Microsoft is rebranding the Windows Store as 'Microsoft Store' on Windows 10

Microsoft is rolling out an update for Insiders in the Release Preview ring for Windows 10 that rebrands the built-in Windows Store app as "Microsoft Store" along with changing its icon in Start and on the Taskbar.

The rebrand is currently in testing with Insiders, and outside of the rebrand itself nothing else appears to have changed in the app. Microsoft may be planning to start selling more than just digital content in the built-in Windows 10 Store app, hence its rebrand to "Microsoft Store."

Microsoft already has an online Store which it calls "Microsoft Store" too, where it sells software and hardware from first and third-party partners. It wouldn't be surprising to see Microsoft begin moving that content in to the new Microsoft Store app too at some point.

For now though, the only thing that appears to have changed is the apps name and icon. Microsoft is yet to make an official announcement about its plans with the new "Microsoft Store," and the update could just be testing the waters to see how people react. I personally am very excited about this change. What do you think?

Thanks for the tip, @Christoph_fer!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • It would be nice if they would finish their incomplete products first, before starting something new...
  • Wouldn't that be what this is? They've been unifying the stores for a while now. It doesn't make sense to have it called Windows Store on Xbox.
  • Afaik xbox os is windows 10...
  • Nowhere on the Xbox does it say this
  • No where on Xbox does it say Xbox OS either
  • At its core yes, what's your point?
  • What OS has Xbox btw.? Why the name's not Windows 10 Xbox?
  • this is not something new, they just rename the name of store and unify it / what is the incomplete products?
  • their entire software products are buggy and incomplete...always issues.
  • you know that all softwares and os have bug and issues right ? is not just for microsoft 
  • What software products do you recommend?
  • Let me guess, an iPhone
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • I don't have a problem with this name change. It makes sense.
  • I hope they clarify this naming convention with their gift and rewards cards. I always found it confusing when I was given or purchased a Windows Store or Microsoft Store card where I could use it and what I could buy - especially when trying to purchase or extend my Groove Music Passes...
  • All companies that have multiple divisions do this. It actually sells more gift cards. For example, Amazon has Amazon branded gift cards, Amazon Music branded gift cards, Amazon Kindle branded gift cards, etc. When someone goes to their local store that sells gift cards, they browse them, think "Oooh, little Johnny likes music, I will buy him the music gift card" while someone else thinks "Suzy likes to read, so I will buy her the Kindle gift card". The monel all gets dumped into the same account, but the buyer thinks that they are buying something personalized for the recipient. With this change, if you are unsure, you by the Microsoft Store gift card, and since all stores will be named "Microsoft Store" it will work everywhere.
  • Will be interesting to see if the stores are so consolidated that I'd be able to accrue enough Bing points to directly buy an Xbox controller, or some "tangible" product.
  • Who decide this kind of stupid name change ?
    People don't care what store name or app name is but how well store or app is.
    MS Pls DON'T waste your time this kind of never end name change.
  • Actually, this name change makes sense, and is more generalized for a universal store that supports enterprise, Xbox, Surface, HoloLens, data plans, and more.
    It's a welcomed change, and needed, ta boot!
  • Exactly, you can't unify a store across platforms but keep a name that implies it's only for one platform.
  • It's just funny how MS doesn't see this stuff coming ahead of time.
  • You all seem to forget that Microsoft has spent the last couple years stating that Windows is the underlying glue that holds all of their platforms together.  Hololens,  Xbox,  W10M, and Surface all run on Windows 10. Changing the name only diminishes the importance of Windows 10.
  • Stop crying and deal with it. Did you cried when Google renamed "Android Market" to "Play Store" ?
  • I can imagine the future of this app. There will be Apps, Games, Books, Music, Movies, but also Hardware and PC software categories.
  • Pc softwares are already there in the some adobe apps.
  • Oh wow! Time to lock down my account! U don't want your 4 year old niece or nephew "accidentally" order a $2,000 laptop to the house straight from the store while playing on the Xbox!
