Microsoft reports record $24B quarterly results, doubled Surface revenue

Microsoft’s quarterly reported ending in December 31 has been released today with the company reporting $24.52 billion in revenue. That’s up from last year’s record-breaking $21.5 billion, meaning Microsoft continues to deliver the goods to investors.

The devil’s in the details though, and Microsoft sheds a little light on where their money is coming in and where it’s declining.

First up is Surface sales. Microsoft is still not budging on releasing specific sales numbers of the devices themselves, but rather is reporting on just their revenue. There the number for FY14 Q2 come in at $893 million, doubled from the previous quarter’s reported $400 million number. On first blush, that’s a positive bit of news but without figures on the number of units sold, it’s hard to really appreciate. What can be said is that the Surface is at least gaining in popularity, though we’re hard pressed to call it a ‘hit’.

Windows OEM revenue was down 3%, further cementing the idea that consumers are still cool to buying new PCs.

The Xbox One is also seemingly doing well with 3.9 million units sold, up from the last report of 3 million a few weeks ago. Just as importantly, the Xbox 360, which has been heavily discounted during the holidays, was still selling 3.5 million units. Those numbers show that the Xbox One appears to be holding its own against Sony and that the 360 will be around for some time too. That's a total of 7.4 million Xbox units, which is mighty impressive.

Still, the PlayStation 4 has pushed 4.2 million units, making it the winner here.

Other interesting data include Bing search growing to 18.2% and “search advertising revenue grew 34%”. Numbers for Windows Phone were not disclosed at this time. Update: 

"Devices and consumer licensing revenue, which includes Windows and Windows Phone software, fell 5.6 percent to $5.38 billion."

Ballmer had this to say regarding their consumer product line:

“The investments we are making in devices and services that deliver high-value experiences to our customers, and the work we are doing with our partners, are driving strong results and positioning us well for long-term growth.”

