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Convert recorded video into Living Images with Microsoft's Lumia Moments app

Microsoft has just released a new app for Lumia Windows Phones, enabling consumers to extract shots from recorded footage on their smartphones and save the end result as a Living Image. Said animated images can be saved for future viewing or sharing with others. Unfortunately, the new app is available on a select few Lumia Windows Phones and requires the recent Lumia Denim update.

It's an app that will come in handy for those who frequently find themselves looking through recorded video to spot the best angles to create some impressive imagery. Using videos or 4K Moment shots, it's possible to use Best Frame to save content as Living Images, or Action Shot to add strobe and blur effects, highlighting action or motion.

As noted above, to be able to use Lumia Moments you'll need to be running the Lumia Denim update on the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon or Lumia 1520.

QR: Lumia Moments

Thanks, Coder, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This is why I choose Lumia over others :)
  • Ikr! Lumia denim is amazing! Hey Cortana is great and only works with my voice! And the camera speed on my 930 is unbeatable!!!
  • You have hey Cortana. I hate you now. Jk :) so how does it work? What all can you say or do?
  • So after you get denim, you go to settings, scroll down to the bottom, and press on "Hey Cortana", then it tells you to train it so it only recognizes your voice, and after that's done, you can lock your phone and say "hey Cortana!"and it will activate Cortana and listen to commands! This also works when in Cortana and in any other app!
  • Do you have to say "Hey"? That seems so immature and googleish. I'd rather be able just to say "Cortana".
  • Since you can customize the way to issue the command, I think it's possible, but have not tried
  • "Hey Cortana" sound like something people wouldn't randomly say...say you are in a discussion and Cortana's name comes up the every windows phone around (if there are any :) )would go into listening mode. It is better to use "hey Cortana" than just Cortana.
  • Sounds great. But its right as xFalk has said , it's googleish.. It should be only 'Cortana...' And the rest command. I am wondering if Microsoft can provide a option to lock our phone by our own voice through Cortana.. I think its absolutely possible.
  • You need 8.1 fail.
  • Good to see these same Nokia teams still carrying on even after the purchase...
    That's what's important here.
  • Ms should share a little more.
  • I'm downloading it although I don't have denim, maybe it won't start though.
  • Same here
  • Where is the link?
  • Right there in the post. Where it usually is ;)
  • Im so glad I have an icon! so many features I will never be able to use
  • Glad I have a L1520 but too bad it's still on cyan :/
  • This^
  • the 1020 owners feel your pain we won't get all the features of Denim
  • At least this app helps for moment capture
  • All? We won't get any on the 1020.
  • You know nothing about what Denim will bring for the older phones.
  • Consolations to all those who have a 630 like me. :P
    I m with you people.
  • You get what you pay for.
  • I got what i chose, i desperately needed a windowsphone over my crapdroid so i chose to buy a mid end phone and waiting for something like the 1030 :)
  • Not really. Lots of people paid a lot more for a 920 or a 1020 than the current price of an 830.
  • Its progress. The app takes a while to process videos, older and less powerful phones will likely have a poor experience or not work at all. In a years time the same will probably apply to the 1520 & 930, that's the way it goes.
  • And how old are they? It's normal that newer functions often need newer hardware.
  • so not true because the 1020 owners won't get all the Denim features so don't say you get what you paid for
  • Blame Microsoft for not updating the OS quickly enough to support better hardware in the 1020. Physically its just over a year old but technically its closer to 3, hardware that old is way outdated now. That's all on Microsoft. Besides it doesn't take anything away from the 1020's established position as the best smartphone camera, this is just a nice to have extra.
  • MSFT should stop churning out Lumias with 512MB ram. It's easy to say OS is buttersmooth and WP8.1 is optimised for lower memory devices. But Some really good apps(not only games) are limited to 1GB ram devices. And sometimes we have to kill background apps to run other apps. It's irritating and it eventually degrades WP. That is a sad truth. :( Lumia 630 was just perfect but it lacks the ram and flash. But hey, phone companies stopped making  'perfect device for the era' with the death of Nokia 1100. :(
  • I would call the 830 ' Almost a Perfect' Phone :D
  • We're all (Lumia owners) going to get the app. This is just a first release.
