Microsoft releases Windows Phone tool for Windows 8

Microsoft has published the Windows Phone synchronisation tool to the Windows 8 Store. This app enables consumers to plug in their Windows Phone 8 handsets and add / remove media to and from the device.

Music, video and photos can be imported from the connected Windows Phone to the windows 8 machine (and vice versa). One can find quick links to Windows Phone content (including apps and games), as well as quick-glance information representing how much storage is currently being used.

While being a fairly simple app with limited functionality compared to the likes of Zune, it perfectly mimics the Windows Phone Connector app available on Mac, though lacks some features. We expect Microsoft to update the app to take full advantage of Windows 8, and to bring it up to speed with its Apple counterpart.

It seems as though the tool only works with Windows Phone 8 hardware (and presumably upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 for compatibility sakes), so unfortunately you’ll not all be able to play with the new toy just yet.

You can download the Windows Phone (opens in new tab) utility from the Windows 8 Store.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Can't decide which Windows 8 phone to buy... need to see some reviews WPC! :)
  • Nolia 920 is the device with the most bang for your buck.
  • Yeah, Nokia 920 looks hawt. But I do like the HTC One X for android... so the 8X is kinda calling to me. But maybe I show give that Nokia 920 a try. Gotta see if Pureview is as good as Dan makes it sound. 
  • The Nokia 920 or the ATIV from Samsung are the leaders right now.  Too many feature gaps with the 8X.  It's an HTC device, but It's clearly not the "One". 
  • I would go with the 820, you get the same internals, little less screen and expandable storage..72GB is nice if you are on AT&T and have no unlimited data plan.
  • Great! I hate the way Zune manages syncing.
  • +10000000. I like to keep it simple and this looks good!
  • I wonder it that's a bug or an easter egg:
  • App doesnt do anything?
  • For sheer technical innovation, the Lumia 920 however the HTC 8X has a good camera and beats audio as well as the Samsung Ativ S which has that Super AMOLED HD screen, which would make it an awesome media phone for watching videos on... My money though would be on a Lumia 920 purely on the basis of it comes in tacky yellow!
  • Also, if compatibility with WP7.8 is confirmed then the iPad is going up for sale and Microsoft Surface will replace it!!
  • Get the 64 GB one while you're at it, I'm returning mine 32 and getting a 64 GB unit.
  • Only works with WP8 and maybe 7.8? Really, Microsoft? SMH.
  • What the hell else is it supposed to work with?  The Zune software is being kept available for syncing the Zune players. 
  • And I thought it was kept available for syncing and updating WP7 phones. Silly me.
  • All legacy devices still need the Zune software for syncing. Figured that out after I installed windows 8. It couldn't find the drivers. More reason to upgrade to a wp8.
  • Any way to download and sync podcasts with this new app? I know we can subscribe to traditional podcasts via the phone itself, but I've been using self-made podcasts to listen to audiobooks burned from cd. There would be no way to do that from the phone.
  • Am I the only one laughing reading the reviews on windows 8 app store. Everyone is so pissed saying it doesnt work with their 7.5 phones, even though it clearly says for windows phone 8. Also reading alot of hate for the zune software strange as I love the zune software and im hoping I can continue using it for wp8
  • I completely agree. I love Zune software compared to WMP (buggy as hell) and iTunes (no need to explain). I hope to continue to be able to use Zune software in the future with my L900. I even use Zune as my primary music player on my desktop.
  • Same here, Zune was one of the first things I installed when I upgraded to Windows 8... Along with dumping the Metro WP8 app and using the desktop version. While not as featureful a syncing tool as Zune, the Desktop app is at least more featureful than the Metro app.
    I hope some bright spark in MS decides Zune is worth keeping around and maintains support for it. It just works so well compared to it's peers.
  • The bigger syncing issue is with Windows 7 (and other non-Windows 8) and the WP8 phones.  The only way I can get music to my phone is to use File Explorer and drag from my external drive (where I have 1TB of music) and drag it onto the phone like it was a hard drive.  This is a VERY bad situation as most folks still have non-Windows 8 on their PCs.