More information may come forward during the investor call in just under one hour. We’ll update this article accordingly.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome!!! Now keep doing the same with your Nokia D&S!
  • I love my surface, i like its style its design it awesomeness. i like to surf with it on the net i like to play some flash games with it on the net, i like the kicksand its amazing,i like my surface so much, one day when i was drunk i was a bit tired and slept and woke up at the morning
  • +1 I have an iPad, it lives in my drawer. Yet my Surface comes with me everywhere I go. Sometimes, even the restroom/toilet :) I can use a mouse. The backlit Type Cover 2 is amazing. I really don't understand why many more zealots and trolls havent allowed themselves to enjoy the beauty that is the Surface 2. Its a fabulous piece of hardware.
  • I have an iPad 4....haven't used it shince I got my Dell Venue 8 Pro in December....
  • I don't mean it in a "funny" way but I'd be more than happy to buy your Ipad of you if you don't want it anymore..  
  • How come you guys have two tablets? And btw a lot of my friends say that iPad have better quality apps. Is that true or it doesn't bother you?
  • I have a Yoga, iPad, and Nexus 7. I tend to reach for my Yoga because multitasking is just better, but the iPad/Nexus 7 is for specific things (playing games, etc) If I am just browsing the web or working on something the Yoga is a better device. Once you get used to multiple windows on a tablet (or tablet like device) you never want to live without it. iPad is just too limited to be useful even if it has more apps. Its annoying only being able to do one thing at a time. I am really glad Windows pushed for making a productive device not just an entertaining device.   
  • My iPad sits in a drawer as well (but then again, I stopped using it long before I got my SP2, and it's only a first-gen, so not a very fair comparison). Love my SP2 w/Type Cover 2. Awesome combo. Battery life could be improved, but it's enough to last me the school day, and considering how freaking powerful it is, I have not much room to complain. I understand it's not for everyone, but for me, it's Surface here on out for all my computing and tablet needs.
  • price, more folks don't buy them because they are just a bit overpriced....
  • Save your money everything is cheap if you break it over a few months and buget. Xbox one is only $83 a month for 6months.. Its not so expensive!
  • And even more folks like me don't buy them cuz they are not available in India. C'mon Microsoft why the delay.
  • Not sure if serious or.....
  • Is it unusual that no information regarding Windows Phone was released in this report?
  • Not at all, its been like that since the launch back 2010.
  • Its not there year end yet.
  • Sony had a week on Xbone, I'd say XBone is the winner here being only 300k units down.
  • Don't let the PS4 fanboys hear this! (oh and I own both systems)
  • @bpmurr.... Will you please share some thoughts about your experience with both devices? Do you have a preference and why? Thanks in advance :-)
  • I own all consoles too including the Wii-U.  I have enjoyed my time with all of the consoles because I love gaming.  So far I prefer the Xbox One.  The software is the clear winner, for ME, and at the moment my ps4 is waiting for a decent exclusive that will make me keep coming back to play.  I like the ps4 and really dig the controller even though the touchpad will probably be under utilized (my guess) like the Sixaxis motion technology.  I remember being excited for the sixaxis and it was barely implemented in titles.  Some may like Killzone, but I was bored with it and felt it didn't deliver, again.  Dead Rising 3 is the best title of the three consoles, IMO.  The new Mario for WII-U is next.  Resogun is the only game I have gone back to the PS4 to play. 
  • @MFmonster... Thanks for your input. I currently on an Xbox 360, but I'm in dire need of a new console. Your insight will certainly facilitate my decision.
  • Smh
  • Not to mention a much larger distribution area.
  • Sony sold 4.2 consoles in 12/28/13 for USERS, Microsoft sold 3.9 millions for retails.  Yep, i understand, the console sells good because there demand, but sony is a winner for the moment
  • Xbox One is only available in 13 markets, while Playstation 4 is in many, many more.
  • The PS4 is also impossible to get in many markets, while the One is easily-acquired everywhere it's sold, by comparison. I'm not a Sony person AT ALL, but the simple fact of the matter is that Microsoft's meeting demand much more-easily than Sony is right now. Maybe that would change if the Xbox One launched in more markets, but given that the markets it's not in are ones it never sells well in (like Japan), I have a hard time believing that.
  • That's to Sony's credit. Microsoft would have sold to more markets if they could have.
  • Microsoft usually only reports SOLD unit numbers not shipped to retail.
  • A shipped unit is still a sale and that is what Microsoft reports. The retailer paid Microsoft for that unit and that is why it's a sale. If the product doesn't sell, the retailer will unload it at near cost and won't order more units from Micrososft. That is why the whole user vs retailers argument is just stupid. All the units going to the retailers will eventually end up in users hands.
