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Video tour of the new 'Living Images' coming to Nokia Camera

Yesterday at Nokia’s #moreLumia event we spoke with Jens Eggert. He’s a lead program manager at Nokia and helped show us some of the cool new features coming to Nokia Camera on the Lumia 930. He’s giving us a look at new features with Nokia StoryTeller and a very cool new feature that Nokia is calling ‘Living Images’.


We’re most impressed with the next version of Nokia Camera. When you take an image you automatically create ‘Living Images’. They might remind you of Cinemegraphs, but they differ in a few key ways. When you make a cinemegraph you go out of your way to launch a separate application. Living Images are created automatically anytime you use Nokia Camera. Press the shutter button and Nokia Camera will automatically animate a specific portion of the picture.

We’re really digging the changes Nokia has done. We look forward to playing with the updated version of Nokia Camera and StoryTeller. 

  • Commence complaining about 930, who's starting :P
  • Well, since you brought it up......
  • Is it faster?
  • Give me a second, I will check for you.
  • Well, it looks faster...
  • The fastest...
  • I'm soo glad its coming out! My Lumia Icon will have so many accessories to choose from!
  • No glance, not interested. /S :)
  • Built in wireless... ^_^
  • Awesome.
  • Is there any way to transfer (or "backup") these living images to the PC or OneDrive? Or it's only possible to view them on the phone?
  • I would think so as he said you can share with FB
  • I think it'll share the "story" video that's automatically created by the system
  • I'm guessing only phone unless you share. Maybe the 2520
  • Wow.. Nice.
  • 30seconds movies? The new Vine? Nice
  • I like this feature. Is it copied from somewhere else, or will the others be 'inventing' this later? There was a feature I remember which added a sound clip, this would be nice to go with this microvideo clip concept.
  • This is waiting for Apple to invent it, if Apple condescends to invent it, that is.
  • First they will put it down, say it's a useless feature which no one will care about. Then two years later they will invent it and release it, as the best thing ever, that everyone wanted.
  • A piece of the wizarding world for muggles! LOL.
  • My thoughts exactly !
  • If only they could get someone from the Harry Potter movie cast to do the ad...
  • So, basically is a next-gen .gif generator. It's cool. Not something I would use but then again I don't use storyteller either.
  • I wanted to use the storyteller but it doesn't feel complete. Just taking up space for now...
  • So cool. Plenty of ideas.
  • This is all kinds of cool. I like that you don't even have to think about whether you want it, it just happens and you can choose to use the still or the "live" picture.
  • Htc Zoe ???
  • Once we share is it possible for others to view these type of images on their non windows phone.
  • Good question.
  • Probably link to a Nokia viewer page ;)
  • God that app is gorgeous.
  • This might be my 925 upgrade :)
  • Have you seen it? Oh yeah baby! WP8.1 has done it all. At least for me.
  • That's not 8.1
    That's Nokia Storyteller but I know what you mean...
    Cyan and 8.1 will be a great combo
  • Will be this feature available for other PureView Lumias? Or only on the 930?
  • From what I understand when we get the official 8.1 with Nokia firmware we will have this.
  • Right now it is exclusive to the Lumia 930, but after the Lumia Cyan Update it will be available to all Lumia Phones
  • It will be an update to the Nokia camera application. So it isn't just an exclusive feature for one model
  • This feature is available with Nokia Camera Beta. It works great on my Lumia 920.
  • Hi. I have a Lumia 920 as well. I'm running wp 8.1, how do I get the Nokia camera beta application ?
  • I feel like that in its current state, the images are quite jarring as they freeze, almost looks glitchy. I would prefer it if they moved, stopped for the actual picture, then continued on for a few more frames to bring continuity of motion once the next scene moves on to the next setting. The challenge here is making the UI communicate that the user needs to hold up the camera for a second longer, but I would at least like the option.
  • It looks like you can loop them as well, like the one with the woman's hair blowing. My other guess is that the moving parts are not captured at full res, and the act of capturing the full res picture takes long enough that it can't begin capturing the moving part quick enough to make what you want feasible.
  • It seems to be like Harry Potter paintings and newspapers from the Movie.
  • That's what my wife said.
  • Just as long as it makes my 1520 even more coolerest than before...
  • Awesome feature, I really like this!
  • do you think this will work on the 1020? the hardware isnt as powerful....and its a bigger file
  • It will work. The wp oS is built in a way that it doesn't take a lot of power to make it work and I don't see this app being any different.
  • I think this is cool. I always thought Cinemagraph was just some recording app made by Nokia and now I see that I was missing out. I like it.
  • Looks like those Bing images you get when you go to
  • Gimmick.
  • Critic
  • Eventually this will be the norm for all phones
  • Harry Potter!
  • It reminds me to Harry Potter too! It looks awesome anyway.
  • Honestly wtf is this? It looked terrible! in the preview!
  • windows phone is really coming along nicely. I'm mainly an android user but I have to say that I'm very tempted to go to windows phone with my next upgrade. I normally switch phones every couple months even though I normally tell myself that I won't. I have been extremely impressed with WP 8.1. Not bad Microsoft, but it took you guys too long. If they started windows phone back when they released the HD2 with somewhere near this level of freedom I would've been all over it.
  • It's was a bumpy ride but we're picking up the pace. Hopefully you join in on the fun...
  • Awesome. I likes!
  • That is so awesome. I can't wait to use that app.
  • What is the deal with the naming convention from Nokia... 1020 to 1520 to Icon to 930...
  • Didn't buy into the hype till I saw the video....its pretty spectacular!
  • Sweet
  • Cool!
  • Can't wait to get this!
  • What about youtube app?
  • Are you seriously bringing this up?
  • No sd. No glance. But Samsung has sd space. Not good for nokia
  • That is sickkk
  • I am just imagining how better will my 520 get in taking pictures!The black update has improved the quality of the photos to almost double the previous versions of OS.No phones in the budget take such photos.So this will be the ultimate phone of wp8.1 i guess???No wait there is one left!!!
  • It's the same idea as city lens where the phone automatically caches the image as you pan.
  • When is Nokia bringing us slow motion video recording? Or even faster fps (like 60, for instance) for that matter?
  • The thing I liked the most is that the Nokia Camera app is faster now! And this isn't a joke by any means... I hate those jokes.
  • He has a picture of himself as his lock screen and also the background of his photos tile. How pompous lol
  • I have 2 920, in one Living Images is work super,in 2 is not present,why?In both is Dev Preview 8.1 and Nokia Camera Beta v