Microsoft publishes firmware and driver packages for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000
Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

Microsoft has made available software, driver and firmware packages for both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

While you'll most likely be connecting to Windows Update to fetch new updates that may be available after purchasing the new Windows PCs, these downloads may be worth keeping somewhere safe should you require backups.

The downloads contain not only the firmware and driver packages, but also available updates published through Windows Update. Microsoft has also made it so said files can be used to deploy custom images on the two Windows 10-powered products.

Via: SuperSite for Windows

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great!
    When my Surface Pro 4 in hands... Just grabs' them all lol
  • That last sentence. Eurrgh;
    "Microsoft has also made it so SAID files can be used to deploy custom images on the two Windows 10 powered tablets"
    The Surface Book really shouldn't be called a tablet. 'Said' in that context just sounds horrible. & everyone knows these are running Windows why stick in that extra fluff?
    Also...why are Windows Central running EVERY link through their affiliate revenue program?! Tradedoubler is just annoying...especially when you don't even tell us you are using such things.
  • I think their website automatically runs links through their ad provider. I'm not sure they get much say in the matter, that's up to Mobile Nations.
  • I wonder where is Surface Book review from WC?
  • I'm guessing they only got a review unit for the Surface Pro 4. Paul Thurott and Mary Jo Foley mentioned that there were only about a dozen people who received a review unit of the Surface Book. 
  • Is best buy offering a trade in program? Seems like Microsoft is not, but I really want that Microsoft Complete.
  • You can still buy complete if u get it from bb.
  • Hopefully Microsoft requires Best Buy to leave their devices un-Geeked.
  • Good guy msft, always thinking about enterprise