of those into the bin.
  • There are no insiders. Even most of Microsoft didn't know about the Book, only some of their top execs.
  • that means the totally broken surface pro 2 on windows 10 won't be getting any love for a while. windows 10 also totally fried my dell venue 8 pro, as dell recommended the update before finishing the firmware update, so the cpu reached 115C degrees and totally fried my touch screen. I'm out of warranty, so dell says suck it. windows 10 is not, and was not, ready for prime time. 
  • They really need to fix these problems for all the Surface line not just the newer models. The older models are not that old and should still be supported.
  • Dell is such garbage with support. My Venue 8's Wifi driver always stops working and won't find wifi networks at the randomest times (or under heavy network load). And when I called for support they practically told me "u bought open box from retailer **** off" Who the **** does that? Nobody else in the industry does this. Even HP is ok with this. Open box or not I still bought it from a retailer and we train our associates to tell the customer OEM Warranties are still valid. But nope not for dell. Still waiting on the November update for my Venue... any time now..
  • Their not the only ones acer apparently didn't image the system I bought correctly but because it had been a refirb from a year before they said they didn't have the media anymore
  • I agree Dell is full of ****, it's the same thing they did to my inspiron 3520 that came with Windows 8. No support for drivers, dell is just the worst when it comes to support. Also for some reason their Wi-Fi drivers are the worst.
  • 1) don't ever buy dell
    2) if you have proof they said this egm chat logs or they record their calls, then you might have a strong case on your hands as it sounds like they misadvised you. Might be worth looking into it first to see if you have a leg to stand on as the warranty has ran out e.g contact Citizen's Advice if you're in the UK.
  • Surface Pro 2 is broken on W10? I have my SP2 docked at the office as main workstation. Nary a glitch. Admittedly it is a clean install, rather than an upgrade. And honestly, the SP4 is now fairly rock solid. It had a flaky couple of weeks out of the gate while the patches were being readied. But I'm very pleased with it now. (Hibernate is the way to go)
  • The OP uses the word "broken"... that is going too far. But the SP2s do have some of the same glitches. One of my SP2s running a clean install of W10 has both the crashing intel display driver and the connected standby (sleep) issue amongst other glitches. My other SP2 is still running 8.1 and is flawless. Anyway, MS put out a firmware update for the SP4 and SB that fixes the crashing intel display driver but neglected the SP2 and I believe the SP3. Also, from the post above by John_F, it appears they are doing the same with connected standby (sleep) for the SP4 / SB and neglecting the older models. I love my SP4 and SB but they need to fix their entire surface line if they are going to push W10 on them as aggressively as they have. I believe this is what the OP was referring to when using the word "broken."
  • American components Russian components. All Made In TAIWAN!
  • Ha! Yes thanks for this.
  • Great film
  • I think you have a hardware issue my i5 8gb runs 10 perfect with no crashes on latest firmware........ The answer about sp4 getting more updates is due to changes in new stepping and graphics tech
  • I have the Dell venue pro 11 and I've not had any issues from w10, my linx 7 is fairly solid too, So I'm wondering what's different. I know Dell don't use the same parts for the same devices, (I've been caught by that in the past).
  • It doesn't have a Skylake processor. My Dell venue pro 8 does have the same issue though. Can't seem to wake up after stand by and I have to hard reset.
  • My sp3 has been terrible with win 10... Display driver constantly crashes...
  • Agreed they rushed it just bought a new Toshiba laptop and the start menu keeps crashing all the time Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They could always buy a Surface Pro 3. My connected standby hasn't worked since launch. Even with my replacement for my original which was shattered. Thankfully I bought Completecare. Either way I would love to have connected standby.
  • This kinda comment was ultimately the deciding factor on me returning my Surface Book.  If they've had over a year to fix this on the SP3, haven't and instead just released new HW wit the same issues, I don't have enough faith to wait while holding the bag.  I hope they disect the heck out of my old one and fix everything. quickly.
  • Good it's driving me insane. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have two days left to return my SP4 and I'm seriously thinking about just returning the **** thing.
