Microsoft pushes out small system update for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 E
Xbox 360 E (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new system update is available for the Xbox 360.
  • The update brings a smattering of "minor bug fixes and improvements".
  • You can grab the update now if you're still using an Xbox 360 (but you should really upgrade to an Xbox One (opens in new tab) at this point).

Do you still have an Xbox 360 lying around? If so, there's a surprise update for the console available now. As you'd expect from an update for the aging console, there's nothing significant here, however.

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The release notes (opens in new tab) for the update only cite "minor bug fixes and improvements." So, if you're still using your Xbox 360, your console may operate a little better after the update, but it's unclear what issues it addresses.

In 2019, however, you'll probably want to start eyeing an upgrade to an Xbox One if you're still holding onto an Xbox 360. The newer console includes backward compatibility with a long list of supported games and we're on the precipice of a new console generation next year with Xbox Project Scarlett. You can pick up an Xbox One S for far below $300 (opens in new tab) nowadays as well.

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  • I still use my xbox 360, sometimes more than my xbox one.
    There just are too many games that i play (retro ones) that
    come out (despite the compilations) for the xbox one. Good that they still are putting out updates though. later
  • Still use the Xbox 360 as a media centre extender and it is still the best free option for recording and watching OTA tv. Don't know what I will do when end of life occurs on my W7 media centre PC.
  • Still need my X360 for triple screen setup on Forza. Also, I use it as anothe Hulu LiveTV set top box
  • Still use my 360 for playing guitar hero and rockband as there are no support for these games or controllers on Xbox one
  • So far I noticed Twitch is finally fixed when before it wouldn’t load up any stream and Amazon video some bugs. I’m so surprised a 360 update in 2019.
  • Still use my 360 for Kinect to play Kinect Sports. Fun little workout. Wish there were a way to make this backwards compatible with One X.
  • It likely is the result of updates made for backwards compatible games on the Xbox One since the 360 OS is wrapped around each of the games. A bunch of BC 360 games also had updates on Xbox One. Not really unexpected, since the OS is active in use on Xbox One, may as well push updates to the console too.
  • I still keep my Xbox 360 plugged in as well because there are still tons of games on it that I like to go back and play. Games that never made it onto the Xbox One's backwards compatability program. I have an Xbox One , however only about 560 Xbox 360 games are compatible out of a library of about 2000 so the feature is still only limited to about a quarter of the Xbox 360's library.