  • Was totally excited. Saw this story tweeted, closed twitter, jumped into Windows Central app. Thought this would be awesome since I have a phone with the best camera a phone had ever seen (1020). Almost threw phone when I saw the denim requirement.
  • Be patient ;)
  • I know, but timing on this app would be wonderful for the holiday season.
  • Do living images even work on the 1020?
  • They did at one point
  • They still do. Take an action shot with the Lumia 1020 (using 5-8 MP setting) using the Lumia Camera and it will take a living image ^_^.
  • You can also use this app with 1080p videos (I did it with my L930 with cyan, no denim)
  • even with denim seems it won't work on our 1020 devices. Another kick in the but by MS :( This is getting annoying. We have the best camera phone ever and none of the denim specific camera features are available for us :|.
  • I don't necessarily agree it's Microsoft's fault - They didn't spec the Lumia 1020. I've had a 1020 since November last year, and although it's annoying we are getting to the stage where the 1020 is missing out on a lot of new features, it's at least a little understandable with the specs of the phone. I'll be keeping an eye on Windows Phone 10, which should be out by next November when I'll be looking to upgrade, and if there's something high-end by then, that's what I'll probably pick up, unless the various Microsoft services I use are better on another platform - I mainly want Universal Apps across my Surface, Phone, and Xbox One, and a Lumia 1020 successor with cutting edge specs
  • Its definitely Microsoft's fault that the OS didn't support better hardware when the 1020 was developed. Even then Nokia did the impossible with what they had and would have done better if they had access to more advanced hardware.
  • With Denim, MS has effectively made the 1020 a phone that no longer live up to its name of the king of smartphone cameras. Sure, the camera specs are still mighty fine, but the yellowish tint, slow capture speed, inability to focus on close objects, lack of slow mo, and now the lack of exclusive Lumia features, surely left lots of 1020 users disappointed. From what I can remember, the only most exciting Nokia firmware update that the 1020 got was to shoot in RAW. And that's all.
  • Nothing announced for the newer Lumias or any other phone changes the fact that the 1020 is the best smartphone camera. You and other people are getting caught up in the hype of new gimmicky features and forgetting what the 1020 is actually capable of.
  • We want a review :)
  • Woah where i can find this???
  • Tap on view links.
  • There is also no link in the app to this download.
  • Tap on view links
  • Thanks. Got the not avail for your device message (expected).
  • It's where the links in the app always are...
  • Works without denim
  • Is there any chance to make Lumia camera 5 available for us, as Nokia camera in the past?
  • cant wait for Denim :)
  • This^^
  • I wonder if this will take the place of Nokia Cinemagraph?
  • I guess no, cinema graph has its features + awesomeness
  • Is only me or that are anymore guys thinking's that more phones will surely become "supported" for this exclusively-only-for-930-830-1520-features in a next firmware/app update?? Who remembers when Nokia Camera Pro app was released and they told only Lumia 920/925/1020 would get it?
  • This. Who remembers that L720 didn't have "hardware" to support double tap out glance and now it has?
  • So technically speaking this app won't be available for the Lumia 1020, 925 or 920 ??
  • Seems not. I have 1020 with Denim update and I do not find this app in the store on the phone.
  • Probably not because of old s4 processors
  • Where is the link?
  • Where they always are :)
  • I just downloaded the app and it's working on L1520 cyan!!
  • Same for me on my's working...i have cyan as of now...
  • Hmmm not for 1020 :(
  • Sad 1020 user here.
  • oh I'm on pfd :(
  • they actually could've given it to 730/735 too. internal specs same as 830. and even they can record 1080p video.
  • does my Lumia 1020 no justice, but whatever
  • Still waiting... :/
  • Man, this is stupid, why can't it work on 730? They should've called it Lumia Flagship Moments... Snobs...