  • i had issues with surface pro 3 which was a black friday purchase the screen would do a green glitch pon youtube videos than i got the surface pro 4 and returned the sp3 ..  my issue i had was my stylus pen decided to stop responding.. i went to best buy they switched out stylus and its been great ever since.. the sound is great the bideo quality is great.. i love playing with adobe illustrator and photoshop . it runs diablo 3 with no problem im happy with it now.. it took 3-4 calls to microsoft a few trips to best buy but i got the i7 256gb 8gb ram.   128 expandable micro sdhc card...  im sure more bugs and problems will arise but atleast microsoft is listening to its customers the surface pro 3 and 4 is their unique powerful product that is making apple's ipad pro falter which is great in my opinion....  goodluck ryankelsey7 on your decision... consider reading reviews watching youtube videos on whatever device interests you.... all new tech is destined for problems in begining you may have good luck if you swap it out... with another ... also if your a student consider using student discount if you return and repurchase itll save you 100 which i just threw it into extended warranty
  • Temporary fix idea: For those having issues with the browser and OneNote causing around 30-40% CPU usage and subsequently the fan turning on, try changing cooling to passive cooling and maybe underclock it if power isn't of great importance to you. I have the i5 SP4 and since I use it only for handwritten notes on OneNote and Firefox, I changed CPU settings to max out at 90% and cooling to passive. Haven't heard the fan ever since and the back doesn't get hot at all. I'll keep this until MS releases an update fixing it. From reddit, I see this is a common problem for i5 SP4 users.
  • That's sort of like buying a new BMW and being told not to drive it over 15 MPH or it will overheat. That should not be the answer for a top-of-the-line product.
  • Lol yup so tru Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Aye, except here it's more like 150MPH when the car can do 200 easily. For my use, an m3 would've sufficed, so I'm not Su fussed.
  • Please fix the power issues with sleep and the stupid 2 minute boot issue with the type cover folded back on power up!
  • Okay.  I thought it was just me!
  • Not to be mean. But has Microsoft become a testing ground for all of us Investors. Never a finished product, always an update to come. Getting very tired of all the talk and no walk.
  • Dude... New OS, new Intel CPU, new device factor. Why would it be perfect right on launch? These products, specially the SB, had everything to go wrong. Of course there would be issues. And no, not just with Microsoft products. Couldn't you at least have waited until Christmas? All this frenzy, immediatism, pre-reservations for products with no field and hands-on testing, it's just asking for trouble.
  • Lol. Eventhough, first impression is observed at the start. If they want to make good money, they should have tried not to show those issues to consumers as possible. Delaying the launch would be better for reputation.
  • Every Windowsphone 8 & Windows 8 powered devices were shipped with fully polished O.S . Microsoft calls "Windows 10" next chapter and they ended up shipping phones , tablet & a laptop with unfinished software and their customers are getting angry and switching to OS X or Chromebooks
  • And Linux. Like I did. Microsoft is busy pushing people towards Windows 10 but the product itself is no less than dog poo. Both in functionality and (much more in) UI design.
  • Uses linux and complains about the Ui... hahahahahaha
  • You do realize you can create some of the most in depth ui's on Linux.
  • Dude...multibillion dollar corporation, shipping it out to the public, it should not have these kinds of issues. Stop making excuses for a company that has lost it's way. Starts from the top, maybe the new leadership isn't as good as people want to believe.
  • Johnnie, you nailed it.
  • Sorry misspelled your name
  • I think you're taking an extremist position.
  • No need to you not going mention the battery on your apple you know a battery isnt that important on a mobile device is it... Oh you could just change the battery, oh wait a minute... Don't mention the 1,000,000 devices infected with spyware from the apple store  
  • That's going back a few years for Apple ... but I have an iPhone 6+ and I can assure you it has bugs, and even with software updates, it has bugs.  That is just the way things are now.  OS 9 has had multiple releases and yet apps still can malfunction, Bluetooth can be quite erratic, connections can get lost ... it all happens.  Most of us know it and just live with it.   Apple today is good, but certainly not perfect, exactly the same as Microsoft.
  • Totally agree with your comment. As an owner of iOS, Android and Windows devices they all have software and some hardware issues. But I have to say, the most stable product I own is my Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1. After 2 years, it remains rock solid. Absolutely no issues. I wish I could say the same with my Note5,, iPhone 6s+, or MacBook Pro. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah thats right. My surface pro 2 (i5 4200) still running like a ferari. My ipad after ios 9 was pretty "fun" up.. (battery drain, app crashes, and so on) . My note 4 after 1 year is like (oh do you charged your battery? Let me drain her quick for you. ) my daily driver 1020 with wp10 after the last updates is almost like new.