  • The Windows Store already had options to require Windows Hello authentication [OR] type in a password before verifying the purchase. You could setup a separate "Standard" account on your device that will not have access to your credit card details.
  • Don't care that much. I think it makes sense if they sell everything Microsoft including hardware, etc.
  • They made this change on Xbox a few weeks ago (for Insider Alpha). That store also sells Xbox hardware, in addition to everything from the Windows Store. Makes sense to unify all their stores into one.
  • Here's hoping they now have only 1 gift card "Microsoft Store gift cards" to sell at stores cause right now it's a complete mess and with only limited stores outside of USA selling them. Right now there is:
    - Windows Store Gift Card
    - Windows 8 Marketplace Gift Card
    - Groove Pass Gift Card
    - Xbox Gift Card
    - Xbox Live Gift Card  
  • just got it release ring on desktop
  • Microsoft: the Renaming Things Constantly company.
  • So true. How much time do they piss away doing pointless crap like this.
  • "Well what shall we do today guys?" "How about we rename the Store and give it a new logo?" "Good idea!" "Right, so that leaves us 7 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds to all laugh at the new iPhone"
  • Well, the marketing department is there only part time, you know. Their other jobs are at Starbucks.
  • Not a fan of the new logo
  • The new logo is fine by us
  • Haha who the fck is us
  • I like it, both name and logo, more colorful
  • Doesnt matter still would remain barren as is.
  • yeah they might make the store better but for US people only. Here in Canada we still only have access to APPS, GAMES, and FILMS/TV. There is a MUSIC category but very limited selection and nothing for books
  • Well, at least you have movies & TV. Where I live it is just Apps and Games. 
  • I don't like this new colorful logo, the current logo is better.
  • Personally, I like it (both name and logo) and it'll make sense if they add hardware.
  • awesome, i love it / it is good that physical and online store have a same name / and if in future we can buy gift cards for both xbox, windows 10 will be great   for eaxmple buy a $15 and spend $5 on windows 10 and $10 on xbox 
  • Yo do know that any gift card you buy now works on both with no problems right? That's been goinng on for several years.
  • I know know that....Zac Bowden knows that.   But the average consumer will be confused when the shop they go to has 4-5 different types of Microsoft branded gift cards (Xbox, Xbox Live, Windows 8 Marketplace, Windows 10, Groove). Look at Apple, Amazon, and Google with only have 1 card type each even though they may sell many types of products,.
  • no, apple also have gift cards for itunes and app store and one for apple store and another one for apple music 
  • It's like nadella told everyone outside of cloud to let their children do all the planning,  design, work, etc.   So,  its like 4 year olds are running the show...they have short attention spans so everything is in constant change.
  • Slightly off topic, for some reason MS store apps aren't updating this morning (UK). Photos, Mail and Skype show as updating but fail with an error. A non-MS app updated with no problem
  • I've got this issue as well, not just on my Surface Pro 4 but my 950XL.
  • Restart your phone and try updating mine worked..
  • That won't work as this doesn't just affect phones. I would imagine it's an issue at Microsofts end as third party apps update just fine.
  • Been seeing that too since morning. Suddenly the apps requires reinstalling and can't be installed from store. Their updates are still failing
  • I have the same problem since yesterday night.
  • At least it's not just me, I always worry when something stops working
  • You poor boy
  • Microsoft To-Do and the Store app have just updated but Mail, Skype, Photos and Films & TV are failing to update
  • That's happened on my Surface Pro 4, To-Do and Store updated but Mail and Calendar, Photos and Films & TV won't update at all. I have found that third party apps seem to install just fine as I installed VLC from the Store just now. I also found that this can't be related to the Store update as my 950XL has the same error when updating the Store app itself.
  • It's a strange bug, ToDo isn't technically a 3rd party app but it updated. I think it's more an issue with the default installed apps.
  • Oddly the Windows Maps app just update on both devices.