  • Dicks is the appropriate term #gutted
  • MS and Nokia really screwed us 1020 owners by not supporting it and not having a successor out by the holiday season. Feel kinda bad that I recommended the 1020 for both my sister and girlfriend yet they see crap like this being pulled.
  • The 1020 has an old CPU, not the newest.
  • Were now running into a period of time when there are apps we cat run because of the phone we have -- and its not because we can't afford one, it's because of the hole in the WP product line (in US at least). I think this is a huge blunder on MS's part. I'm no sure how many people will leave the platform, but why would MS even allow this to enter people's minds? Huge tactical blunder an I hope it doesn't turn out to be part of a larger strategic mistake when targeting the low end if the market.
  • Exactly... Besides, chances are people who buy wphones are not aware what apps are (un)available till they buy a phone...
  • Outside the US you have the full range of devices to choose from so I doubt anyone will be leaving because they cant get one app.
  • Looks like MS wants us to believe that if we want the latest features we should buy the latest phones. That's all cool and everything but the funny thing is they don't have any new flagship's!!!!
  • It is working without denim update
  • correct, works on my L930 too, without Denim update
  • Daniel, may you P L E A S E do a Post-Denim camera review for the Lumia 1520 &/or Icon (930)? I recall Microsoft stressing that over and above improvements to photo quality Denim would drastically remedy the poor low light video performance on those phones. Just ordered a white Lumia 1520 after watching your review & I'm upgrading from a 920 so I'm really keen to see if low light performance has improved. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can tinker with the new photography features. Thank you
  • Why do people moan it won't run on old phones? Do I expect the latest version of Word to run on my as the hardware isn't up to it. If they supported all older hardware then the software wouldn't change/improve and those buying the new hardware works dump it as the software available was pants. Also what would be the motivation to get a new phone, after all that's that MS address in the business of..... selling things.
  • Have you been eating mushrooms? 730 and 630 are new models, and the app doesn't support them? 1020 isnt actually an outdated model... What hardware requirements are there with this app?
  • This app has to process full HD or 4K videos, with the slower dual core processors or devices with 512MB RAM it would take forever, my 1520 is almost real time just for a 24 second 1080p clip. I'm guessing it requires resources some phones just don't have for a good experience.
  • Oh yea? 830 and 730 have the same processors and both have 1gb. Somehow 830 gets to have this app, while 730 doesn't.
  • lol
  • It will not work on devices which doesnot have living image it wont come to other devices like Nokia cam pro did.
  • Not available for U.S!
  • How about skype updates to higher requirements such as mandatory 1mpx face camera? And this disqualifies 830 users from using skype?...
    Same specs when it comes to video between 830 & 730, but still app is unavailable for 730... Cheap tactics...
  • F you Microsoft... Basically the 730 & 830 are the same phone except for camera and storage space and ms robes us this app???
  • Works on my 930 on cyan and its great
  • Hoping next Generation Lumia Emerald will bring other phones to use this app . Just like Lumia 830 get access to Lumia moments . Nokia Smart cam was released first only on Pureview devices but Lumia Black update made all phones to get it . Then why cant this feature comes to all Lumias after Windows 10
  • I've just tweeted Juha and Elop on twitter about this. After the fact that 1020 does not receive any camera features, now this?? They are bashing this model completely without any reason. Yes, there are features that cannot work because of hardware such as dymanic flash or camera speed, but HDR? 60fps recording at 1080p, this app? these could work very well...
  • I'm quite sure that the 1020 entered End Of Life in September.
  • I don't expect old hardware to run the latest specialty apps, which us why I'm getting a... a... Ohh, that's right - no new flagship. So you're incorrectly assuming the moaning comes from the desire to run on old hardware
  • I don't have denim on my 1520 but I'm downloading it anyway
  • I'm hating my Lumia 920.
  • Haha.. It was not there a while ago
  • So yeah, obviously a no go on the icon. What'd I expect, a Christmas miracle maybe? Stupid verizon.