  • That in no way makes it acceptable
  • I guess this is the price you have to pay for trying bleeding edge technology - and I don't mind. Thats what early adaptors are for!
  • Investors? WTF?? I thought investors would be excited about the stock price :D
  • All I can say is thank you early costumers for being the lab rats for the rest us, namely those who won't blindly shell their wages on premium products the month they come out like Apple sheeps and then cry about it and rage at MS.. I mean really? New OS, new generation Intel CPU, new device factor (Surface Book), all mixed together and you, angry unhappy costumers, were thinking it would be all smooth sailing right on the first few months? Sometimes I don't understand people and their unrestricted consumerism. Perhaps if you had financial restraints like most of the world, you would think twice before opening your wallets like that. Sure, someone has to be the first and bite the bullet, but if you decide so, then why act as if these issues were unexpected to begin with? Want something rock solid from first gen devices? Perhaps you should adjust your expectations.
  • The semi-beta state of Windows 10 should have clued people into what to expect, but I'm sure there were some that were unaware of the "work in progress" approach to released products that they are now taking.
  • Kudos to you! I salute your intervention sir! You know a comment has nailed it when it gets downvoted to infinity, which means it has been noticed, and yet so far no one dares to reply. Microsoft is taking risks with these devices, trying to innovate and push things forward with the universal strategy and blending their OS with innovative hardware, yet all they get is backlash for taking their chances. Of course when you're making something from scratch, it's likely that not everything is perfect right off the bat. And this applies to both hardware and software, since Windows 10 is a whole new ecosystem, so of course many things are still to be improved. What's really funny is that this is Surface Pro 3 all over again, first few months ridden with issues, then after first updates, things stabilized. Now the outcry begins as if none of this was expected. Everyone should've learned their lesson by now, to wait a couple months until things get ironed out. People are too rushed these days. Then some people start to compare the Surface Book with the Macbook Pro which has been around for years and lacks the hybrid factor and versatility of the SB. Please... Sure, if you want something to be 100% reliable at this point, go with the Macbook. It's tried and tested. But at least stop backlashing anyone who tries to come up with something different and try to at least make some fair comparisons.
  • Nobody cares about MS trying to be "innovative". Macs "just work" right out of the box without any issues.
  • They work because they have no software to run on it! The fact one manufacture of motherboard vs 8 different companies, it means mac users don't suffer same problem. I have never understood why mac use intel, mac is runs better on and anyhow!
  • Right. You mean like with all the overheating problems they have, or how every version has problems with the graphics card not working right, or how it takes two or three revisions before Wi-Fi doesn't drop a connection every few minutes, or color problems with the display, or the display showing with random lines, or the display flickers, or, or, or... Or how about with every iPhone that is released there is always the excuse of "that problem only affects a small number of users" when something new is broken? Or problems with Wi-if on that device, too. The watch was so bad they released version 2 of the OS a few weeks after being released. Even the iPad Pro couldn't be charged without it locking up and needing a hard reboot. They released an update just yesterday and in the release notes they wrote the update "may" fix the recharge problem. Even Apple is not sure if their fix solves the problem, just try throwing updates at it until iPad Pro 2 is out, then the couple dozen or so people who actually bought one will eagerly line up to buy the next one because the device they claim now is perfect, has all the problems solved in the next one. How many years have they been making the same device, just in different screen sizes, and it "just works?"
  • Nohone, you hit the nail on the head and the ball out of the park!!!
  • Everybody cares about MS trying to be innovative. Look at the iPad Pro and 2-in-1 deviced popping up everywhere. And let's not start with Macs. If they were half the price, I might consider getting one, but for what they offer now (hardware *and* software wise), I'd much rather settle with a bug-riddled device.
  • You're being downmodded but you're 100% right. If people choose to be early adopters, you can expect stuff like this to happen. Just look at the Apple Watch debacle for example. I don't mind running into issues in the first few months because thats what happens if you opt-in to use bleeding edgde technology. And if you want a smooth experience, wait for the product to mature (in this case, hardware/software companies to smoothen-out their drivers INTEL). I fully expected to run into issues so I'm really not bothered by it. In fact, I'm pretty pumped to see the improvements that are coming. Nothing fanboish about this, just being realistic.    