  • "Sony sold 4.2 consoles in 12/28/13 for USERS, Microsoft sold 3.9 millions for retails"   AND with so many retailers around the globe, how can Sony track the units as actually in the hand of "users"?!! And does he mean to say that all those 3.9M Xbox are sitting there in the shelves of the retailers?!! How do they know all those units are not actually in the hands of "USERS". So if it's sold by Sony it's in "USERS" hands but if sold by MS it's only in retailers hands. I think that comment needs clarification or I'll just tick it off as a troll comment.
  • I just know that my friend and I were trying to buy an XBox One during the week before Christmas and couldn't because they were sold out at the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and Fry's.  Perhaps, I'm just a small sample set, but it wasn't easy to find one.
  • The NeoGaffers are desperate. They've dedicate a 1000 comment thread to showing how MS 3.9 million is not sell-through to consumer, but Sony's 4.2 million is. How would Sony know since they only sell to retailers? There is this desperate hatred of all things Microsoft in the world that I find unfathomable...
  • + 95 98 2000 NT ME
  • With XB1 costing $100 more it'll never sell as many as PS4. They would take a huge price cut or the Kinect requirement being removed.  The Wii shipped more units than all the consoles for its generation's Nintendo doing? Selling more doesn't make you the winner. 
  • There ISN'T a Kinect requirement to use the Xbox One. They are just including it with the system. "You can also turn off your Kinect through the system settings, or you can simply unplug it. Xbox One does not require a Kinect to be plugged in for the system to function. "
  • He means the purchase requirement, OBVIOUSLY. The $100 price hike over the PS4 is because of its inclusion, given the overall inferior hardware Microsoft offers (such as a weaker GPU and a non-removable HDD).
  • Actually, even without Kinect, the XBone costs an estimated $10 more than the PS4 to manufacture. The components aren't inferior, they're just inferior for gaming. For some functions, like multitasking applications in different cores, the XBone is better. I think...
  • Sorry Keith, it isn't as obvious as you think. There were many people blasting Microsoft and the Xbox One because there was confusion as to if the Kinect sensor was a requirement to even use the Xbox one. Fears of the government spying since the Kinect was reportedly always on...even if the game didn't make use of the Kinect sensor. obvious but thank you for your reply.
  • I like my 1080P games though : / 
  • I can confirm this on my fiancee's Lumia 1520. Presume a firmware fix will follow in short order. Well, hopefully, just got my yellow 1520 today ;)
  • PS4 is sold in almost tripple the amount of countries than Xbox One. According to (As of December 13, 2013), "PS4 now available in 48 countries, Xbox One only in 13." This advantage covers roughly 27% more territory. On the other hand, when comparing PlayStation 4's 4.2 million to Xbox One's 3.9 in sales (as per this article), we can see Xbox One maintains about 93% of PS4's overall sales. Not to mention Xbox One's extra $100 price tag. That is pretty impressive to say the least. IMO, Xbox One is the clear winner here.
  • I would suggest timing aside Xbox one is down significantly against the PS4. Maybe its 15-20% however this is only the first quarter (not even a full one) and time will tell if the "One" has worked. Personally I own the Xbox One and its fantastic but give me the UK TV functionality and some key missing apps (Yes looking at you again BBC...) this could easily change. What is in little doubt is the strength of the Xbox brand in the US and the strength of the PS brand in Europe and Japan.
  • The Xbox One will gain new feature and better gaming quality over time (like 1080p), making it "future proof".
    The PS4 is a very statically designed console, meaning it can't be upgraded via simple patch or update.
    In a few years we will see the true console winner.
    For the second generation in a row :)
  • A week plus it launched in a lot more countries
  • And ps4 is available in more country's. Devide sales by total population of country's both console are for sale in and see which looks better :):). I'm sure Xbox will come out on top
  • Also with regards to the price difference between XB1 and PS4 in Australia the XB1 is only $50 more expensive and it included a full copy of Fifa14. Which essentially, when you include the Kinect peripheral, makes the XB1 a much better value proposition than the PS4.
  • Good for Microsoft, I'm just mad my Nokia stock went down almost a dollar...
  • here is something interesting. I took a beating with NOK. almost 9% down. My MSFT compensated - but not by much. So even though MSFT beat expectations, it couldnt do the damage control. that should tel that market reacts harshly on negativity than positivity. Strange, sad...but true.
  • I sold about 88% of my position. I'm not sure if I made the right decision. Nokia's earning report scared the sh!t out of me this time around. Hopefully, I will evaluate a meaningful strategy. So confusing..... I usually stand strong, but I was also taught not to "Fall in love with a stock." Any ideas would be appreciated. If not, it's all good.
  • Owning MSFT and NOK at the same time is not smart. Not until the deal is finalized. You should have cashed in on the buyout news and started looking elsewhere.
  • hindsight.... always 20/20. I should have when it couldnt break hold 8.00. But looks like 7.00 is a good support level. so i'll watch the price action if that holds. Tomorrow's close gives a good indication. as always, time will tell.
