Belfiore will lead a team focused on phones, tablets, and PCs as Microsoft's reorganization becomes clearer

It is no surprise that Microsoft has been pushing the Xbox, Windows Phone, and Windows PC divisions closer together within the Windows unit. Today, AllThingsD has reported a new leadership structure within the unit that showcases a collection of new posts for longtime Microsoft employees.

The first name to go around is Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Phone lead, Terry Myerson, who will handle reports for various departments including development, test, and program management, along with those individuals heading Phone/Tablet/PC, Xbox, Services, and other “future projects”.

Head of development will be a fellow colleague who worked alongside Terry Myerson within the Windows Phone division - Henry Sanders. Popular Windows Phone manager, Joe Belfiore, will lead a team focused on phones, tablets, and PCs, which is a surprising move. Marc Whitten will head up the company’s Xbox team. And finally, Chris Jones will continue to head his division, services.

Longtime Microsoft employees stepping into the leadership ring for the first time include Grant George, Antoine Leblond, and Jon DeVaan. It is currently unknown what leadership roles the three employees will land within the company.

The company’s restructuring aims to unify software development and creation within the Windows Core division. In addition, Joe Belfiore heading up phones, tablets, and PCs not only shows a unification of hardware development within the company, but also solidifies the company’s standpoint on becoming a multinational technology company focused on hardware and software.

Lastly, Julie Larson-Green, will collect reports in regards to the ever growing hardware division. Microsoft’s latest acquisition of parts of Nokia shows promise that the company’s hardware unit will be a large part of the company’s future moving forward. It is expected that Stephen Elop will take control of the new expanded hardware division or will become the next Chief Executive Officer of the company.

A memo detailing the reorganization of Microsoft is expected to be released later today and we will follow up once we have more information.

Source: AllThingsD

Michael Archambault