Microsoft recaps their Free-Time Machine promotion across the country [Videos]

Today wrapped up a big day for Windows Phone with the launch of two 4G LTE devices on AT&T, the Lumia 900 (review) and Titan II (review). In celebration, Microsoft ran their Free-Time Machine promotion which basically allowed people to play with both giant Windows Phones and the real thing with the Lumia 900 taking front and center.

From New York City to Chicago to San Francisco, Microsoft had their booths set up and celebrities on hand to help draw new people into "saving time" by seeing how efficient Windows Phone can be. Oh and yeah, they also gave away a lot of gift certificates to restaurants, for gas and all sorts of things to help out folks.

Not much else to say on the events so you can watch the other two videos after the break to get an idea of what happened. And if you stopped by, feel free to post up your pics and tell us your experience in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Daniel Rubino

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  • Dan Rubino the only voice of reason
  • Not really since he doesn't like internet explorer or hotmail
  • And as we all know that is the true test of sanity. Daniel you are on notice!
  • Seems like some good clean fun and an opportunity for people to be exposed to the phone. Nice
  • Wow, gas is at $3.99. They need to do this in Baltimore.
  • Yes sir!
  • You're from Baltimore? I'm from Baltimore
  • Bring this to irvine
  • Damn... I missed it!!!
  • It was a great event! $$$ worth spent. I was there @ bryantpark at 8 am on my way to work. The booths attracted the office-goers (blackberry users, I guess!). They stopped by and were seen educated about Nokia Lumia 900/Windows Phone. They looked happy seeing the phone in action... Nice job...
  • I was at the Chicago one,people seemed happy to see it. LTe speeds on the 900 seemed a bit slow tho only clocking in at 7mbps which is what I get on my TMO hd7
  • I was at the Chicago one as well....didn't stay long because it was just too dang windy..
  • I was at the Bryant park one and won a black lumia 900
  • man wish i was there! looks like a super time!
  • He uses Opera or Netscape?
  • Chrome...