  • Yeah, hindsight. Wasn't trying to grill you on it. Just that with a buyout, ideally you don't want to own both companies for the long haul. Sell the one on news and keep the company that's doing the buying (if you like it's fundamentals).
  • Don't buy stock if your worried about $1 you can lose it all!
  • You realize some people buy more than 1 share? And this isn't like Apple or Google that they are in the hundreds and thousands, Nokia isn't even ten, and $1 is a big deal.
  • Dude.. if you own 1000 shares, its a freekin' 1000 bucks. regardless, its the percentage drop. its 8%. go do the math.
  • That's great news. Hopefully now going into 2014 and obtaining Nokia D&S they can push the WP brand better.
  • 7.5 million XBOXs...insane.
  • And that's just recently...imagine how many are out there total!
  • I believe it's over 80 M total.
  • Is that 76.1 Xbox 360s and 3.9 Xbox ones, or 80m Xbox 360s. Either way these are impressive numbers.
  • There have been more than 80.1 million Xbox 360s sold, so add Xbox One's 3.9 million in and you ahve 84 million Xbox 360s and Xbox One's sold since the 360 launched.
  • Thanks for the reply. It seems Microsoft is on the right track with their gaming strategy. We'll see what the future holds for Xbox One.
  • The figures are more realistic than the jobless figures in the UK 7.1%
  • and the US!
  • i really appericate your trully amazing explaining, i hope u have a nice day, keep banging ;)
  • Agreed. They should be split into those actively seeking work. Which is about 15 people. The other 7.0999% (7 million loafers) love to sit indoors, watch Jeremy Kyle and eat biscuits, breed and don't want to work. Much more realistic.
  • Go home and polish your gun.
  • I agree, Sony had a extra week, plus they are selling in 53 countries, compared to 14 for Xbox 1
  • Sony launched in more countries...however it's not very easy to actually BUY a PS4. For example, the PS4 is supposed to be available in my country...I haven't seen a single unit for sale anywhere.
  • What's a PS4. JK. But just from this information the Xbox one doesn't seem to be on its way to be buried like everyone said it would.
  • Not everyone. Only the ps4 fanboys and click bait hungry journalists.
  • what I want to know is how many ps3s were sold. I'm flabbergasted, that the 360 is selling almost neck and neck with the one!
  • That's not anyone's fault but Sony, if someone wants to buy a PS4 but there's none available.
  • Plenty in stock in the UK  
  • That is partly because so many of the consoles were bricks.
  • Search revenue from Bing up 34%. That's a pretty strong increase....
  • That really is, i like bing banging bing, i really hope google screws themselvs because those acts what they are making isnt an normal companys acting, not good for me not good for u not good for people not good for government..   i once had two ducks i did feed them on our apartemant but they was soloud and they did make my house smell so bad so i had to sell those two .. dont know why but had to tell u Miik21, i hope u appericate it
  • I don't know why, but I appreciate your duck story. It made me laugh... I haven't smiled since Nokia's earnings report.
  • i appericate ur apperication, humanity is alive, microsoft is alive, lets get on the the train, train has started moving and our only way is to our destination we will make it with ducks or withoud ducks.
  • D-D-Danger lurks behind you
    There's a stranger out to find you
    What to do? just grab on to some Duck Tales! Woo-oo! Tales of daring do-bad and good Luck Tales! Woo-oo! Not pony tales or cotton tales, no, Duck Tales! Woo-oo!
  • One of my favorite cartoons :-) Huey, Dewey, and Louie FTW.... Never cared much about Scroogle McDuck. Oops did I just say that??? Hehehe....
  • Haha, Scroogle McDuck!!!!!! Nice!
  • :-)
  • But still they have to improve their search results its little inaccurate too
  • Bing works ever time for me. I don't use google at all anymore
  • MSFT reports numbers only when they think the sales are significant. Like with Xbox line. So it will still take a while before we start seeing numbers for surface or WP
  • Pretty sure ALL companies report their earning in a favorable light, lol.
  • Except for HTC. Had To Choke.
  • I thought it was Had To Copy?
  • All you and I and the entire WPCentral community members can hope for is that we start seeing the official numbers sooner rather than later. Meaning we see some significant grown for these devices. Can't wait
  • daniel i wish u reply to one of my comments, i really appericate it, u are cool guy daniel, i respect u and ur job and ur nice phones,  u really are good guy, i am appericating the job u guys are doing for us fans, its trully amazing.. i wish an long and safe life for u guys, i hope u wish for me too    
  • I'm happy!
  • im happy that u are happy, happines is something that makes life more beauifull, i like to be happy always. when i was young guy i was happy and still today as young man im happy
  • Surface should be sold in more countries. Just like mine. :(
  • very beautifull point, thanks for it
  • RIP WP8,   just kidding, im sure MS wont leave it, but surely it is still struggling. 
  • Because Windows 7 comes on the Surface? Seriously though there is no reason to upgrade your OS from Win 7 to Win 8 unless you get new hardware.  It's pretty much been the case since Windows XP.  You don't upgrade until your next big hardware upgrade or new computer unless your cutting edge.