  • .... and Skype won't update, same error code, on my desktop which is in the Insider Slow Ring.
  • I'm on insider release preview
  • Same with my Surface Pro 4 so I don't think it matters.
  • Well this morning Photos has updated but still the other apps are failing to update.
  • Same here on my 1520. Outlook and Store showed an update this morning that started downloading but stopped with an error message. Alle third party apps were updated without any issue. Since i was about to do a hard reset anyway I didn't worry much about it. After the hard reset everything works fine again.
  • Ok, now i also have this bug on my 950XL in release ring (not preview). The new store update terminates with error 0x80073CF9. Hope it's only temporary.
  • This is what leads me to believe me it's an issue on Microsofts end as it seems to be affecting a lot of devices.
  • Store app updated on pc. The other three apps always fail at the same percentage downloaded
  • I got the Photos app updated but the other two just fail, I think this is most certainly a Microsoft issue and not an issue with individual PCs and phones. What is even stranger is that third party and some Microsoft apps will update.
  • Too many devices affected for it to be a problem at the user end
  • Well Skype has updated this morning, so it's 2 down 2 to go now!
  • Do you happen to have the same error on your 950XL with Outlook Mail & Calendar and Films & TV?
  • Microsoft can rename it, give it a new logo... what ever. you can polish a **** and it'll still be a ****. The store app has a severe issues with lack of management of content and the things you've purchased there.  
  • Not quite sure what you're saying here as music and video are managed by their respective apps and the My Library option in the Store manages Apps and Games!!?!
  • I seem to be the only one that has any issue with using the store, as is, but it honestly feels like no one else actually uses it or rather actually wants it to be improved in the way they use it. Put it this way, if Steam only had the management options that the Windows Store app currently has no one would be using it, and that's exactly why no one uses the app store now. I've said before that using the 'My Library' option is not a valid solution to manage or view your games and apps. It's just a poor way to give, very, limited access to what you've purchased, and in the UK to populate that very limited list, it takes a long time, 8 seconds from clicking the 'My Library' link and it shows me 5 items in the Games section with a Show All having a huge list with only the option to 'hide' items for management. The top of the scroll bar is hidden by the menu overlay at the top, and there is no search or sort function in the list. No way to filter paid for content vs Free or Free*. You can't even filter by the category that the store lists them in, very important for the Apps.
    Probably worst still, is when browsing the actual store pages and it lists all the apps as tiles so there is no way to change the view, resulting in titles of games such as "Duolingo - Learn Languages for...", not an issue right just the subtitle of the app being cut off. But when you have multiple games from the same series, mixed with 'full' and demo/free* you start to see several items "Special Enguiry Detail..." trying to find these games to play so damn annoying. And I think it just ticks me off even more when it doesnt say 'Owned' and lists the price on the store listings until you visit the actual game page, so you don't know what you own or not when browsing.
    Or when you find a game, and you want to find more from the publisher so you click the publishers name on the store page, 'Published by Artifex Mundi' No results for this filtering. Argggh!
    When you've found what you think you're looking for, and you click on it to check the store page, oh nope not that one, click back (wait +8 seconds again) and you're at the top of the list again. Useless waste of time. There has to be a much better way of managing the content we own.
    This can't just be me that's seeing all these problems with the store, and if everyone is happy to just deal with these kinds of issues..? There are plenty more examples of the store being really shoddy, and simply not up to par for regular use but it's just so frustrating to use it takes for ever to to things that should be simple tasks.. I've actually given up playing any of the xbox live games I purchased on there, on a whim, and don't even know what I've got anymore, and it's honestly too much effort to find out.
  • :)) Excited about what exactly? An icon and a name change? :)) That won't change the fact the store is a ghost town for apps :)) Devs won't come back just because there's a new icon and a new name :))))
  • True but Microsoft already have a website with the same name that sells Apps, Games, PC Software and Hardware so it makes sense to brand the built in Store the same. This could also mean that they plan to sell hardware through the built in Store as well.