  • Those are strong words but you aren't wrong. People always think the grass is greener on the other side but pretty much every product coming out, no matter who makes it, has problems. It's as you say, people have no patience and everything must be released now, now, now! I remember quite well all the complaints and whining after Microsoft's October 6th event about having firm release dates for everything they showed. As always, people have selective memories and complain when things have problems even though they begged and pleaded for their fancy new toys to come out faster. As they say, you can either do something fast or do it right and people clamored for the former.
  • What expectations should I have had for a 4th generation product then?
  • Just look at the most reported issues on SP4. They're all related to Win10, drivers and firmware, therefore will be addressed and patched and fixed sooner or later. Which is due to new Intel CPU, plus Win10 pre-installed for the first time on SP line. It is not a first generation device but it is not a trivial update over the previous either. Waiting a couple months would have been the advisable for anyone not willing to tolerate this kind of issues, as with any other product in the same situation. They even released the new pen and type cover for SP3, so that costumers didn't forcefully had to jump to SP4 unless they really wanted to! I don't know why people insist these issues only happen with Microsoft, it has happened with Apple too numerous times.
  • For a fourth gen product with a new OS and new chip in the case of SP4, that people were demanding to have ASAP (see all of the people who were dead set on having Skylake) you should absolutely expect there to be problems with it for the first few months the same as any other new device regardless of which version number is at the end of it. And the Surface Book is a Gen one product. Doesn't matter if the company is Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft, they ALL have problems when a new device hits the market.
  • What is wrong with you? It's not unreasonable to expect the product that you buy will actually work.
  • No one is saying it is unreasonable to expect a product to work. What is unreasonable is expecting every single brand new piece of tech to be flawless. There are some things that just won't be caught by the limited number of people testing a product internally and might not manifest until a product has been manufactured wholesale and is in the hands of a much wider audience. Every single unit, no matter how identical the specs or build is, is unique. Some people will have more problems than others and some people have different coping and problem-solving skills than others. This is the nature of technology. It doesn't matter how many iterations there are of a product line, unless they NEVER use new hardware or never update the software, there are thing to be growing pains. If you want to buy something that "works" then buy one that has been out for six months to a year since it has likely had the most glaring bugs ironed out. There is no bug-free technology, only devices that have narrowed their bugs down enough that you don't notice them.
  • I sadly returned my Surface Book because I couldn't deal with the issues on a device that should have had little if any reason to be that wey. New sure...  But they write the software, it would be like saying OSX crashes all the time on the mac book it's included on.  I personally expected that level of experience when I bought the i7 16GB/512GB/dgpu version.  I buy a 200$ laptop, and an issue comes up I look for fixes to make it work (although even then I don't expect it to be completely unstable) but for this cost and the "premium" moniker, I expect more.  I SO LOVE THIS THING WHEN IT WORKS... The hardware feels darn near perfect, the tablet is JUST the size for me and makes my sp feel like a toy (big hands, not a dig on the SP) I'll likely purchase one again if they can get this all worked out before the end of January/Feb, otherwise I will likely wait to see what they do for 2. I have faith in them or I probably would have returned the dock as well but I just couldn't justify what was basically the same as buying a car, making payments on it, and from about a week in, it begins stalling 4-5 times a day, having random issues with the A/C-heater turning on at the exact opposite time it's needed, the car randomly turning on in the garage at night so when you get ready to go to work you're out of gas.   
  • I just spent an hour at the Microsoft store in Portland, OR hands on with the Surface Book. Amongst all of the driver/firmware issues, I was bothered by the screen wobble, lack of USB port on the screen, terrible placement of the headphone jack and difficult to open screen with one hand. I couldn't spend that kind of money on a laptop with those issues, so I walked out with an XPS 15. I'll probably revisit the surface book at Gen 3.
  • The placement of the headphone jack works when used as a clipboard. Well that's what Microsoft calls it lol. But yeah when docked I can imagine the wire getting in the way. Personally I use a Bluetooth stereo hands free kit, it has a 3.5 mm jack so I can use any headphone I want. It's a no brand open box I bought off the high street for £5.
  • I thought I had an issue with the placement of the buttons on the surface book but after using it for the last several weeks...Perfect!!!
  • Unless you have a really short headphones cable the placement isn't a problem.  Mine just hangs down the side of the screen and lays to the side of the keyboard.  It doesn't get in the way of anything or cross my hands or the keys.