  • Ahm... He is talking about Windows Phone... Not Windows.
  • The reason why Surface results were so good is because of the Black Friday fire sale. I got RT for $60 after doing price matching and using my unused gift cards.
  • Wow. What a deal!
  • How much were the gift cards worth. That's money too.
  • thats certainly not the only reason, im sure more than half of those sales are from other countries from europe in where price is more than 300 euros.. but i really respect ur opnion, because human wont be human if not have own opnion, so be happy and enjoy ur surface.    
  • You're acting as if those gift cards aren't real money. Someone paid for them, even if you received them as a gift.
  • Score
  • What!? I thought the surface was a flop? What? Your saying its actually good! *gasp*. This is what every tech site should be saying (except wpcentral), instead of kissing Apple's ass about the iPad air. Love my RT.
  • I'm not sure $900 million in Surface rev makes it a smash hit either. It's actually very modest, by comparison in the market.
  • I agree but with so many people putting it down before they can even touch it, this is good. I just want some of these "doom" predicters to eat their words.
  • Agreed. For sheer media news, it's better to say "we doubled revenue on the Surface" than "we saw a modest increase in revenue". Clearly the former has more zing to it.
  • Bazingaa!
  • However, the Surface is now a new billion dollar business for Microsoft.
  • Maybe if you could find a Surface 2 in the store to actually buy, their numbers would be better.
  • They made $900 million GROSS on Surface, but spent $900 million+ to make that, so they actually had a net loss for the Surface family of around $39 million. It's in the article at The Verge. Not good. After the launch period of the Mark II models, selling prices and buzz will only diminish.
  • No, that is actually very good. If they have recouped their R&D and now its just sales margin, then its a great position. Its also a fabulous product. The only people who don't like it, are armchair critics who have never even owned one - stuck with their own biases. People stick with Apple or Google like its their football team through thick and thin.
  • Whenever The Verge talks about MS, I always take it with a grain of salt. But be that as it may, if you remember just 3 quarters ago, MS had to write off $900M due to losses on the Surface. So how is a loss of $39M "not good" compared to that one?!! In my book, that's a huge and colossal improvement and shows an uptrend in the marketability of the Surface! And this was achieved in spite of the Surface being MIA in a lot of markets! It can only get better from here on!
  • I was at the Big Data conference yesterday in Sacramento and there were a bunch of people using Surface tablets. I'm assuming Pro. I felt right at home. Ultra books were also very popular also. What I didn't notice were any android tablets or someone with a $200 chromebook. Lol
  • Yup, agreed. I have never seen a Chromebook. Ever (outside using one at Google's offices) There is no way on earth they have this so called 20% of the PC market. Total horse dung.  
  • 20% of the sub 300 dollar PC market maybe.   
  • Only people who buy Chromebooks are 1: Schools. I mean they're schools, they have to buy the cheapest thing humanely imagineable. I'm surprised they even get computers.  2) Google employees. They buy them to support their company AND to have a nice paperweight for their house.  Seriously, $300 for a browser that you can download for free?
  • And Microsoft's next CEO is...Steve Ballmer!
  • who's the best? MS that is! Always "record breaking", keep it up. get back those glory days!
  • Wow, when Balmer sucks he sucks real bad, huh?
  • exactly, record profits, time after time.
  • Yeah, toally! Balmer sucks!  All these great products and profits.  Horrible! 
  • Exactly. The illogical haters are just that. Illogical.
  • Windows 8 has been a complete failure, need to get rid of Bing, Xbox.... /s
  • I'm not sure you should be saying that Windows 8 is a failure with sarcasm. I love it as my OS, but sales have been sub par at best.
  • You're right. Maybe I shouldn't have led with W8 but, the point was honestly, you constantly read that Microsoft is doomed, everything they are doing is wrong and going to fail, clearly it's not the case.
  • So, based on your comment, we can also conclude that sales of ALL OSX "have been sub par at best" because according to the latest data, there are now more W8 out there (not counting W7 and XP) than ALL versions of OSX.
  • LOL
  • RHrhrhrh
  • WTH, lol
  • Lol, awww, sorry but maybe that's why the WalMart near me has over 20 XBONE sitting on the shelf and absolutely 0 PS4's on the shelf. I love mu windows phone. I love my Microsoft, but not a fan of XBox. And yes, I have my PS4!!! PS4 would truly be killing XBone if it could actually keep up with the demand. And I'm sure that itz not just my location, which is SoCal, avg income $120k+, so the numbers don't even compare. PS4 is winning. But like I said, WP8, W8, Surface, Microsoft all the way except XB!!!
  • That's a compliment to the Xbox manufacturing team.  Microsoft has been better at keeping the Xbox One in supply. Oh well, Sony's loss. If you want a next-gen console it's much easier to get an Xbox One right now.  Personally, I think the One is a great console and entertainment center. But then again I'm the type that likes my phone to ALSO be a camera. For those that are scared of smart phones and only want their phone to make phone calls ...stick with a PS4. 