  • I am very happy that Microsoft finally solved this long awaited problem that the users were facing everyday. Microsoft really knows how to focus on real problems, like the name of the store app. Thank you Microsoft!
  • LOL That made my morning!
  • It is nothing wrong with the name, do I like Yes as much as I liked Windows store.. Microsoft Store is cool... Apple Store, Google Play store and no one complaining about those names lol 😁 because are childish like Microsoft store .. Windows is software and as software It has owner and Microsoft is.... It makes sense the store to be called that.. By the way what do you guys really want? Windows XP we complain about it, Windows vista I don't even want to talk about, windows 7 still talk **** about it, windows 8.1 we complain doesnt have start menu, windows 10 the menu is back and still people complaining, but remember Microsoft bring touch on it's windows still we complain, lol Windows Phone get hit hard, Surface laptop and all surface line, Xbox one x.. All that Microsoft done is for his users, we wanted a smart phone we got one #theyListen. We wanted good quality windows device we got Surface line, we wanted powerful console we got Xbox one s and now Xbox one x.. WHAT Do WE Really Want?
    A company that doesn't listen, doesn't innovate?
    A company that try it's best to listen and innovate in order to grow?
  • Well wrote, sir 😌 Personally I find Microsoft to be the most humane company of the three major (Apple, Microsoft and Google). Apple just have better PR, that is all 😜
  • I've always called it the The Store so no change then
  • The rebranding makes sense IF they intend to also integrate their online Microsoft Store into the app (ie. Allow you to buy hardware through the app). What doesn't make sense is the new icon which completely breaks the iconography of Windows 10 (well, then again, so does that horrible new grey UI).
  • That's why they try out to insiders, join and give your feedback. It is not out yet it's on testing drive...
  • Oh please. The Insider program is a f*cking farse. They use it to get idiots to do for free the job up until a few years ago they PAID people to do. They don't actually listen or care about your feedback unless it's a bug that needs fixing. Everything else is done in accordance to their pre-decided roadmap.
  • Android 2011 called and wants is logo back.
  • Ahahahahah didn't think of that. Well spotted
  • Yeah, the name is good, simple and to the point. That logo needs some work though. I guess it isn't too bad, just a bit too familiar.
  • Nothing like it - the only similarity being a carrier bag, which has been used online since the early days of the internet.
  • Yes,  to get free labour..thats why they have suckers...i mean insiders.
  • I think this is a very good idea because it's saying Microsoft is unifying itself and not being discriminate with customers whether enterprise or consumers. Indeed, if this is truly the case then we are in for a better Microsoft especially on the consumer side where the feeling of abandonment is felt.
  • Can someone explaine to me why Apple introduces the App Store like 8 years ago and sticks to that name for all this years, and Microsoft, which has had an app store for only 6 or 7 years is already experimenting with its third different name? I mean... Microsoft... if the Windows Store isn't doing as good as you hoped for, it's not because of its name.
  • It unifies the web and built in stores under one name, why name one as the Microsoft Store and the other as the Windows Store if they sell Apps, Games and Media through both. The only exception is hardware but I assume they will allow you to buy hardware through the built in Store at some point.
  • Apple also suck with one main design for their iphone too,  and keep updating while microsoft keeps trashing each design they come up with.
  • That icon is so not metro
  • Metro is the old design language. They are going in a different direction now.
  • Finally some color. The windows store icon is so dull that I never bothered to engage unless I actually need something. The new icon and unified name may get more clicks with the popping color and lead to more user engagement. Details matter and I like this.
  • Hey, I actually did not think of it like that, good point :)
  • Sigh. Not another name change. I understand the idea behind it as the "store" encompases  more content than windows already under the microsoft flag.. But the store has been through many many subtle name changes already these past few years. The current name changing is as frustratingly reminiscent as the recent name change suggestion  photos to story remix. Microsoft is very late to the name changing and should have done this very early in the windows 10 development. I can imagine within 18 months it will change again, trend likely going to Zune store? Will microsoft perhaps still be called microsoft in 2 years? Microsoft is not so micro anymore.I think a new name would be fitting. 10Soft or Azurecloud or ZuneIn perhaps? And then there's the conversation. I think I'll buy it in/at the Microsoft store. Which one?
