Microsoft reportedly delaying some Windows 10 'Redstone' update features

Microsoft is reportedly making some changes in its plans for "Redstone", the code name for the major update to Windows 10 that's due for release in the first half of 2016. The report says that some features planned for Redstone have been delayed so that Microsoft can improve some of its internal systems.

Microsoft released a new preview version of Windows 10, build 11099, last week to members of the Windows Insider program. At the time, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul wrote that it contained optimizations for OneCore, which is the shared code that is in all Windows 10 versions. According to a new report from Petri, Microsoft's Windows 10 team has also been making changes and improvements in how it compiles updates.

The story says that these improvements will help the team test new builds of the OS and find bugs faster so that they can eventually be released. However, it adds that these internal changes came at a cost:

"Multiple sources inside the company have said that some of the features for Redstone have been trimmed back because of the time dedicated to fixing the internal systems but that does not mean they are being scrapped. It's the reality that development takes time and with multiple weeks allocated to OneCore and other internal systems (this is why there are no new features in the new builds of Windows 10 that have been released) this means to meet their deadline of the first half of 2016, feature priority must be adjusted."

The article doesn't state what specific features have been delayed for the Redstone update.

Source: Petri

John Callaham