  • True, but my point is that the PS4 sells out quickly due to limited supply. The XBone is currently sitting on the shelves. The demand is much greater for the PS4 vs the XBone. I also like my phone to be a camera. I'm truly pro Microsoft. But the only place I defer is with the XBone. I really wish Sony would create a PS4 app for WP because I will never switch over to the Android crap or ICrap! I do think Microsoft's inclusion of the Kinect and adding the $100 was a misstep. They should have left it up to the customer to decide if they wanted to purchase it. That price difference makes a huge impact. I wanted the PS Eye for my PS4 but as of currently, I don't see a real benefit for having it. Money is not the issue. I paid $800 for my PS4 combo. If you look at what it costs to have a generic system, meaning extra controller, online gaming, and 1 game, you're gonna pay over $650 for the PS4, I assume with the XBone, itz prolly closer to $775. That's a lot of money for a lot of people. So adding in an extra $100 for something that not everyone is going to want or use is huge. Just my take. But Microsoft needs to seriously do something with WP, cuz itz an awesome OS, they just need to promote it so that it can take over!!!
  • I want a Surface Pro 1 or 2 and a Lumia Icon / 929. I'll wait till it drops and my wallet gets fatter lol
  • And I dit not even get my Surface 2 yet.
  • i really hope from button of my heart that u will get it,
  • The button of your heart?! LOL!!! I kept scrolling past other posters just to keep reading yours! Dude you're cracking me up!
  • LOL...dude.
  • but but but but.....this cant be ..balmer doesnt know how to run msft and windows 8 is a flop and so is windows phone 8 was supost to be the year of the linux !!!! they stole the money....yeah thats it ,....they stole it !!/ s  
  • Surface 2 is cool but not being able to find anywhere a touch cover 2 with Portuguese layout for almost 2 months is not acceptable. Always out of stock, even on the microsoft store...
  • Seeing as how the Surface 2 is not even available here, I kind of envy your problem... :D
  • What I can tell you, is that the Surface is a hit with me.
  • Well, given the fact that they lost 1 billion dollars with the Surface, it's good enough for them that they managed to reduce the losses. Also helped that during Q4 the original Surface came down to 199 and 299 from their original overpricing. At 199 it's not hard to sell during Christmas. Not surprised by the sales of the Xbone and also not surprised by it being beaten by Sony's PS4.
    That "Bing growth" is what I would like to know more about...more precicely, how did they reached that number. If they're counting as actual use of the service or if that number is about "products we sell with Bing on that and that people can't exchange for Google".
  • Sounds like MS has the winning formulas; Surface RT2, Surface Pro2 (soon to be third edition), Xbox 360..Xbox One.  Despite Nokia phones are on a decline(or so the media portraited it to be).  MS needs to come up with Surface Phone, combine the ecosystem to Xbox, Surface and I think MS will generate more money. oh, dont forget smart wear as well. MS, you can do it! you are holding the winning formular.
  • I demonstrated my Surface 2 to my students the other day.... being Apple brainwashed, they had no idea that such a device existed! It took 5 minutes to make them believers.... especially when they saw Netflix playing in the HDMI connected monitor and Word being used on the Surface.... all without the slightest lag.
  • If someone is well-read of the Austrian economy is more or less knows what the magnitude of money flows every day. :)
  • Microsoft made more profit in this quarter than Sony has made in the last decade of quarters. So yes, let them enjoy their little "victory" with the PS4. MS wins the war.
  • With earnings at about $18 per unit, I would hardly say that the "victory" is little... more like insignificant in the light of the financial woes that Sony are trying to recover from. Yet it seems to some people here, regardless of how much better the financial outlook of Microsoft is, that it is XBox and Microsoft that are the doomed ones. Still too early to declare a clear winner here but based on current results, if I have to bet my money now, it would be safer to place it on Microsoft. Unless the new CEO happens to be Leo Apotheker.
  • How much is the wphone user base? 60 -80 mil. 100 mil is the key milestone to pass, no one could ignore that market anymore.
  • How can they sold 893 mil of surface but paid 900+ for operating expenses but only lost 39 mil ?? Each surface costs less than $100 to produce?
  • Congratulations Microsoft!!! Go back to top....
  • Shocked! Just shocked that an article about Microsoft finances on a web site devoted to Windows Phone didn't include anything specific about Windows Phone. Do moar web searches. :D From Edgar SEC gov Microsoft form 10-Q 1/23/14 D&C Licensing Three months ended December 31, 2013 compared with three months ended December 31, 2012 Windows Phone revenue increased $340 million or 50%, reflecting higher sales of Windows Phone licenses and an increase in mobile phone patent licensing revenue. Six months ended December 31, 2013 compared with six months ended December 31, 2012 Windows Phone revenue increased $440 million or 46%, reflecting an increase in mobile phone patent licensing revenue and higher sales of Windows Phone licenses.