  • I think the point is that, in time, like the author also suggests, it will be universal :)
  • The icon looks pretty crappy. Otherwise I'm not against the new name, whatever. They keep doing a lot of name changes through their history, but then again other companies do too, and I guess it's part of a strategy to show renewal or create the impression of newness.
  • would be nice if I could buy xbox games from my windows phone, instead of getting a message saying this product won't work on your device, and no way to purchase
  • You can do this already, you need to use the Xbox app to do it though. I think this is probably something that will change now that they have rebranded the Store.
  • Extremely horrid icon.  And, really, does renaming something actually "rebrand" it?  Let's be honest.
  • I am excited about this. I admit, I will have to get used to the colours, but it helped, when I thought about the icon like a small version of an actual paper bag you carry with you with hardware and software from a physical Microsoft store. I think the reason while I am not liking it so far, is because it reminds me of the Windows 8 era.
  • I mean I get it, but there's a bunch of boy cried wolf here for me. How many times have they renamed things... Confusingly. If you DO rename it, make sure at least have a splash screen/notification about what's changed like "You can no buy hardware!" (Put more smoothly than that. 😊) MS problem has always been explaining moves.
  • The app icon is very much similar to the white shopping bag icon of Play Store. Only, instead of the Google Play logo, it bears the Microsoft logo. Whatever, I would like to know if this change will take place on Mobile as well. 🤔
  • Actually, Google has changed the icon many times, and the last time they used a shopping bag was a long time ago... And IIRC it was very different from what I see in the screenshot. I'd say this one has the same ressemblance to the old Google Play bag as the one used previously.
  • It was always confusing why Microsoft had two separate stores... Especially when they started featuring desktop apps in Windows Store. No surprise they finally decided to merge them. The only shocking thing here is that it took so long for them to do that!
  • More rebranding typical Microsoft...
  • Their new advertising slogan: "Um...we're getting there"
  • It would be nice if Microsoft stuck with a naming scheme, rather than changing names every foew months/years/whatever. Now I say You buy hardware from the Microsoft store and software/apps/games from the Windows store.
  • At least they want to go with something that is straightforward, rather than coming up with something like Microsoft Emporium
  • I was hoping for Microsoft Goods and Services Purchasing Tool Ultra Edition.
  • Lol. How about C.H.O.A.M., with the M being Microsoft
  • Ha! I do like their name though. Simple and to the point.
  • They need to keep the current shopping bag icon and make the windows logo in color.
  • I'm completely fine with the name if only they actually start offering other stuff in Store such as selling hardware and other stuff we do on Microsoft Store website. For now, renaming it while retaining the content would just make some confusion between the Microsoft Store website that allows you to buy non-digital stuff and this Microsoft Store app that don't atm. Other than that it make sense to unify the branding. Though the icon really looks kinda amateurish and substance as the current Windows Store logo. Also it makes now inconsistent to other stock apps (except to Paint 3D that's completely different). On Taskbar, colored icon is fine on black/white theme, but not good for Live Tiles which are designed to changed colours and themes (on W10M at least). There is a good reason of standard monochromatic color of app icons on Live Tiles.
  • This won't be confusing at al....They only have the online Microsoft store that doesn't sell apps, and there are the physical Microsoft Stores that sell hardware. Oh well, they're going to do what they want no matter what we think. The insider program is now free bug reporting and no longer about listening to what the userbase wants. I miss the Nokia and Microsoft partnership days. We actually got new phones, and Nokia pushed the software and the market forward. OIS on phone cameras was a Lumia first along with several other features that the compeditors have now adopted.
  • Apps and Games are on the Microsoft Store website.