  • Still the amount of backlash on the 3.5mm jack placement has been HUGE. I bet 2nd gen they put it on the bottom.
  • They could maybe move it to the middle of the side.  At the bottom it would run into the muscle wire lock.
  • I do have and issue with the 950xl Vol,pwr buttons being too close together.
  • Microsoft... the just wait till company.
  • So what about the SP3??? it was just a uear ago released?..
  • I get that this is a new thing for Microsoft but come on! This is why people choose Mac! So they don't have to deal with this bs. It really gets frustrating. I feel like nothing with MS ever actually works more than 70% of the time. It looks like they may have finally gotten Xbox One to run smoothly though. But Skype is still an absolute disaster. And windows phone, well it works well but the product itself isn't great. And the new Surfaces are buggy as **** apparently. Very frustrating. Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry
  • Here's an idea MS. Stop laying off employees, end ios and android app production, and increase quality control!
  • Man should I still get the SP4 or go XPS 13 instead??
  • You still in Dilemma after all this? Don't be TooLazyToThink.
  • XPS ofc Posted from my Note 5
  • That is why, for the first time, I didn't buy the latest surface. I had every model (rt and 2, pro, pro 2, 3 and pro3. Then I stop with these last. They should have focus on improving w10 experience on sp3 and 3...
  • Typical Microsoft. Releasing beta products. Right my Surface 2 is more then 2 years old but sometimes i need to attach the keyboard and detach it when my onscreen keyboard won't show up. Edge on Windows 10 is crap. If you use it too fast it crashes. I'm used to being fast with my SSD powered machine. Since the November update they promised the random wallpaper lockscreen for Pro users. The freaking feature is not working, while activated in settings. My Action Centre is still showing the Airplane mode button as on while Bluetooth and WiFi are also on. Is it that hard to fix? Most used apps in the Start Menu are also not working properly. It is as Windows randomly picks up which app it likes the most to include in the list. The Mail app is still showing already readed emails on it's live tile. Their software is just a total disaster. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Long time coming. And although it is inexcusable for such a pricey product. I like this new Microsoft. Transparency and humbleness will take them miles.
  • Lol. As an MS fan, you mofos sound ridiculous. This is a first gen product.
  • The surface pro 4 is not 1st Gen.
  • Its first gen in including a brand spanking new OS and brand spanking new processor. Dont be blind and look at the name. Actually find out whats in it first.
  • Well, I got the SB on day one and I haven't had any major issues with it. As with every gen 1 device, I expected glitches. This is what you get when you want to be first. It's all software and that can be patched. I really don't get all the whining. I like my Book and I'll stick to it. Windows 10 is the future. It's that simple.
  • THANK YOU! Finally someone with some common sense! 
  • With the SB it makes sense. Maybe if you want it to. But with the SP number 4 it does not.
  • Actually it does. All issues are software related. I know this doesn't provide much comfort, but I have yet to see a single piece of software that is bug free out of the gate. When you write software you are either never releasing, or you have to make the call at some point with which bugs you can release and fix them later. The hardware is top and the software will get there. Now, would the SP4 or the SB come with Windows 7, this would be a different animal. But it doesn't. It comes with a brand new OS and to polish an OS to perfection takes time. I develop considerably complex business applications and although I try my best, I have yet to release a brand new application without any bugs. I know that is not what users want to hear, but it is the reality.
  • You fix 10 bugs and there will be another 5 .you fix those 5 and there will be anothe 8 and so a software developer i can tell you an app an os will never be perfect.
  • You're lucky then. As I type this, my processor is running "system and compressed memory" again at 30-35% processor making the fan kick on. Reboot doesn't fix it today for some reason. I can put the thing in hibernate, but that guarantees I need another reboot because of this process. If I remove the screen, I may or may not be able to hook it back in without a reboot required. Yesterday, I went through 20% battery in about 45 minutes because of some other rogue process (until I rebooted yet again). So yeah, I'm going to "whine" because it's not like this is complicated stuff to find. Maybe hard to fix, but there's no way MS didn't know about these issues prior to launch.
  • I'm not saying they didn't know. When I release a new application, I know of some bugs (not all of them). At some point you have to make the call to either delay release, miss deadlines and market opportunities, or to release with some bugs and fix them after r