Microsoft pushes update patch for Windows 10 build 9879

Users on the Windows 10 preview build 9879 are starting to see a patch being sent out via Windows Update. Dubbed the Windows Technical Preview November Update, the relatively small update clocks in at just 1.6 MB. At this time, it appears that the KB3019269 update is being pushed out to resolve the bluescreen error that some were experiencing.

According to Microsoft's Gabriel Aul on Twitter:

"Calling all #WindowsInsiders! Just posted hotfix for the 0xAB bluescreen that some in Fast ring were hitting. Please go to WU to download!"

It looks like Microsoft wants to see how the update performs before pushing out build 9879 to Slow ring users:

"We want to get some mileage on this today before pushing 9879 to Slow, so please tweet me if you hit any probs after installing."

Have you seen the update yet on your Windows 10 machines? Let us know.

Thanks to Paul for the tip.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter) 1, 2

Chuong Nguyen

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  • Seems faster
  • Seems old
  • Faster seems
  • When is vlc, denim, gdr 1 coming to windows phone??
  • When it's released
  • See above...I don't understand why this question is always asked in comments. Do you really think any of us know? ;)
  • Give it a rest. If you want to know ask them, better yet don't ask and just wait until its ready. I suspect that once it is ready then they'll release it as that's generally how it works.
  • Seems Bluer...
  • If they only were as quick with fixing the broken battery saver in WP 8.1... It's been broken since August!
  • What's broken there?
  • What? Mine works flawlessly
  • What ??
  • Mine works okay, just wish phone can charge whilst off.
  • Called wireless charging ;)
  • I had the blue screen issue, too.
  • Windows Phone 10 please now :D
  • Not before 2015.
  • Party breaker >.< jk xD
  • Indeed :D
  • There won't be Windows Phone 10.
  • So much logic....
  • you mean "Windows 10 for phones"
  • Same thing...
  • No, it's not the same. Windows Phone 10 would be like a seperate OS, but there will be no more Windows Phone OS like Windows Phone 7/8, it's basically the same system like on desktop, it just recognizes the device and changes its looks and behavior.
  • So exe files on a phone yeah.... no
    I know that and that wasn't what i meant, what i meant is that WP10/Windows phone 10 or whatever he called it is the same.
    because you know, we don't call Android linux, do we ?
  • At the core, yes, it WILL be the same. They will even share the Market ffs. And Android IS Linux.
  • How did you even not understand my last comment is just beyond me
    Android IS linux, but we don't say Linux Android and it's the same reason people will say WP AND W10, we both will understand what they are still talking about....
  • You call Android Android, because that is its name. The next version of OS for our phones is called Windows 10. I already said it changes its behavior (no exe-files).
  • Is it hard to understand when he said Windows phone 10 ? he clearly meant your W10
    it's the same thing !
  • Obviously it wasn't hard for me to understand, that's why I knew what he meant and I corrected him just for the info. I didn't mean it in a bad way at all, I don't know why you seem so pissed about it. He didn't even say a thing about that, but you try to defend him here. (even though there is nothing to defend)
  • Not really, not pissed it's just that every time someone mention WP10 there have to be about 5-6 people telling him there is no such thing, while it's really the same thing.
    I'm not defending anyone, just stating a fact about it being the same.
  • After denim theres windows 10 right?
  • Why now? Do you want a bricked phone?
  • Maybe the WP version is coming soon too :P I mean update 2
  • Soon(TM)
  • Exactly!
  • Windows 10 at all a daily driver?
  • Negative. I would highly recommend staying with your current working installation. The initial and second Insider builds were solid. This last build was so bad that I had to revert back to Windows 8.1. I will most likely wait until the Consumer Preview is out next year.
  • Roger that
  • 9879 made me go back to the slow ring for update builds. 9860 was solid and I wish I was still on it because the problems im having with 9879 are getting really obnoxious.
  • I did an in-place upgrade from Windows 8.1 to the initial Insider build. There some quirks that I was willing to put up with but with the latest release, my laptop (Yoga 2 Pro) became unstable and the screen flickering made me feel like I was on acid.
  • For me it is. But keep in mind that, when something is going wrong or bad, you're on your own.
  • Just wait for updated build 9879. I myself are switching after that. Should be out next week.
  • Faster with denim too i will say damnit.
  • Still waiting for a patch to make my keyboard working properly again. The last update just turned off the lights on my keyboard. Kinda boring
  • A bit fast , plus blue screen issue is gone . Thanks .appreciate.
  • Cool updates.
  • explorer.exe is completely broken on my build, have to reboot a few times a day.
  • Me too, just have to restart explorer.exe, not a big deal ;)
  • No leaks of win 10 for might be doing something much secrecy...
  • No problems for me. Very impressed.
  • Good-to-know information :-)
  • yep, one day too late. my pc kept giving Bluescreen until the point, yesterday, where it became fatal and everything got corrupted.. all files and Sites ive worked on, gone. Too Little too late.. even recuva cant recover them..
  • Just reverted back to 8.1 as well. Had to download recovery image for my surface pro 3. All good now.
  • I haven't gotten it yet...