Video tour of the new 'Living Images' coming to Nokia Camera

Yesterday at Nokia’s #moreLumia event we spoke with Jens Eggert. He’s a lead program manager at Nokia and helped show us some of the cool new features coming to Nokia Camera on the Lumia 930. He’s giving us a look at new features with Nokia StoryTeller and a very cool new feature that Nokia is calling ‘Living Images’.


We’re most impressed with the next version of Nokia Camera. When you take an image you automatically create ‘Living Images’. They might remind you of Cinemegraphs, but they differ in a few key ways. When you make a cinemegraph you go out of your way to launch a separate application. Living Images are created automatically anytime you use Nokia Camera. Press the shutter button and Nokia Camera will automatically animate a specific portion of the picture.

We’re really digging the changes Nokia has done. We look forward to playing with the updated version of Nokia Camera and StoryTeller. 

Sam Sabri