  • Yippie ki ya Mortar Forker!
  • About time...
  • Sounds like they're getting ready to go cross-platform! I would love to see the Microsoft store on Android and iOS
  • What would an iOS user purchase on the Microsoft Store?
  • Nope, just bring the branding in line with the website.
  • They will be selling more then just apps in the "app store" soon so it makes sense... 
  • I'm all for simplification. Yes, call it Microsoft Store, and unify everything there (software, hardware, music, all of it). Then give us options to, for example, remotely install apps (EVEN ON WIN MOBILE, oh, who am I kidding, that's not gonna happen).
  • Another new "feature" this rebrand brings -- you cannot update apps :D
  • The name is good, the logo looks ok, I think a mix of the old Icon and the new colours would look nice, the main things is to put everything into the one area, hardware, software and services. It would be nice to be able to get visual studio etc from the store, though the will have to do a lot of work to make it searchable and clear on each of the departments and categories.   
  • This change makes sense to me.
  • I don't know what music, books and movies have to do with Windows anyways.  Plus even though Xbox uses Windows as the base of its modified OS many people do not realize this and more products like the Alexa devices it makes sense to say Microsoft store over Windows.  Finally, they are testing, at least on the Xbox as part of the Insider program, to sell hardware like controllers and other smaller items. Perhaps they will do the same with the desktop store option.     The term Microsoft Store is more future proof and continues pushing PR for the whole ocmpany.  Perhaps, like the Xbox,  in the future there may be other products that have the OS as the base but are not completely obvious it is. (e.g. Hololens devices, full house integrated devices)    Perhaps this is the push  to make sure Microsoft is what binds peoples awarness across product lines not Windows.   
  • I believe This change of name  is the next step towards flexibility. maybe pwa apps coming to Windows is one reason. the new Icon is far better. but it doesn't really fit with other icons. it attracts much more attention. I hope they change everything elses icon to match this one. A little more color can liven up the white view.
  • Stop with all this "Microsoft and Windows." Just call it "Store"
  • I agree. It would make it consistent with Mail, Maps, Photos, People, Weather, News, etc. - all one-word names.
  • It isn't consistent though, Mail is called Outlook Mail and Calendar, Maps is called Windows Map, Weather is called MSN Weather and News is called MSN News on the Store.
  • i always name it Microsoft Store... cuz it is better name!
  • Did I miss the comms and/or splash screen from MS explaining the rename. Good job we have Windows Central to inform us.
  • Whether or not this change makes sense is 100% dependent on what they do with it. If things like gift cards work for both or if you'll be able to order hardware through the app, then it makes sense. If they keep things as they are, then it's just going to be confusing.
  • Well the Xbox team is already testing hardware purchases through the Xbox Store (as opposed to opening Edge to browse the MS Store) so this is a logical next step.
  • It's about time. Makes sense to name the store the same name as the company, not the product.
  • Better choice than the nonesense that happened with the Photos app.
  • nothing changed. bug still got ,store still damaged but actually no damaged only error message.
  • Microsoft makes software for platform other than Windows so it makes sense to call the store Microsoft Store.
  • I used all OS such as android, ios and Windows 10 and I personally want to use Windows 10 because its most popular and easy to use OS. I heard some people don't like it. I think they used its trail version with limited functions. I think they should use Windows 10 Full activated OS but on Microsoft Store prices are very high. I suggest you to get activated Windows 10, You can buy cheap license from ODosta Store as Its providing legit keys. Personally experienced.
  • The new logo looks similar to the one found on the bags used by Microsoft's brick & mortar stores. I wish that with the changes to the online store that Microsoft would step up it's game in culling non-functioning apps. One such example is the "" app. It allows the user to listen to online streams of select CBS radio stations. The app hasn't worked for a while now. The app fails to open properly. I've flagged the app multiple times and tried other means to draw Microsoft's attention to it, but nothing has happened. CBS finally fixed their contact link, so, I was able to send them notification that the app needs to be fixed.