  • Says it works with ICON if you are running the denim update...Verizon just announced Denim
  • Noooooo I have 1020 and its not available
  • same here mate. 1020 and nothing new with Denim.
  • At the moment my 820 has a update available for Lumia Play To, but can't update it because don't have denim yet. Annoying having a 1 icon on store tile all the time.
  • This is cool but 1 thing like frustrates me a bit is that there are so many Lumia editing apps. Lumia this, Lumia that, Lumia Ali, Lumia Baba etc.. Why not put all photo and video editing apps in Lumia Creative Studio? Since the title states it. Reinvent it, and you got an unbeatable editing app rather than having too many apps. Good idea maybe?
  • It works without denim on my Lumia 930. Yes I am sure, I am on Cyan.
  • It work perfectly on my 1520 with cyan + GDR1 dp
  • Wow! I finally can download the app I have been waiting for. Now all I need is the Denim update for my 1520 here in the Bahamas. Also we should have one camera app that does it all.
  • With the massive drop in the Australian dollar recently, there might be some people outside of our shores such as in the USA that would be interested in buying an unlocked Nokia Lumia 830 from one of the Australian websites. They are listed down to $394 AUD at places like which I think equates down to around $322 USD. Could be a good buy for those in the USA.
  • Um... Not really. What's the cost to ship to the US??? And do you know what frequencies are required here in the US? The 3G and LTE radios would both be useless here. All this phone is capable of on US GSM networks is EDGE speed.
  • It is weird, I don't have denim and I installed the app, and tried with a small video and it worked. I have DP.
  • Another cool app from MS for Lumia....
  • Is this yet another app that is geo-restricted (silly) or just not available for 735 (even sillier if possible)? For real, WTF MS?
  • The app is only available for 830, 930/Icon and 1520, as mentioned in the article.
  • I've got a Lumia 930 with Cyan and it works.
  • Damn why not for Lumia 925!! T-Mobile needs a new high end Lumia!!
  • The hardware does not support this type of thing. I have a 925 as well. If it had a better processor then it probably would.
  • Listen to all this. We were guaranteed faster updates and that have even come close to happening. And when the hell can we finally get GIF support?
  • Is d camera difference big on lumia 520
    Secondly,so lumia 830 got the ota camera update?
  • Don't have Denim and Don't have 1520, 930, 830 :'''''(
  • Then get one...
  • I use the Lumia Moments and I have installed the Cyan on 1520.
  • just tried o  Lumia 830, works great. too bad lumia 830 dosn't support 4K video (yet). Hopefully it will change in the future
  • It doesn´t work on mine. It never finnishes saving frames to library.. :/
  • Why Rich Edmonds never do videos?! He looks handsome XD
  • Unavailable to Lumia 730 :(
  • Just saw that too.... Sucks man
  • Or anyone else that does not have a 830, 930, ICON or 1520...did you read the article? There are alot of people not just 730 users not getting this...
  • Not compatible with my 730 :(
  • same on my sonu k told...i should shift to Lumia 730 at least,,630ds is gd but yes it limits the operation.sad
  • Seems that MS does not care anymore for 1020. This is my converstion with Juha from Lumia Camera division on twitter, kinda' short but straight: marius muntean ‏@mariusmuntensky  6h6 hours ago @jalakarhu @selop Lumia Moments, another app that does not run on 1020. This is getting frustrating to see you guys bashing this model :| 0 replies0 retweets0 favorites  Reply  Retweet  Favorite More   Juha Alakarhu ‏@jalakarhu  4h4 hours ago @mariusmuntensky Unfortunately, the imaging updates are only for the devices mentioned in the announcement.       4:57 PM - 19 Dec 2014 · Details
  • Wish T-Mobile would get a high end device like the 1520 so I could get this app and other cool ones like it!
  • Trying it on my 830 but the app chashes every time i try to save a picture to library.. :/
  • What about me i have a lumia 535 with Denim :/
  • Denim is nothing if you don't have 930 or 1520. For the first time I'm not excited for an update.
  • This is not the way to get people to switch to wp...